Teachings of Imam Mehdi

Jesus Son of God - Explained by HH Younus AlGohar

In Pakistan, a Christian came to see HDE. He said, 'We are a greater nation than all else.' HDE said, 'Okay, how?' And he said, 'Because Jesus didn't have a father.' Instantly, HDE said, 'In that case, Prophet Adam is greater than Jesus because he didn't have a mother also.' Then HDE said, 'This is not how Jesus is greater. Let me tell you what it is that makes Jesus greater than the rest.' … 

The Significance of Youm-e-Riaz, the 9th of Muharram

Then when the Lord had spent some years with people, advocating and professing spirituality, gradually, people started to know what spirituality is. Obviously, they came to know of spirituality which was told to them. They came to know of the brand of spirituality which they were educated about. Then came a brisk turn in the history of HDE Gohar Shahi's time here: HDE Gohar Shahi decided to lift a veil from His house.… 

ThatChannel Hosts Messiah Foundation International

Hugh Reilly (HR), the host of ThatChannel TV'S Liquid Lunch segment, spent an October afternoon interviewing His Holiness Younus AlGohar (YAG), Steve Bell (S) and Mir Lali (ML) with his guest co-host, Ms Hildegard (H).… 


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