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Divine Love, The Religion Jesus Christ Revealed

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Love is God and God is Love. God’s Love is the spirit of all the religions. Unfortunately, almost all religions have put aside the spirit of the religion; divine love.


The Core of Bible

"Love thy Lord God with all your heart and all your soul, and love your neighbour as you love thyself."


  • How do we love God our Lord?
  • How do we walk in God’s Ways?


Most people think: love comes by saying prayers, reading Holy Scriptures, and worship. We see most religious people are regular visitors of the worship-places, they say their prayers, and they read the Holy Scriptures, but God’s love is missing in their lives.  In the recent times, we see the rise in religiosity and decline in spirituality.  Sectarianism within almost all religions reveals that people have failed to comprehend the true meaning of the Holy Scriptures, thus they are unable to familiarize themselves with the religion.


God’s Love

One cannot love God until God recognises and grants His Love to the aspirant.  God does not personally know every human being until one develops personal relationship with God by virtue of intercession from some divinely appointed Spiritual Master. 

There are divinely appointed Spiritual Masters at all times, and their appointment by God is for the purpose that of catering the spiritual needs of willing human beings who may want to develop spiritual personal relationship with God.  A Spiritual Master initiates the aspirant with implanting God’s name within his heartbeats.  In order to initiate the aspirant, the Spiritual Master represents him in the audience of God, introduces him to God. God asks the spiritual master: why do you bring him here? The Spiritual Master replies: he intends to love you. God refuses to grant his love if He does not want to love the aspirant. In case, God wants to grant the aspirant his love, then God asks the spiritual master a few questions.  As God is satisfied with the answers, then God commands the angels to help the spiritual master implant God’s love in the aspirant’s heart. 


Implanting God’s Name in the Heart

A Divinely Ordained Spiritual Master is authorised by God to implant God’s name in hearts of the willing aspirants. As soon as God’s name is implanted; the name of God is mentioned within the heartbeats. The repetitive motion of the name of God produces divine energy. The more the divine energy is produced in the heart, the more enlightened does the aspirant become.  The all time repetition of the name of God will produce the divine energy eternally. The divine energy then travel through all the arteries of the human body. By means of this divine spiritual method; the divine energy mingles within the bloodstream. This is how the whole body becomes spiritually purified and enlightened. 


There are Seven Souls in a Human Body

There are seven souls in a human body. 5 of the souls rest in the breast. Five physical senses also belong to these souls. However, their spiritual and mystical functions enable the aspirant to access their respective spiritual realms.  One of the souls rests in the head. This particular soul in the head represents intellect. The mystical function of this soul is that of enabling the aspirant to see God. The seventh soul belongs to the devil. The name of this soul, in mystical terminology is the Nafs (Self). It is the evil bacterium. It rests at the naval point. Its function is to attract the human beings towards evil character and evil doings.


The Names of seven souls in mystical terminology:

  • Qalb (the heart)
  • Rouh (the main human Soul)
  • Sirri (the secret)
  • Khafi (the hidden)
  • Ikhfah (the most hidden)
  • Anna (Me)
  • Nafs (the Self)


The Heart is the spiritual means of communication with God, in order to communicate and interact with God; the heart needs to be completely purified and enlightened.  The heart is meant to be purified with the divine energy.  Purification of the heart and cleansing of the Nafs (the self) is the most important factor in spirituality. 

The Nafs (the Self) is the evil bacterium. According to its historical background; this evil bacterium came into existence from the saliva of the devil, when he spat at Adam. The saliva landed at the naval point of Adam. The nature of this Nafs is like that of an evil spirit.  Its diet is negative energy. It obtains its diet from the heat of the food we consume. The more food we consume, the more negative energy is produced in the body. There is a mystical tradition: eat less, speak less and sleep less. The lesser food we consume, the lesser negative energy is produced.

Mortification of the Nafs (Self)

  The Nafs has to be mortified through inner means. Exterior or physical efforts such as reading the Holy Scriptures, worshipping or physical prayers do not help in mortification of the Self.  The mortification of the Self comes with the divine energy entering into the Nafs (Self).  Initially, the heart provides divine energy to cleanse the Nafs of its evil nature.  Later, the Spiritual Master instructs the Nafs to invoke the name of God to produce divine energy. As soon as the Nafs becomes self-sufficient in producing the divine energy, the mortification of the Nafs starts in full fledged method.


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