Teachings of Imam Mehdi

Divine Understanding and Purity

God knocks on the door once in every human being’s lifetime. If you do not respond to his call, then you should mourn your fate because God does not give a second chance. And those who have responded to his call and have begun their journey onto the ‘Straight Path’ (Rah-e-Salook/Sirat al Mustaqeem) surely know that God is most definitely merciful and forgiving. One may commit sins and engage in bad deeds, but if his heart is connected to God, despite all his past sins and the sins he may commit in the future, the Lord has forgiven him.… 

Pleasing HDE Lord Ra Gohar Shahi and Remaining on the Path of Guidance

Now, people think they remain on the path of guidance through their tenet, intellect and knowledge. And when they do something wrong, they wonder how they managed to do wrong despite knowing everything. But in spirituality, guidance is directly related to the amount of Divine Light (Noor) you possess. You must have money in your bank account at all times so that your direct debits payments can be made, otherwise you would be fined. Similarly, you must have a sufficient amount of Noor in your heart at all times because you never know when you might commit a sin and waste the Noor. It is the presence of this Noor in the heart that keeps you inclined towards the Lord.… 

The Teachings of HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi are the Ultimate Mirror and Guide

Beware of all those who attribute wrong sayings to the Lord. Only judge somebody in the light of the teachings of HDE Gohar Shahi, if HDE Gohar Shahi has said something about a person, that person’s character shall prove it. Whatever is in your Batin (inner) shall one day manifest in your Zahir (outer) also and one does not need Spiritual Insight (Kashf) to know this. … 


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