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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

For many centuries since the creation of the world, after God had begun sending down different Prophets and different Messengers, there has always been a group of people who did not welcome any Messenger from God. They tried harming and hurting Prophets and Messengers. But the more dangerous thing was that they did not show as if they did not want God's message.

They had been able to establish, somehow or other that they wanted to worship God and they wanted to lead their life according to the divine principles. So what they did was: they took the message from the Messengers and the Prophets and said, 'Now, we have taken God's message, God's word but we do not need the Prophet. We do not need the Messenger. This world has been created by God and only God's Law should be implemented on it.'

This group had different names in different times. It is very unfortunate that the people of the place where Jesus was born - which in English is called Nazareth but in the original language, it is called Nasra - did not welcome any Prophet or any Messenger. This is why Jesus said, 'No Prophet or Messenger was welcome in his own homeland.' The same people were responsible for the killing of Zachariah, John's father. The same people were responsible for the killing of John the Baptist and the same people gave Jesus a hard time. When in the Arabian Peninsula, Prophet Mohammad started to proclaim his Prophet-hood and he told people of God's message, there were many who didn't want to regard, respect or accept Prophet Mohammad. However, to a certain extent, they did concede the fact that Prophet Mohammad was a Messenger of God, he was sent by God and he was given God's word (the Quran). So what happened is they took the Quran, but they refused to follow Prophet Mohammad; many of the close Companions of the Prophet Mohammad were from this same group of people.

We have His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi's message of peace, love and spirituality. Some of us try to adopt the divine message of the Lord and we try to model the Lord's principles in our life. But then, there are some who do acknowledge the authenticity of the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love and  appear to say that this knowledge is truthful, however this admittance and this affirmation of the truth is confined to lip-service only. If you look into their life, you will see they are involved in all sorts of bad deeds. Their hearts are not soft, they do not help the needy ones, they slander, they backbite, they lie, they're fraudsters, their life is fraudulent and still they claim they are admirers of the Lord. What they are doing is not in collaboration with what they are saying they believe. Similarly, there was a group of people at the time of Prophet Mohammad and they introduced hypocrisy and politics into the religion.

Had they not apparently accepted the message and had just wanted to finish the religion of Islam [outright], they thought they wouldn't be successful because their reality would be exposed to the sincere followers of the religion; therefore they took the guise of a Muslim. However, they deviated themselves from the mainstream practice of Islam.

In any religion, in any country, in any spiritual circle, I give you one criterion with the help of which you will know who is a sincere follower and who is simply making himself a fool out of this unreal and fabricated practice of the religion. Those who love their Spiritual Master, they are the truthful and sincere followers of the religion and those who do not love their Spiritual Master, their Prophet or their Messenger, they are fake followers.

These followers who associate themselves with Islam were given a title by the Prophet of Islam. This name, this title has a very strong Mohammadan, religious connotation with that word. Without going into the history and background information of these idiots, you cannot justify the true explanation and true meaning of the word, the title which was given to them by the Prophet Mohammad is 'Khwarijeen'. Even if I translate that word for you, without background information, you will never be able to suss out the truth; not even sincere practitioners of Islam are able to know them and know their reality.

'Kwarijeen' is the title given to them by the Prophet of Islam. 'Khwarijeen' is a plural word; the unit of it is 'Khwarij', which means 'an outsider.' It is a very tricky word. In the Muslim world, this word, 'Khwarij' is a very simple word. People think it refers to those who were once part of the religion - those who were once in the nation of Islam and later on, they had been expelled from the nation of Prophet Mohammad. That's what they understand. But I want to tell you this is the wrong meaning; 'Khwarijeen' is not from [the Arabic word] 'Ikhraj'. There is 'Makhraj' and there is 'Khwarij'. 'Makhraj' means, 'door through which you exit'; 'Khwarij' is one who is outside. The Prophet meant, 'Those who are outside our religion.' They were never part of the religion. [Muslims] think, 'Some time ago, they were Ummah (part of the Nation of Islam), and then they did something wrong because of which the Prophet expelled them from the Ummah.'

No, they were not expelled because they were never part of the religion; they were always outsiders.  The only close translation of this word is, 'The Outsiders'. Let's give it a real meaning. Let's call them pseudo-Muslims.

You should not be surprised as to why and how these individuals who are now killing humanity do that. How can they kill innocent people? How can they kill Christians and Jews? Christians and Jews also believe in God and Messengers sent by God; Christians and Jews were also given Celestial Books given by God. How can they kill Christians and Jews? Do not be surprised, because the same people did not feel ashamed when they were killing the family of Prophet Mohammad.

It's not surprising that they are killing innocent children and it is not surprising that they are killing Christians and Jews because they brutally killed the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad. The children killed in Peshawar were at least 5 years of age but these Khwarijeen are those who killed the 6-month old son of Imam Hussain by sticking an arrow down his throat. If any person or sect says Yazid bin Muawiya - who stuck an arrow down the throat of Imam Hussain's 6-month old son - is paradise-bound, what kind of faith does he have? Those whose hands did not tremble at that time and who were not ashamed of killing the son of Imam Hussain, what makes you think they would feel ashamed killing 15-year old Pakistani children?

But what we need to recognise and understand is that these Khwarijeen are the same group who martyred Hazrat Ali (RA), Usman-e-Ghani (RA) and Imam Hussain. They are the same group of people who let mad dogs loose after Prophet Mohammad and pelted stones at the Prophet until his entire body bled. They are the same group of people who disrespected the daughter of the Prophet Mohammad, Bibi Zainab, and who killed Ali Akbar and Ali Asghar (sons of Imam Hussain). When they killed Ali Akbar, Shimmer Laeen and his accomplices said, 'Today we have erased the image of Mustafa (Mohammad) from this world.' These Khwarijeen are those people who held a grudge for Prophet Mohammad. When the 6-month old of Imam Hussain was licking his lips desperately for water, his father pleaded, 'If you give him a few drops of water, will he have enough strength to pick up a sword and compete with you?' Upon hearing this, they took an arrow drenched in poison and stuck it in the throat of the baby. Today you say that those who killed innocent school students in Peshawar are not human beings and those killing the children of the Pakistani Army are not human beings, but what about those who killed the 6-month old son, Ali Asghar, of Imam Hussain? Would you call them humans?

Wahhabis say that Yazid bin Muawiya is paradise-bound. Those who say such a thing, recognise these Khwarijeen as Wahhabis. Wahhabis, Deobandis, Saudis, Tableeghi Jamat, Junaid Jamshed, Moulana Tariq Jameel, Hammadi, Fazal ur Rehman, Ahle Sunnah wal Jamat, Jamat-e-islami, Moulana Abdul Aziz are all from among this group of Khwarijeen.  


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