Teachings of Imam Mehdi

Ritualistic Practice and Adopting Spirituality

There are people in every religion who strictly follow the mainstream set of beliefs, very orthodox. Their practice is not very profound; they just follow the rituals of the religion. They are not in the pursuit of obtaining God’s nearness or adopting the spiritual path of purification, mortification and purgation. They are just superficial practitioners of the religion. They are not really into what they are doing; they just go for the face-value. And then, there are always some people in all religions who want to go beyond heaven and the beautiful damsels in the heaven - who want to go for God and love. A majority of people in all religions are very strict, superficial and ritualistic, and they follow the Black Letter Law. They do not want to dig out the real meaning of the Holy Scriptures. They just want to do what is easiest for them to do. Going to the church every Sunday is not a difficult thing to do, but when you adopt spiritual path, it is more than a full-time job; it’s a target and a lifetime aim. One has to completely dedicate himself in purifying and mortifying himself. … 

What is a Sufi and What Should be His Lifestyle?

It is very sad and very unfortunate that people who feel inspired by Tasawwuf (Spirituality), have great respect for Sufis and admire Sufis have very little knowledge about Tasawwuf. They know very little abut a Sufi lifestyle. Most people think a Sufi should be very simple and he should not be using modern technology. He should not wear jeans and he should not be driving a car. They think a Sufi should be a half-naked Faqir; he should wear a Dhoti without a shirt on top, like Gandhi. … 


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