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False Islamic Caliphate of Daesh, Taliban and Al-Qaeda

Monday, March 07, 2016

When I criticise the Wahhabi ideology and I reject Daesh and Taliban, I also reject all forms of terrorism, whether this terror comes from Islamists, Hindu extremists, or Buddhist extremists. 

Anything bad is bad, no matter who does it. Just because extremists come form your religion, if you consider them good even when they’re doing bad, that is your own understanding. You are siding with the bad guys.  However, when an allegation is made about something or somebody, those who are in favour of the alleged ones should rather enter into an academic debate and discussion. They shouldn’t start swearing. For example, a Muslim man sent me a message and he was using foul language just because I openly say that Wahhabism is the source of Islamic terrorism. In reply to this gentleman, all I said to him was, ‘What else did Islam teach you?’ When you suffer from a mental disorder, the first thing that happens to you is that you lose ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Muslims today have lost that mental balance. These butchers of humanity, Daesh, are not religious people. A majority of them have never studied the Quran. They do not know Salat (a form of worship); they do not know the spiritual and religious protocol of Prophet Mohammad. Somebody who has pledged allegiance to ISIS has posted letters to people in Sweden. The letter which was posted has three main points:

- Convert to Islam.

- If you don’t convert to Islam, pay Jaziyah (tax).

- If you don’t pay tax, get ready for death.

From what I have summed up, Daesh is thinking that their so-called caliphate covers all regions of the world and the entire humanity has become their subjects. They have this mischief as a thought in their head. According to the Islamic faith, you only ask non-Muslims who are in your country, under your subject, for Jaziyah. They will pay Jaziya to you and you will protect them. There is an Islamic term for such people: they are known as ‘Zimmi.’ Now, Daesh is occupying some portion of Syria and some portion of Iraq and they’re are sending letters to people in Sweden. Can any Wahhabi scholar present to me an example from the practice and Customs of Prophet Mohammad that he asked people who were outside his Islamic Caliphate to pay taxes? Never! For example, if you’re a landlord and you have quite a few properties, at the end of each month, you visit and ask for rent from your tenets. Then, one day, you bump into someone in the street who is not renting your property and you ask them to pay the rent or you tell them that if they won’t pay you the rent, you will kill them. Most definitely, he will think you have lost your brains. This is exactly the same thing here.

Daesh have lost their brains. They’re irrational and illogical, but this is far worse than what we expected. They’re completely insane.

A lot of non-Muslims go to Saudi Arabia for employment. They don’t pay Jaziyah. More foreigners live in the UAE than the nationals of UAE. They don’t pay Jaziyah. Sharia Law has not been imposed in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain or Kuwait; why on Earth do Daesh want to impose Sharia Law in the West?

They just want mischief. You can’t have a dialogue with them.

We heard people wanted to have a dialogue with Taliban and with efforts they were brought to a dialogue table. But Daesh are even worse than Taliban. They say, ‘No dialogue; I want to rule the world.’ This is a childish dream. When a child is spoiled brat, the child wants to grab everything and anything, and if he doesn’t get it, he becomes stubborn, cries and doesn’t stop. There is a burning desire to become the most powerful. Daesh are imitating the American President, who is known to be the most powerful man on earth. This is exactly what they want to be: the most powerful men on earth. In trying to become the most powerful man on Earth, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of Daesh, has become the most disgusted man on earth.   They are not going to get away with what they are doing.

Two eyes of Imam Mehdi Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi are watching them without blinking. When the time comes, the world will see how Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi serves humanity with justice. These religions might have deported God from their lives, but Lord Gohar Shahi is still here. 

To the Muslims who side with Taliban and Daesh, I ask them, ‘Is the religion of Islam based on the Quran or the Taliban?’ The problem with Muslims today is that they do not know the Quran; they do not know the history of Islam. Islam, historically, has been the most turbulent religion thus far.  Muslims have been the most disgusted followers of any religions. They are the only one nation among all religious nations who want to degrade their prophet. Ask Jewish people about their prophets and they will praise their prophets; they love their prophets. Ask Christians; even if they are not religious, they will celebrate Christmas and speak well of Jesus. Ask these Muslims about Prophet Mohammad and they don’t show any respect to Prophet Mohammad, the Prophet of Islam.

What is happening has been foretold by the Prophet of Islam. 

There is a Prophetic Tradition, narrated by the cousin of Prophet Mohammad, Ali, who was titled by God as the ‘Lion of God.’ He narrates and quotes Prophet Mohammad,

‘I suspect a time will come upon humanity when nothing will remain in Islam for except its name and nothing will remain in the Quran for except the customary recitation. Their mosques will be fancy but there will be no guidance in those mosques. And nothing under the sky will be more mischievous than their religious scholars.’ 

People will recite the Quran but they won’t even know what it means. Nothing under the sky will be more mischievous than Islamic scholars. Nothing will supersede them in mischief. Who is doing more damage to Islam, Shiite or Wahhabi Muslims? Poor Shiites are just beating their chests, they are not blowing themselves up. Barelvis have put turbans on their head; they’re growing beards and using more clothes on their body. They’re causing damage to their pockets; they are not causing damage to Islam. But Wahhabis are doing irreparable damage to Islam. Damage beyond repair!  

There is another Prophetic Tradition:

‘From them mischief will emerge. And into them, mischief will return.’

Saudi Arabia, under the influence of Najdi Wahhabis due to the pact with them, fuelled Wahhabism all over the world and gave them the ideology of hatred, lust and hunger for power.

The day is not far when you will hear that Daesh has destroyed the Kaaba!

Is there any sensible Muslim in the world today who can tell me if destroying shrines of prophets is an Islamic duty? Daesh have destroyed shrines of many prophets. They are walking in the footsteps of their ancestors in Saudi Arabia. After Saudi Arabia was founded, the first thing they did was destroy all the graves of Ahle Bayt (household of the Prophet Mohammad) in Jannat al Baqi. Daesh/ISIS is doing the same thing. They have destroyed many shrines of different prophets and in the end they will destroy Kaaba.

But Imam Mehdi has a different plan. Maybe Imam Mehdi likes the British politics. Imam Mehdi is causing them to divide among themselves; divide and rule. A Wahhabi will kill a Wahhabi. ISIS will attack on Saudis and this is how this mischief will return from where it emerged. 

Even if no action is taken by any government, Imam Mehdi will take care of these enemies of humanity. The time is not far.


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