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Homegrown Terrorism - The Solution

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The following is a transcript of Younus AlGohar's speech.

When the governments want to find a solution to the issue of how to stop these terrorists from harming people, they don't seem to hit them where it hurts. They do everything very superficially. What they are doing is akin to giving someone a fever medicine if they are coughing.

They talk about radicalisation, the doctrine of hatred and hate preaching, but they don't do anything to stop hate preaching.

There is a proverb in Urdu, ‘Do not go after the thief. Get a hold of his mother.’

All over the world, it's an irony that the Islam imported into western countries is the Wahhabi brand of Islam. Sufi Islam, which is the original Islam, was not exported from its origin. For example, the biggest mosque in London, England is the Regent Park Mosque which was funded and built by Saudi Arabia. Then we have another notorious mosque, the Finsbury Park Mosque. Even before the rise of global terrorism, we have had problems in that area. They offer Friday prayers on the streets. Some of the areas in North London are no-go area for white people. Extremists have been taking out processions on London's streets that they would want to impose Sharia Law in London.

Radicals like Anjem Choudary live in England and walk freely. What is the government waiting for? Will they wait for him to do something and take action only after 100-200 lives are lost? Before Choudhry, there was a man called Omar Baqri. There was another called Abu Hamza, who had one hand and one eye. These hate preachers have been openly [preaching].

Seven out of the eight terrorists who are responsible for the Paris Attacks were born and bred in France. They are French Muslims.

The point I want to make to world leaders is very clear: Go after ISIS and Daesh; that's very important. But it is more important to root out the homegrown terrorist factories.

Wahhabi brand

Via the internet, [ISIS] controls them from [Syria and Iraq]. Those who execute their plans live in your country! You’re sitting at the immigration counter thinking that if a terrorist comes, you will not allow him inside your country. You think that the borders and airports are secure. [ISIS] don’t want to send anybody in from outside the country.

After any ill-fated incident, when enquiries will be made, you will come to know, ‘This person used to go to the local pub, drink alcohol, have a white girlfriend and play football. He was a nice guy. What happened to him all of the sudden?’

Monitoring Mosques

I remember very vividly that I discussed this issue eight years ago with Scotland Yard. I said to them, ‘Dewsbury in Yorkshire is the main religious seminary which is hammering into the brains of the youth the doctrine of hatred and death. This is the biggest centre where they are ideologically trained and their doctrine is placed into their hearts and minds. The schooling of terrorism is run in Dewsbury.’

I said to them, ‘Why don't you fix cameras in the mosques?’

I'm not asking the government to shut down any mosque because I understand that it is a violation of human rights and everyone should be allowed to practise their faiths. But what we must do for the purpose of the security of our country is to install video cameras. The security agencies should monitor the movement and anything that is talked about in the mosques.

Had they done it they would have been able to help a lot of young people. They would have stopped them, literally, from becoming terrorists.

By installing cameras, you are not imposing on their privacy. It is not a house; it is a public gathering. When a thousand people are sitting listening to the priest's lecture, it shouldn’t be a problem if the police want to see what is going on. If you are taking about God you and religion, you shouldn't have a problem is CCTV cameras are installed. If the government is able to do this, then they will know exactly what knowledge is being dispensed to the young people of Great Britain.

There are cameras on the streets. You monitor the movements of cars and people on the road; why can't you do it in the mosques? This is a dilemma for the government: they know the main culprit behind the teachings of hatred is Wahhabism. The want to shut down all the Wahhabi mosques, however the law doesn't allow them to do it. Here is the solution!

This solution was given to you eight years ago and still, there is no progress. When something really nasty goes on, who are you going to blame?

The cousin of Prophet Mohammad, Ali, said, ‘Save me from my friends; I will take care of my enemy myself.’ People asked, ‘Why did you say that?’ He said, ‘Among my friends are people who I think are my friends, but they are my enemies. I will never know how they will attack, hurt and harm me because I trust them.’

When you trust someone, they know everything about you including your weaknesses. A majority of people in France, the United Kingdom and the United States of America think somebody from Syria or Iraq will come to carry out atrocities. However, people in western countries are radicalised on the Internet in the mosques. You will never know. You may think somebody from Syria will come and start shooting - but perhaps your neighbour will be the one to do it.

The governments of western countries should put this on the priority list: the homegrown terrorists should be taken care of in earnest. Instructions will come from [ISIS] but execution will come from these people.

One of the men involved in 7/7 London bombings was a school teacher. In the United States of America, if someone grows a beard, has a turban on their head and wears an Asian outfit, Americans will suspect them of being a terrorist. However, these people were wearing jeans, were clean shaven and listening to Michael Jackson. They had backpacks on their backs and they blew up!

Don't judge a book by its cover. [ISIS] have changed their strategy. They are utilising young, modern people. One of the people who carried out the atrocities in Paris was 15 years of age!

If you are a spiritual man and want to help them, politicians do not think you have the credibility or qualification to say it. They will listen to somebody who is from [secret services] or someone they think is an experienced police officer. This is always a problem in all the countries; they don't want to pay attention to a simple man’s advice.

I must tell you: if homegrown terrorism is not rooted out, even if you fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the problem will remain the same.

Even if you do carpet bombing in Syria and Iraq but leave these homegrown terrorists at large, you have achieved nothing!

Being vigilant is a painful process; your freedom is lost and it is full of stress. You can't live your life being vigilant and alert.

Let's take the challenge and root them out. Go after them.

Some people want to preserve their good image in the international community. They want to give the impression that they do not trouble anybody, particularly minorities. In order to maintain that good image, they can bring their national integrity and security to a great loss!

For the sake of your national interest, root out the Wahhabi brand of Islam from the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and the United States of America. If you do not do it today, tomorrow it will be too late for you to find any practical solution.


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