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Friday, June 10, 2016

Why Hasn’t ISIS Been Defeated Yet?

What I’m saying is not my opinion. What I’m saying is what is happening. If you take a nosedive into the depth of this problem, you will say the same thing.

The most important thing is that it is not just some people armed and killing as a group — whether it is Al-Shahbab or Boko Haram in African countries, or ISIS/ISIL in Iraq and Syria. [Rather, it is a hateful philosophy and ideology, Wahhabism, which is followed by people from all over the world who help Islamist terrorists.]

If an army is at war with an enemy army, the most important strategy is to cut their supply of weapons. They blow up bridges so the supply is cut off, travel becomes impossible and no communication. This is how one defeats their enemy.

The world leaders are not utterly sincere when they claim that they want to curb terrorism and defeat ISIS. They have their own vested interests. If they speak against ISIS, it is because it is in their favour to speak against ISIS. When it is not in their interest, then they remain quiet.

Secondly, ISIS’s supply is smooth and running. People, on a regular basis, are joining them; they are pouring into Syria through various entry points. As long as their supply is smooth and running, you won’t be able to defeat them.

Turkey’s borders have been opened. Anyone who wanted to go to Syria and join ISIS would take a flight to Istanbul and travel to Syria through the eastern borders of Turkey. If the countries ISIS’s recruits travel through to enter Syria are truly combatting ISIS, then why do they let such people pour into Syria? A portion of Iraq and Syria is now occupied by ISIS, so they have access to oil wells and many different forms of wealth. Maybe the world leaders have some desire to make some money overnight. Turkey has been buying oil from [ISIS]; Russia has shown on television all the evidence but still, nothing happened.

Politics, fundamentally and principally is a form of servitude to humanity. But by definition, it is not what we see in practice. ISIS will live as long as the greedy and corrupt world politicians want them to live.

There has never been any terrorist attack on a building or house of a president or prime minister. Common people are being slaughtered. It is very unfortunate that the world leaders are not really interested [in curbing terrorism].

Hope for Humanity

However, I must tell you, in the light of my Lord Gohar Shahi’s teachings, that ISIS is a group of murderers, druggists, rapists and lustful animals. They affiliate themselves with the Antichrist. They will never prosper. The Messiah, the Mehdi, will defeat them.

With the help of Lord Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God will be established on Earth. Peace, justice and love will prevail. Injustice will be totally wiped out from the face of the Earth. The Mehdi/Messiah/Kalki Avatar will fill every nook and cranny of the world with justice.

The clock is ticking. Every time the clock ticks, we are pushing ourselves towards the bright future of humanity.

ISIS will not thrive. They are aiming for a worldwide caliphate, which is nothing but a child’s dream. It is never going to happen.

This message that you hear today of love and peace is the potential message of the Messiah. Today, you hear it from us and it is not valued. It doesn’t garner your attention, stimulate your heart or invigorate your brain.

Perhaps tomorrow, when the entire theosophical system of the world is toppled up by mesmerising, hypnotising, charismatic, magical splendour of the Lord, the world will come to the feet of the Lord. The entire world will embrace the message of love and peace.

The armies of hatred like ISIS, Saudi Arabia, and Wahhabis are meant to diminish. They are meant to plunge into nothingness.

The most beautiful thing in this scenario is that the responsible force who will establish peace and love on Earth neither comes from God, prophets, nor human beings. It comes from a foreign realm and system.

In Iraq, there was Saddam Hussain, a tyrant. He was from the army and became a dictator. No politician was helping the Iraqi public, no army was able to help them and no political party was able to help them. Then came the United States of America, which toppled up the regime of Saddam Hussain.

In a similar way, this world has now become a battlefield in which the evil forces are everywhere and the divine forces didn’t show up. The last commander of the divine forces was Prophet Mohammad, who went back 1400 years ago. The battlefield is thickly occupied by evil forces.

Right now, the condition of the world is like a country in which there is no law, government, president or king.

It has literally become a fatherless, systemless, government-less country. It is not being monitored by God. Nobody is coming to rescue humanity; nobody is coming to get humanity out of the misery, the trouble and the most turbulent times humanity has been through.

This help which will come to rescue humanity is not coming from God. It is coming from extra-celestial realms.


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