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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The following is the transcript from a speech delivered by His Holiness Younus AlGohar.

His Sublime Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi says, "O' my servant, between you and me is your Ego, the only barrier". 

If you are very powerful, we would call this power as “strength”.

What is Ego? You may not have heard this definition of Ego before. Like your body is very powerful, the more powerful you are the more strength you have. Similarly the more powerful your Nafs is, the more strength it has. That strength is Ego. So it depends on how strong your Nafs is.

Ego is not a Satanic Jinn that is born with every human being- that is the Nafs, whereas Ego refers to the strength of the Nafs. The stronger the Nafs, the stronger the Ego. I give you an example: If you are a high ranking officer in the police or army and you are talking to a clerk and say, “This is wrong what you did”, even if it’s not his mistake he will accept it and say, “Maybe I did it wrong”. But if you behave in the same manner with somebody who is equal to your rank, he won’t be able to cope with this sentence. This is Ego. When your status increases, the strength of your Nafs increases. If you are driving a Ford Focus, you will be impressed by somebody who is driving a Bentley. And somebody who is driving a Bentley, he wouldn’t want to look at your car. That is Ego.


The Cause of Egoism

There is a very thin blue line between humility and Egoism. Some people are humble, and because of them being humble, their Ego is under control.  This is when you’re not very rich, when your status is not very high and when you are not very powerful in society or a spiritual somebody, but normally you have all the necessities of life available to you, not extra.

When you have all the necessities of life available to you but you cannot share it with others, because when you have necessities of life in excess, it adds to the strength of your Ego.

In a society where there is a class difference, classification among citizens, you will often see the standards of Ego. Some people will have a Ford Focus and they will be contented; they will say “Oh thank God I have a car”, and they are happy. But in some people, their demands reach sky-high. When? Those who don’t even have a Ford Focus, they will try everything to become rich.

Egoism is boosted mostly in poor people, not in rich people. When inferiority complex advances into another higher stage, it turns into Ego problem. Everybody has Ego to a certain degree, but it becomes a factor when your Ego gets strong.

As much as Ego given to you by God, that is called Izzat-e-Nafs, Khudari. However, when you think you are a failure in the society, when you think you don’t have even the necessities of life, then you start to have negative attitude. And I would like to remind you of the hadiths of Prophet Mohammad: Poverty drags man to Kufr (rejection of the truth).

Then what happens, you have this sense of deprivation. First you try hard by hook and crook to become rich, and when you fail then you start to complain about God. Then you start to talk bad about God- “God didn’t do anything for me”. And when you do that, God’s curse falls upon you and you become an Egoistic person. It is not easy to become an Egoistic person; there are so many factors involved, so many stages and steps that you will have to go through before you become an Egoistic person.

 However, when you want to obtain Divine Love and you want to obtain the stage of Fanaa, then whatever amount of Ego was given to you by God, that Ego also must be demolished. For example, Ego is based on what you have. You may not have a Bentley, a palace, a big bank balance, but you have sons, daughters, wives, parents, etc. When you have a son, you have a sense of possession. The moment you enter into a nikah with a woman and the vows are completed, you begin to have a sense of possession. You think, “This woman belongs to me”. Before nikah, if she is talking to somebody you are not bothered; after the nikah, if she is talking to somebody you think she needs your permission. You think, “She cannot do that without my permission”. This sense of possession is extraordinarily high in respect to a wife or a husband. This is strange. You also have a daughter but when your daughter is talking to somebody, you are not bothered too much. But when your wife is talking to somebody, you are bothered a great deal. This gives you a bulk of sense of possession.

The Divine Law Regarding Ego

His Sublime Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi said, “When God’s name has been implanted in your heart, do not think you have become a lover of God. God’s name is implanted in your heart so that your heart can be purified”. Now this is very important, this is the law: when explaining this, His Sublime Eminence referred to the Quran ayat,

“Lan tanalu al-birra hatta tunfiqu mimma tuhibbuna (3:92)”.

"Bir" according to Ulema-e-Deen is the highest form of Hasanat. Bir can easily be explained as champion of Hasanat. And those who attain of the stage of Bir, they are called Abrar. Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi explains, “‘Bir’ means the King of Hasanat and the King of Hasanat is Love of God.” His Sublime Eminence said, “God’s love is the gist of all religions. Is there any good work or good deed which is better than God’s love?” In Deen-e-Illahi His Sublime Eminence said, “It is because of love that a dog attains the nearness of his master.”

His Sublime Eminence said in Deen-e-Ilahi,” Love is the only way that leads to God’s nearness.” Is is there any good deed among all Hasanat which is greater than God’s love? No. When God says, “You shall not obtain ‘bir’ until you spend from what you love the most”, this is the formula.

Sarkar says, “Bir is king of Hasanat and what are you supposed to spend here? You have to spend your Ego if you want to obtain Bir”. You can say you love this, and you love that. You can claim you love your father and daughter and mother and grandmother, forefathers, anybody! But according to the Divine Law, you love your Ego the most. When we say “You love your Ego the most”, it means you love yourself the most. Unfortunately some Sufis like Gurumaa have no knowledge of spirituality and she teaches people to love yourself to love God. That is the opposite! According to the very profound spiritual knowledge, you have to stop loving yourself before you can love anybody else. You can only love one. When we say “You can only love one”, we do not include ourselves.  Sarkar said, “If you are claiming to love somebody, it will be seen under this law: have you stopped loving yourself?” Because you cannot love anybody until you stop loving yourself. And what happens?

Sarkar gave me an example. Sarkar said, “Before you met me you would always go here and there and look at things in the marketplace and think ‘I should buy this for myself’. When my love entered your heart, you forgot about yourself. Now when you go to the market you think ‘I should buy this for Sarkar’. This shows that you don’t love yourself anymore. Before Gohar’s love entered your heart, you would think about yourself only.”

Now, one easy explanation in day to day life that will explain who you love the most: when you love somebody more than yourself, then you want to give that comfort to that person which was only for yourself. When you are in love with somebody, then you don’t want to use that comfort and luxury. You want to give that comfort and luxury to the one you love.

 Some people can fake it. How? Some people can give really costly things to His Sublime Eminence, why? People will see he is giving something really costly and he will be praised in public. That is evil. Although this criteria works, this criterion is Naqis (Not completely trustable).

 When you love somebody the first thing you want to do it give your comfort to them, your luxury to them. That is most of the time when you love somebody. But even then there are certain things that you cannot give to the one you claim to love. His Sublime Eminence said, “What is it? It is your Ego. You can give your best mobile to the one you love, you can give your best laptop, you can give every material object no matter how expensive it is. But real Spiritual Love will start in your heart only after you sacrifice your Ego. And what is that? ‘Me, I, myself’”.

The Reality of Human Beings

If you do something good, most of the Pakistani and MFI members say, “I did it because of Sarkar’s karam (bounty)”, but they just say it. They don’t mean it.  Another example: in the cricket field we say, “Insha Riaz (Gohar willing) we will win the match.” This is wrong. Why are you involving Sarkar in a cricket game? We have developed a habit of saying it. Now, do not trust people when they say “Insha Riaz it will happen”. Insha Riaz means if Sarkar is willing but do you know if Sarkar is willing? If you do not know, don’t say it. 

When your Ego is crushed and demolished, after that, if you will do anything good you won’t believe it. You will have this understanding, this very rigid awareness, very vivid awareness of your ability, spiritual capability. And that awareness will tell you, “You cannot do that, you do not have the ability to do it. And if you happened to do it then this is only possible when Sarkar makes you do it.” After the Ego is crushed, you will never believe you can do anything good.

When Ego is demolished then Sarkar renders on your heart a type of spiritual awareness that keeps your Nafs and brain updated and keeps telling you that “this is all because of Sarkar’s karam (bounty)”. You don’t just say it, you believe it; you can see it and feel it.

For example, in the early days when His Sublime Eminence started the mission, there were spiritual gathering organised by our folks. A man who followed His Sublime Eminence was speaking; people did not know that Sarkar was there but outside the parameters of that hall, Sarkar was using a blanket and lying on the floor so that He would not be recognised.  The man was speaking; he was firing bullets which were going across the stomachs of the Molvis (with his words).  Everybody was amazed. After the program he met Sarkar, and Sarkar asked him, “Who was speaking?” And he said “Sarkar I was speaking”. Sarkar said, “No it was not you”. He replied, “No Sarkar it was me”. He persisted and Sarkar said, “If it was you, speak now”. Then Sarkar said, “Do you remember what you said?” He said, “No”. His Sublime Eminence replied, “Then you didn’t speak”. Who was it? Who made the speech? Nazar-e-Gohar Shahi (The Divine Glace of His Sublime Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi).

Man in reality is zero. This is the truth. When I read the books of Sufis, I would read the stories such as, “He was this great Saint but even then he used to kiss the feet of his Murshid (Spiritual Guide) and say ‘I am zero, I am nothing’”. I used to be surprised how can you have that much humility that knowing everything you saying you are zero? They are performing miracles and saying they are zero. I thought, “Maybe they were just saying it to be praised in public”. But when I really came to this stage in spirituality, I came to know they were right. When your Ego is crushed and the awareness of reality is given to your soul, then you can see with the eye of certainty that in yourself you have no value at all. If anything good is being done by you, then you know for the fact is it not you; it is Nazar-e-Gohar Shahi, the Nazar of your Spiritual Guide.

In 1994, we went to Norway with Sarkar and I had £55-60 in my pocket. I was alone in the apartment with Sarkar, people were out. Sarkar said, “Bring me water”. I realised there was no mineral water there, so I went out and I spent those £60 and brought mineral water. 5-6 years later Sarkar stopped his car at a gas station in London and Sarkar said, “Bring some water”. I had £300-400 in my pocket but I asked somebody else to bring it. I asked Sarkar, “When I was in Norway I spent £60 and bought mineral water for you but 6 years later I couldn’t spend £1 for you? Why?” Sarkar said “You spent £60 because I needed water and it was Nazar on you. That £60 that you spent was not an act of generosity from you. I needed water, so it was Nazar on you that made you do it. When you send somebody for a mineral water bottle then there was no Nazar on you”. We oftentimes say, “This man used to do this two years ago, now he can’t do it”. Why? Not because his spirituality has gone down, it is because Nazar-e-Gohar Shahi is not falling on him. When there is Nazar-e-Gohar Shahi, we do good things. I swear by the shoes of my Lord Gohar Shahi: a human being is never capable of doing anything good. If he does something good, this is because of Nazar-e-Gohar Shahi.

Crushing the Ego

Whoever has Nafs, he has Ego. But Ego becomes a factor when somebody has gone beyond the blue line of inferiority complex. Ego becomes a factor when it gets strong and there are reasons why it gets strong. An Egoistic person is one who has the strongest Nafs. Now you don’t know about yourself and if you think you are Egoistic, you are making a mistake because you do not know the explanation of Egoism. Everybody has an Ego but it becomes a matter of concern when this Ego disturbs your spiritual path and becomes a hurdle between you and your Lord. Otherwise a mild type of Ego doesn’t bother, doesn’t bite; and you are allowed this Ego if you are a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Sikh, etc. However if you want to become a friend of God, then it is a blasphemous act to use the word “I” in front of God. What happens when you Ego is demolished? God comes in your heart.

“Lan tanalu al-birra hatta tunfiqu mimma tuhibbuna (3:92)”. 

This ayat means, if you want the King of Hasanat, meaning God’s love, then you will have to sacrifice the thing which you love the most. For a human being, the thing which they love the most is their Ego. According to Sarkar Gohar Shahi’s teachings, we understand that God’s name is implanted in the heart just to purify the heart. God’s name will not make you love God. God’s name is to purify, to cleanse the heart. Sarkar says, “After your heart is purified, then comes this ayat”.

The heart is just clean, not holy. Now if you want love of God, sacrifice your Ego. Zikar Allah will make your heart clean. What is the benefit of just having it clean? You fall ill and medicine is given to you, and you recover. When you recover, you still feel weak.  For strength the doctor prescribes for you a type of medicine that gives you power and strength. Similarly when your heart is purified, now is the stage when you want to bring God in your heart. For this there is a price. Sarkar said, “Purification of the heart is like a trailer of a movie”; if you want to see the full movie you have to pay. God is really clever. Through Zikar-e-Qalb heart is purified, then he says, “Now after you have purified your heart if you want Gods love, then sacrifice your Ego”, this is the price. But he doesn’t say it in the early stages.

How is the Ego crushed? If you say, “I will crush my Ego”- how? Do you have a mallet? Will you do knocking on your Nafs? No you cannot crush it. Nobody can crush his Ego. There is a certain type of Tajjali (Divine Theophanies) that comes from Murshid (Spiritual Guide). Only two Spiritual Guides can do it: Mohammad and Gohar Shahi. No other Prophet had the power to do that: this is Ferman-e-Gohar Shahi. Sarkar said, “To purify Nafs is very hard work but demolishing the Ego- if you want to compare purification of the Nafs with crushing the Ego, then purification of the Nafs is very easy, only fourteen years; but in crushing the Ego there is a likelihood of you being Kafir (rejecter of the truth)”.

Only Gohar Shahi can crush the Ego, nobody else can. We have so many people, some people when they have a sense of deprivation from inferiority complex, they journey towards Egoism.

Sarkar said “You can help humanity: when you see somebody has inferiority complex, give him some gift that can facilitate for his necessities. Help them, why? Not because they are poor, but because this poverty will drag them into Kufr. If you want to save them from dragging themselves into Kufr from poverty, help them, feed them”.

The system of elms was introduced because God didn’t want them to travel into Egoism from poverty; therefore he introduced the system of elms (Zakat) in Islam. Help the needy ones so that their inferiority doesn’t become a complex and from inferiority complex they should not travel to Egoism. Prophetic Tradition: Poverty drags a man to Kufr.



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