Teachings of Imam Mehdi

Attributes of a Spiritual Person

Until sometime, I thought people should practise what they believe, but then I realised they do not have power to practise what they believe. The inclination towards practising what you believe has to come from within you. Something inside you has to be willing to accept those sets of beliefs. Your inside is materialised; it is still under control of your carnal and monetary desires and love of the world. You can’t really practise it until your inner is spiritualised. The change will come when your inner is spiritualised.… 

The Power of a Willing Heart

One day I was alone with HDE Gohar Shahi; we were travelling to South Africa by plane. I asked HDE Gohar Shahi about fate. I asked, ‘What is fate? Everything is written about our life by God; then why should we waste our time when everything is written?’ HDE said to me, ‘Well, some decisions about your life are pre-written. But as long as you have a willing heart, then even your fate will not disturb you.’… 


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