Teachings of Imam Mehdi

Introduction to the Concept of Imam Mehdi for the West

Today, the entire region of the West is familiar with this name, “Imam Mehdi”. Maybe 40-50 years ago, if you asked a white or black American, “Who is Imam Mehdi?” they’d probably say, “I don’t know”, but today, if you ask anyone in any developed country, they’d say, “Yes, we know Imam Mehdi, we’ve heard about him”. Unfortunately, the information that has reached them about Imam Mehdi is not true. The introduction of Imam Mehdi, which has reached the Westerners comes from different groups, different countries and of different nature. It is an irony and it is pathetic that when you mention Imam Mehdi to a Westerner, instantly they think of Islamic militancy. We all know that certain fractions in Islam, such as Wahhabis do not believe in the arrival of Imam Mehdi in this world, and then another fraction within Islam (Shiite Islam) are considered to the champions in regards to the concept of Imam Mehdi.… 

Divine Love is the Essence of all Religions

But if you are a Momin God only looks at your heart, but there is a condition. God should be able to look at your heart and God cannot see a dark heart. If you want God to see your heart, your heart has to be illumined; your heart has to be enlightened. If you want God to look at your heart then make sure God is able to see your heart. We need light to see and be seen. If there is no light, neither can I see you nor can you see me. Of course God can see, but there should be some light. Your heart must be enlightened for God to look at you. If your heart is not enlightened then God cannot see you. … 


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