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The Far-Reaching Effects of Global Terrorism

Saturday, December 05, 2015


The world has changed. A few years back, turmoil, turbulence, killing, looting, plundering was to be seen only in certain areas in certain regions. Western society was not affected. Now, this wave of terrorism is taking the entire world under its terror. It is like being under siege in one's own home; life has become so uncertain. 

A few years ago, when I would hear news about killings and bombings in Pakistan, I used to breathe a sigh of relief that I do not live in Pakistan and that I live in England where everything is okay. However today, almost everybody in this world is in utter distress.

Somebody should say to the world leaders that this wave of terrorism is not a coincidence. It is apocalyptical. It has been foretold and they can only combat with these devils of ISIS and Daesh when they have a thorough study and understanding of what is happening.

The approach from the world leaders towards ISIS, Daesh, Taliban and Al-Qaeda is very superficial. It is not addressing the root of the problem. They can only see what is on the surface, but in order to crush this evil movement by Islamists, they have to have a profound insight into the root of the problem.

Terrorism’s Roots in Wahhabism

Peaceful Muslims every now and then come forward and say, ‘Terrorism has nothing to do with our religion.’ On the other hand, the terrorists are Muslims and their flag has the motto of Islam printed on it.

Peaceful Muslims who give statements such as, ‘We are innocent and the religion of Islam does not teach atrocities, killing or hatred,’ should bear in mind that when they say it, it appears as if they are representing the entire community of Muslims.

They need to be very specific. They need to say, ‘Of course these terrorists are coming from an Islamic group but this group has its roots in Wahhabism.’

They should change their terminology and empower their vocabulary. They should say, ‘Mainstream Islam, which was formed under the guidance of the Quran, does not support terrorism.’

At the same time, it is a must for Muslims and non-Muslims alike to understand the fact that whatsoever is happening today in the form of atrocities and terrorism has been foretold by the Prophet of Islam.

No matter how rigid, stubborn, violent or peaceful a Muslim may become, if they believe in the Prophet of Islam or the Quran, he or she has to admit the fact that Islam has expired. This is why people who claim to be Muslims are not following Islam. 

Prophet Mohammad said, ‘A time will come upon my community whereby nothing will be left in Islam for except its name and nothing will be left in the Holy Book of the Quran for except the customary recitation.’

We can see what Prophet Mohammad said 1436 years ago in practice. They’re all claiming to be Muslims yet they are killing Muslims.

The primary victim of these terrorist organisations is Muslims.

When [peaceful Muslims] say that these terrorists are not Muslims, people find it very difficult to understand. They object, ‘They are holding a flag which has the motto of Islam printed on it. How can you say that these people are not Muslims?’ The question is: if they are Muslims, why are they blowing up mosques? 

It is not about Islam. Islam, as per the foretelling of the Prophet of Islam, has expired.

What we now see under the label of Islam is not Islam. This is a set of beliefs which has been designed and formulated by people who had great amount of appetite for power and fulfilment of their carnal, monetary desires.

Sometimes when things go wrong, you want to put everything right. If you know how to put everything right, you do it even if it is difficult for you. You know what must be done.

Homegrown Terrorism

We are in a position today where we do not know how to put everything right.

As a result of these current airstrikes in Syria and Iraq upon ISIS and their supporters, all these terrorists will be killed. Will we be justified to be happy and consider ourselves safe?

What about the people in every single Western country who have been radicalised - and they do not appear as if they are Muslims?

[Security agencies] are hunting down women on the road and in the streets who are wearing a Hijab (veil). They think, ‘Maybe one of them is the potential terrorist.’ Many terrorists who are carrying out these modern day atrocities are white-skinned converts. Most of them have led a playboy life; they are party animals, boozers. You wouldn't even know it; you could be riding in a bus and a beautiful blonde sitting next to you will blow up the entire bus within two minutes.

There was time when these terrorists had some kind of distinction and were easily identified. If a woman was wearing a Hijab we would think that she must be an extremist, but now they’re beach-goers and party animals. They are drinking alcohol, they’re doing everything and the next minute, they will blow you and themselves up. You will never know where you were hit from! This is all because of radicalisation.

San Bernardino

There is a county in the suburbs of Los Angeles, San Bernardino; there were three individuals who dressed up in an army uniform, loaded with guns and explosives. One of them was Syed Rizwan Farook and another was his wife, Tashfeen. Syed Farook was of Pakistani descent and his wife was a Pakistani who lived all her life in Saudi Arabia. Only two years ago, she came to live in America. Farook was 28 and his wife was 27;  he was born and bred in America. He knew the American ways, he lived an American life and he was in pursuit of the American dream. He was a government employee, a food inspector. The sad thing is there was a party going on and he himself was there; suddenly he went out, came back after twenty minutes with guns in his hands, started shooting and killed 14 people.

You cannot stop it because you do not know where you enemy is!

You do not know what the mark of their distinction is; how will you recognise them? Whether or not a person has been radicalised will not be obvious. The new trend is all these people who have been radicalised don’t wear Hijabs or grow beards. They do not even know what Islam is!

The question goes to all these world leaders today: why they are not concentrating on de-radicalisation of the homegrown terrorists?

France has taken an initiative; they have closed down four mosques. Again, we or France are not against mosques. According to the evidence, these mosques that were shut down have been used in the radicalisation of Muslim youth. Many people, including Westerners, are opposing this initiative by France. They are saying, ‘Why did you do this? There will be a wave of backlash. Muslims will go crazy and they will come back with more terrorism.’

No. This is like a surgery which has to be operated on your body; you have to go through pain. All the mosques and religious seminaries which have been found to be involved in radicalisation of people, according to Islam, must not be considered as mosques.

According to the Muslim faith, in the mosque, one cannot eat or sleep; they cannot treat a mosque like their own home. When one cannot eat or sleep in the mosque, how can they preach hatred or make plans of massacre inside the mosque?

A mosque is a place where you worship God; you do not make plans of killing innocent people.

If a mosque is involved in the process of radicalisation, then it is not to be considered as a mosque. It should be known as a terrorist hub.  

The Prophet Mohammad said, ‘If you kill one man, it is as bad as killing the entire humanity.’

It’s so easy to understand: when suicide is prohibited in Islam, how on Earth can [anyone] say that suicide bombing is Halal (permissible) and will take one into heaven? Suicide bombing is not simply a suicide attempt; they give their life and, at the same time, take the lives of so many dozens of people.

Killing yourself is not allowed as per Islam. So how is killing others permissible?

It is evident that ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban and all likewise groups who are under the impression that they are warriors of God - and by cutting throats of innocent people, they are paving their way into heaven - live in fools’ paradise.  

The first words of the Quran are:

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ  

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful.

This is a great contradiction: they are saying, ‘Allah is merciful,’ yet they are killing people. 

Current Efforts Against ISIS

With terrorists there must not be a dialogue. They do not understand the language of love. They do not have brains. If you want to have dialogue, have a dialogue with human beings; they are not human beings.

Those who support a dialogue with terrorists are, of course, terrorist sympathisers. There cannot be a dialogue with terrorists.  

An allegation has been made against Turkey by Russia that the President Erdoğan of Turkey is involved in buying oil from ISIS. It is an allegation until proven guilty; however there are things that obviously raise concern. For example, there is a border area between Syria and Turkey that is 500 miles long that is unprotected. If Turkey thinks that ISIS is their enemy and they are killers of humanity, then why have they left this long border area open, unguarded and unprotected? This is the reason why people who want to join ISIS go to Turkey and then to Syria.

Secondly, when the governments of the USA, UK and France all know people are going to join ISIS through Turkey, why did they not ask Turkey why they have left their borders open?

As common men we have no access through which we can obtain evidence against Turkey which can prove the allegation made by Russia. However, these things are suggesting that there is something fishy. Erdoğan’s daughter is a doctor; when all these ISIS fighters get injured, she opens a medical camp inside Syria; she heals and treats them.

I don't understand why the Western society has to be diplomatic all the time, even when they are at war with the enemy. They should not befriend those who are helping terrorists!

Saudi Arabia buys ammunition from America and other countries; Saudi Arabia then gives it to ISIS. Why are [Western leaders] still shaking hands with Saudi Arabia? Are [they] playing a game with innocent people?

The airstrikes have started. We took a sigh of relief thinking that now ISIS will be gone and the world will at last be at peace. But when we find out that not all the necessary measures are being taken and what is being done is not sufficient enough to [finish off] ISIS, then our hearts become restive again. Every single individual who is living in the Western society now is under great distress and discomfort.

The solution is there but [Western leaders] have closed their eyes because of their vested interests. They do one thing to show the world that they are doing something to curb terrorism; but deep down in their hearts, they know what they’re doing is not sufficient enough to take care of it.

They have to take honest measures. Only the honest measures will bring about results, otherwise even with the airstrikes they will never reach their goal.

Only a direct approach is going to be effective.


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