Teachings of Imam Mehdi

The Difference Between Religions and Spirituality: The First Step in Spirituality

His Holiness Younus AlGohar offers insight into the difference between religions and spirituality, describes the first step of spirituality, and gives the definition of pure love. … 

KIDS CORNER: The True Story of Adam and Eve

Today I will tell you about the first man on Earth Adam and the first woman on earth Eve. 6000 years ago Adam and Eve were sent to this world. There were lots of Adams and they were all naughty and disobedient to God and he didn’t like it. So one day all the Adams started to have fights and kill each other and a lot of bloody things were happening. And God told them to stop, but they didn’t stop and God got fed up. So God destroyed them. Now, God came up with a brilliant idea. … 

The Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love

So, I would like to say here that this very thought of motivating humanity towards this exclusive thought of sincerity is Gohar Shahi's mission. To drag people out from non-God ailments and elements, and putting them on the track that leads to God only. Do not think lesser than God as the destination. Let it be God as your only destination! That is the message that comes from HDE Gohar Shahi. … 


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