Teachings of Imam Mehdi

Divine Communication

How many of you know the purpose of life? In the last 50 years, science has given humanity a lot of useful inventions and it has to some degree helped humanity. This world, even with a great amount of distances between countries, has shrunk to a village. Today we live in a virtual world; virtual supermarkets, virtual libraries, virtual businesses, virtual spiritual practices. Today, it doesn't matter whether you are in a remote village in India or you are in California. The most useful invention that science has given to humanity is the tool of communication. A man has more communicative skills and tools today. This level of communication, with the help of these newly invented tools, cannot be compared with the level of communication that men had in the past. Today, life has become so 'comfortable'. I remember about 20 years ago, how difficult and expensive it was to make an overseas telephone call. But now, you don't need phones. You have Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype, Paltalk, iMessage and so many new inventions that have made communication really easy and cost-free. … 

Spirituality - The Core of All Religions

All religions have some portion of spirituality in them, because without spirituality, you cannot be connected to God. Therefore, it's important for all religions to at least have the basic principles of spirituality. However, spirituality is not a religion itself; a religion is a set of beliefs and there are things that you can do and there are things that you cannot do. Things that you cannot do may not be bad, but you are not allowed to do them. According to some religions, some things are permissible to be practised and the same stuff, according to other religions, is prohibited. A religion is more about dos and don'ts, but a religion works better when spirituality is practised - and only the basic principles of spirituality are practised in all religions. The difference between His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi's teachings and all other religions is very huge. HDE Gohar Shahi does not propagate any religion and HDE Gohar Shahi has introduced to this world the fullest total spirituality. … 


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