Teachings of Imam Mehdi

God’s Nation On Earth

The religions have lost their spiritual life and system. Human beings have lost human instincts and they don’t behave like humans anymore. God has lost hope in them. God is to bring around His Own Nation now. His Nation will love Him and He will love them. The religion of God is the religion of God’s Nation.… 

Adam’s Eminence and Glory Fades Away

God created different types of 14,000 Adams. For except the last one, all Adams were created with the clay of this world in this world. No knowledge of eminence was granted to them and they were confined to verbal and physical form of worship. Since they were not granted the knowledge of inner purification, purgation of the soul and mortification of the Self, hence, they worshipped God and at the same time their heart was polluted with arrogance, jealousy, deceit and other evil traits. … 


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