Teachings of Imam Mehdi

The True Image of Jesus and its Verification

The images in churches and in the homes of Christians are the depictions given by the Holy Bible. Do remember, that Jesus Christ is not European, rather an Asian; hence, the colour of his hair is black and not blonde. Whereas, the images depicted to be of Jesus Christ attempt to prove Jesus Christ as a European. Mehdi Foundation International is publicising this image of Jesus Christ.… 

The International Plague of Terrorism and the Anti-Christ

The international plague of terrorism, which Taliban and Al-Qaeda are carrying out under banner of Islamic Jihad, is historically the mischief of the Anti-Christ.… 

The world is on the brink of a total wipe out

Recognize these Personalities because pretty soon they are to appear in the World. All religions do await these personalities, and the welfare and salvation for humanity depends on them.… 


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