Teachings of Imam Mehdi


His Holiness Younus AlGohar advises seekers of the spiritual path on how to deal with and give criticism constructively. … 

Your Relationship with God and the World

A brief explanation of the two main subtleties that affect our relationships with God and our peers, respectively. … 

Self-Realisation is God-Realisation

His Holiness Younus AlGohar explains in full the meaning of self-realisation and how discovering oneself leads to God. … 

How to Reach God Today

We embrace all faiths, all beliefs, all religions and all colours without reservations or prejudice. In the eyes of the Lord Ra Riaz and Lord Jesus Christ, the only criterion that of judging the superiority of an individual is which exceeds in love within the hearts. The Lord does not count bodies and its mortal beauty to any goodness; he that is near to God and he that is enriched with God’s love is sublime. … 


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