Teachings of Imam Mehdi

Al Muntazir - The Awaited One

All religions await a mighty personality. The Jews await the Messiah, the advent of whom God promised to them. The Hindus await Kalki Avatar and they believe He will be God Himself in human form. The Muslims await Imam Mehdi and they believe Imam Mehdi will be yet another birth of Mohammad in the person of Imam Mehdi. The Christians also await Lord Jesus Christ and they believe Jesus is God's Son and the Spirit of God. His body is God's word. All religions anticipate from the mighty personality to revive their religion and control the entire humanity. Do you too await some mighty personality? … 

The Nafs (Self) and the Intellect

A spiritual man is one who has purified his Nafs (Self), enlightened the heart, illumined the soul, and secured the intellect (Ana).… 


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