Teachings of Imam Mehdi

Terrorism and the Role of Jesus in the End Times

The world is changing and elements of extremism, fanaticism and religious intolerance in the United Kingdom is on the increase, especially from a particular denomination in Islam: the radicalised Islam, the radical elements in Islam. They are on the rise and the government doesn’t know how to tackle these elements. The way they are dealing with it right now is not the right way of doing it. They have to be very strict and they should be well-prepared in terms of information about who is doing what.… 

Imam Mehdi and His Role in the Betterment and Spiritual Welfare of Humanity

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi says, "It is not simply possible for you to fully incorporate yourself with the principality of the religion. Let me give you a shortcut and with that shortcut you will directly touch upon the essence of that religion which is Divine Love." … 

Extremism and its Roots

Extremism and fanaticism has to do with your temperament. How cool-headed you are or how easily you become angry. Some people are so cool-headed that even if you do something wrong (you harm them or you hurt them), and you say sorry, they forgive you and they forget about it. However some people, you can’t even look at them. If you look at them, they say, ‘Yes, what? What do you want to do?’ Mostly it is about temperament. It is about how intolerant you are. Some people don’t give you space to breathe in; they are so short-tempered that you don’t have to do anything wrong to upset them. You can’t even breathe in front of them. You can’t open your mouth and this is not because you believe in one religion and he believes in another religion. You may practise or believe in any religion; you may practice the same faith as they do. Even then, they can’t really be patient with anybody else’s presence. I have come up with this conclusion that extremism and fanaticism has to do with the incapacity and inability to appreciate somebody else’s goodness and it is to do with Ego.… 


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