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Al Muntazir - The Awaited One

Friday, March 07, 2008

All religions await a mighty personality. The Jews await the Messiah, the advent of whom God promised to them. The Hindus await Kalki Avatar and they believe He will be God Himself in human form. The Muslims await Imam Mehdi and they believe Imam Mehdi will be yet another birth of Mohammad in the person of Imam Mehdi. The Christians also await Lord Jesus Christ and they believe Jesus is God's Son and the Spirit of God. His body is God's word. All religions anticipate from the mighty personality to revive their religion and control the entire humanity. Do you too await some mighty personality? If so, the information given below is for you.

The Awaited One

God has manifested various images on sacred places of assorted religions. The facial image of His Holiness Gohar Shahi has become visible on the surface of the Moon. His Holiness Ra Gohar Shahi is the flag-bearer of Sufi-Doctrine, and His Message of Divine is gaining popularity among peoples of all religions.

His Holiness Ra Gohar Shahi is from Pakistan, however, He had to leave the country because of fierce opposition from Islamist and fanatics. His Holiness Ra Gohar Shahi regards all humanity as one and He treats all humans as one nation of Adam. His Holiness Ra Gohar Shahi says: I shall bring humanity back to its basic as it was in the beginning in the era of first caliph of God. In the beginning, humanity was one single nation under one caliph from God.

  History is to repeat itself now. In the end, humanity is destined to become one nation again under the guidance of the Last Caliph from God. The Holy Black Stone is the source of blessings and godliness. The First Caliph of God, Adam Safi Allah brought it along with him. Whoever now is proven to be the Last Caliph, the Holy Black Stone belongs to Him. Mystical intelligence of His Holiness Gohar Shahi has already unified many religions into one fold of Divine Love. In the eyes of Ra Gohar Shahi, only those are godly and righteous that have purified themselves. Whether or not they practise a religion. Presently, almost all religions have lost its spiritual system. Therefore, these religions have lost their glory and divinity, hence, God has ordained his own religion to give humanity a divine taste of love and immortality.

The Two Sects of the World

The religions have diversified into many branches and sects. However, His Holiness Ra Gohar Shahi has confined them into two sects now:

  • Those that are enlightened and possess God's love, whether or not they follow a religion.
  • Those that are spiritually dead and have become prey to evil traits, whether or not they follow a religion. 

Those who manage to enlighten and purify themselves, shall stand by Mehdi and Jesus and those that remain to be dead in the heart, shall become subject to deception of anti-christ. His Holiness Gohar Shahi has aided His agent Younus AlGohar to found a Sufi platform by the name of Messiah-Mehdi Foundation.

There are two wings of His Holiness Gohar Shahi:

  • The Ademic Wing, which it is supervised by His agent, Younus AlGohar.
  •  God's Army, which is supervised by Jesus Christ.

Presently, the Academic Wing is working and His Holiness Gohar Shahi is behind the curtains. The task given to His agent Younus AlGohar is that of endoctrining the aspirants with the Goharian ideology. Those supervised by His Holiness Younus AlGohar shall be strong in heart and faith in Gohar and those supervised by Jesus shall be strong in body and control.

The Word Messiah and Its Meaning

A majority of Muslims all over the world believe that His Holiness Gohar Shahi is the awaited Imam Mehdi and a majority of Hindus all over the world believe that His Holiness Ra Gohar Shahi is the Awaited Kalki Avatar. 99.99% of the Jewish population will soon believe that Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is the Promised Messiah.

The Image of Jesus Christ is also visible on the surface of the Moon and this is the sign from God regarding the second coming of Jesus Christ in this natural world. Jesus Christ does not need to be introduced to the humanity, as His personality is well known already. However, the humanity needs to know facts and codes of the Messiah because the Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the Promsied Messiah. Therefore, we would like to explain here that Masih is a Suryani (the language through which angels speak and communicate with God) word which means the Tourist. It is derived from the word Sayyaha. Since Jesus Christ comes from the Unseen World, and His coming into this part of the cosmos is to tour the human realm, He is addressed as Masih by Allah (God). Whereas the word, Messiah was translated from the Aramic word Moschiche which means, the Lord of Lords.

Moschiche, was the title given to the greatest personality by Ilyas (AS). Now it is very interesting to know that the early Jewish Nation believe that Ilyas would come back and would reveal the coming of Moschieche. They are still waiting and Ilyas will definetly come. We met Ilyas in Seattle, United States. Ilyas (AS) will come along with Idris (AS). Remember they came into the world in the guise of prophets but they are Gods like Jesus. Like Jesus Christ, Ilyas and Idris are also from the Unseen World.

So the title of Jesus is Masih, not Moschieche. Every single Christian in Pakistan is Masih, e.g Yusuf Masih etc but did you ever hear anybody's name attached with Moschieche? No. Because people do not know about Moschieche.

The Final Religion

Adam Safi Allah is the First Caliph from God. All Humanity was one nation in era of Adam. The elementary religion was Divine Love, the knowledge was of the heart. Mehdi Khalifah Allah is the Last Caliph from God. All Humanity will be One Nation again in the era of Mehdi Khalifa Allah. The final religion is Ishq-e-Ilahi (Rapturous Love of God), and the is teachings are that of the soul.

In the era of Adam, all nations were one, but as the nation of Adam diversed into different regions of the world, the nations gathered and developed different cultures. A Prophet was sent according to each culture. As Prophets came, conflict emerged between the different cultures. More nations and groups were made for their own recognition. In the beginning era, all nations were but one, and the only religion was but the love of God, Divine Love. There was one Caliph and the knowledge belonged to the heart. In between, many Prophets and Saints descended. This was the very beginning of the world.

Now, the world has emerged its end and the Last Caliph has also arrived. The religions that were developed and those religions that were God-sent have now expired. Now, the Last Caliph has arrived with the last religion, Divine Love, and the knowledge belongs to the soul.

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