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Attuning Your Heart to Your Body

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Your heart is not attuned with your body, therefore, you don’t feel the impact of divine love on your body. As soon as your Nafs (Self) is purified and your body is coordinated with your heart, you will physically feel the impact of divine love.

My body is attuned with my soul, hence my physical actions are considered as the actions of my soul. My zahir (exterior) is attuned with my batin (interior). My outward actions are regarded as the actions of my soul. You need to coordinate the words of your mouth with the verification of your heart to send your prayers to the Lord. Your heart, if enlightened, will take your words and your prayers to the Lord. In my case, my entire being is internally and externally coordinated and subversively conjugated with one another. I do not need the verification of the heart because I am all heart and all soul.

Why Inner and Outer Coordination is Important

You are in an urgent need of inner and outer coordination. Your heart seeks GoharJesus' love, but your Nafs seeks lust, and your body seeks comforts. Your Nafs controls your body; it makes your body seek its diet. You never get to hear the outcry of your heart. I get puzzled when your body seeks lust, and your hearts call out to me for help. Why don't you listen to your hearts? Your Nafs rule your bodies. You will love the Lord truly only after the heart gains the control of your body.

Strengthen your heart to beat the rule of your Nafs on your body. This is how it works in spirituality. When the heart is strong enough to rule your body, your body is attuned with your heart.

Your soul is like an infant and your body is like its mother. Your soul needs your body to support it and earn noor (divine energy), because your soul is nascent and it needs spiritual nursing. Allow your body to serve your souls. Let your body shine your souls. Make use of your body to nurture your souls. Do not let your body be used by your Nafs and its lustful desires. If your body is controlled by your Nafs, who is going to nurture your souls? In that case, you are gone.

How to Successfully Lead Your Body

Your body thinks, "Why should I work? Why should I exert?" And this is the problem. You need to be very clever; you need to make a deal with your body. For example, "Okay, I will let you do this, if you do that." Try to convince your body. For instance someone says to me, "I must commit this sin." I say, "Okay, do it," but when they are just about to do it, I plunge into it, and say, "No, you can't do it!" You need to be very clever. I fix my eyes on the target and I wait for the right time. I wait for the sun to come out. As the saying goes, "Make hay while the sun shines." I wait for the "iron to become hot" and then I strike. I tell those who want to become leaders, "Why don't you ask your soul to lead your body?" Oh leaders of humanity! I know your leadership. Guide your heart, your soul, your body and your ego in the right direction first. Do this before you dream of guiding the humanity. If you cannot lead your body, forget leading humanity. Lead your body first. Charity begins at home. Lead your body first and lead your body successfully to it's destination; in other words, do servitude to your soul. Becoming a leader is not a problem. All you need to do is become worthy of being a leader.

Where do you begin? Supposition is one thing, but reality is a totally different ball game. Your body, your soul, your ego and your Self are your subjects. You are the king of this little kingdom within you. How successful of a king are you within your own kingdom? How good are you with your subjects? How just are you? Your subject is ruling you, o' king! Your Ego and Self inside you are ruling you. Master your spiritual subjects first, before you dream of becoming a true king. Become a king of the little kingdom that lies in yourself. You have a kingdom inside your body: your body itself, your Nafs, and the seven faculties are buried inside you. Make them obey you. Becoming a king is only through total obedience to the real esoteric king. I am teaching you how to become a king. Learn to control your body, learn to control your ego, learn to control your desires, learn to control your Nafs. When all the subjects inside you become your ruling subjects and start to obey you, we will declare you as a king. After this is accomplished, you will meet my king, Gohar Shahi.


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