Teachings of Imam Mehdi

Religion of the Soul

We are trying to connect everybody to the Lord. Different groups of people: different faiths, different ideologies, different nations and of course, difference temperaments. There is too much knowledge in this world but the knowledge that one needs to purify and to spiritualise, that knowledge is not to be seen anywhere. People have their own understanding about everything: about religions, about God, about spirituality. Whereas, we believe the right knowledge has to come from God and only that knowledge can connect human beings with God. It is very sad that most of us forget the importance of the soul and we assume our reality to be confined to our body. The human race has been divided into many groups, many nations, many tribes, many cultures and this is how we see so many differences among human beings. So many different colours of the skin, so many different languages; however, the nature of everybody is the same. The world has seen 313 different religions. Most people follow a religion without knowing why do they need to follow a religion; they just follow it half-heartedly, without any benefits, without any results, blindfoldedly. As a result of this, you become more heedless of the truth. … 

Enlightenment of the Souls

Before we met His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, I had no knowledge of spirituality. I had never heard of spirituality and I didn't know whether we were supposed to love God, to be honest. I didn't know why we follow a religion; I only knew that we were supposed to worship. That's all I knew, I did not know anything else. Then, when I came to know of many different denominations in the religion, I was really confused and disappointed and I didn't know what denomination in the religion was correct. So I stopped practising that religion. Then we met HDE Gohar Shahi and HDE would always furnish His statement with rational, intellectual reasoning. HDE Gohar Shahi would never say anything without reasoning and this was really a great help; I was able to relate to it. What was written in the holy book, the Quran, seemed like a book of mythology and something which could never be within my grasp. It looked like it is a story and we are not in a character of this play. It is beyond our reach. I could never relate to any of the Hadiths (Traditions of the Prophet) or any verse of the Holy Bible, Quran or any other book. When I met HDE Gohar Shahi and heard others also, I was completely sold. I was completely and utterly convinced; I believed if truth existed, then that truth is right now in front of me. This was my understanding.… 

How to Love God

How do we preach divine love? We do not give them a book: 'Read this and you will love.' No. We tell them, 'In order for your heart to love God, we understand that there is a soul sitting on your heart; that soul needs to be awakened. When that soul is awakened it will take charge of your heart. The divine, spiritual faculty, the divine function of the heart will be restored. When this soul is awakened, connection with God is established.' When you're connected with God, there is no text error and there is no voice error, because your heart is far better than fibre optics! When you have God in your heart - God is not far away, he is just around the corner. Our way of preaching love is actually inviting people to understand the presence of a soul sitting on their heart, thus awakening it. The moment this soul is awakened, without any instructions, without any teachings, that soul will enable your heart to love God. All you need to do to love God is to awaken that soul sitting on your heart in a dormant state. The moment this soul is awakened, you love God and God loves you; you feel it. It is so simple. … 

Lord Ra Riaz’s Unique Blend of Spirituality

His Divine Grace Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has granted to us a unique blend of spirituality and a unique brand of spirituality; a form of spirituality in which your culture becomes even richer, your religion becomes even brighter, and your character becomes even more illuminated. [He is] the Great Universal Unifier, the one who is going to unify the entire humanity - and this unification is not a superficial form of unification. This unification comes by establishing a spiritual bond. … 


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