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How Intolerance Dominates Contemporary Islam

Sunday, February 14, 2016

What we discuss here is not intended to hurt anybody’s feelings, create mischief or defame anybody. Rather, we speak the truth. If we do not point out flaws, mistakes and false representation, then we will be committing a crime of concealing the truth and letting falsehood prosper.

Wahhabism is one of the 73 sects in Islam. However, all other sects in Islam do not have an agenda of dominating the world.

They’re dreaming of establishing their caliphate all over the world. It is not in accordance with Islam or the decree of God. Obviously, they have their own agenda and they’re painting a picture with false colours.

Islam has been distorted to an extent where you cannot see remnants of Islam. Islam is to be seen no more.

In the span of 30 years, Wahhabism has been spreading so rapidly all over the world that even I am taken aback; [it is due to] money, dedication and fools. I decided a few years back to work on commentary of the Quran. I wanted to present to the world intuitional interpretation of the Holy Book. I was so keen on doing it that I almost started. Then in the higher realms, I was asked, ‘Who would read your interpretation?’ I said, ‘Muslims.’ They said, ‘There are no more Muslims in the world.’ I said, ‘There are plenty.’ It was said, ‘They think they’re Muslims; I don’t.’ So I quit the idea of wasting my time in writing the interpretation. There are no more levelheaded people living in this world. The world has become so corrupt, impatient and intolerant. People don’t want to listen to anybody. Muslims have become so stubborn. Even when you give them references from the Quran and evidence is given to them, they read it and understand it but in the end, they say, ‘I don’t accept it.’ When you have such an attitude and have premeditatively decided that you will reject everything, you will never accept it.

Today’s Muslim is in love with the word, ‘Islam.’ They’re not interested in Islam.

What could be more dreadful than to be in a state where you fail to understand the essentiality and importance of your prophet? Today’s Muslim does not need interpretation of the Quran from anybody. All those who are fighting under the flag of the Islamic motto, their Islam begins with the sword and ends on the sword. They don’t do anything Islamic. Raping girls and women, looting and plundering, selling drugs - they’re more like a land mafia. On the other hand, when an explanation is given to atheists, Christians and Jewish people that these terrorists have nothing to do with Islam, they fail to understand the sensitivity and delicacy of the matter. They say, ‘We’re not buying this, it is just a story that they have nothing to do with Islam. They’re holding the motto of Islam, they’re holding the Quran and they’re saying that they’re doing it for expansion of the Islamic caliphate.’

Even some liberal Muslims are swearing at Islam. They get carried away. It is the same Islam that has been practised for the past 1400 years. How come, all of the sudden, this Islam has become terrorism? It was not terrorism 50-100 years ago. Suddenly, the only meaning of Islam that people want to understand is terrorism.

In Virginia, USA, a teacher gave to her pupils calligraphy homework. When it comes to calligraphy, only Arabic, French and English have used calligraphy. French and English used to use it in the past, but in Arabic, calligraphy is still in use. So the teacher asked the students to write the Islamic motto as a calligraphy lesson. All the schools in Virginia were shut down. The teacher was a white woman. This was Islamophobia, dreadfully exaggerated.

There are no Muslims left. Shiites give more importance to Ali and Ahle Bait, and Wahhabis give all the respect to Umar bin Khattab. Prophet Mohammad, being the Prophet of God, doesn’t have any space in their life. Such a pity!

Lord Ra Riaz's Teachings

People send me emails and messages threatening me. I want to tell them that this task given to me was given to me by my Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. If I was a coward, I would not have raised the slogan ‘Gohar Shahi is Imam Mehdi.’ There is nothing in this world which can pressurise or stop me from saying what I have to say. I am afraid of none.

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, ‘Allah wants to recruit sinners and thieves in the army of Imam Mehdi - not scholars or worshippers.’ Somebody asked, ‘Why?’ Lord Ra Riaz said, ‘When Imam Mehdi shows up, there will be problems and trouble. In that turbulent time, worshippers and scholars will not be able to stand by Imam Mehdi and support Imam Mehdi, because they are so cowardly and timid. They will run away. But God thinks those who are involved in regular sinning are brave people - that is why they are sinning.’

This is like Martial law. Invocation of the Heart, the way Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has organised and dispensed to people the principles and methodology is not the same [as spiritual dignitaries of the past]. Before Lord Ra Riaz came into this world and started his mission, the criterion upon which Invocation of the Heart was granted to individuals came after vigorous austerity, self-mortification and self-purgation. One had to go through a lot of physical turmoil. One had to be patient; starvation was the main meal. One had to completely quit sinning. One had to completely purify the Self (Ego) before Invocation of the Heart could be granted. Purification of the Self is a precondition to Invocation of the Heart. If Self is not purified, Invocation of the Heart will not start. Even Lord Ra Riaz mentioned it in His book, ‘As long as Nafs is [in the impure state of] Ammarah, no divine word or divine light, will stay in your heart.’ This precondition was not just for people in India, the disciples of Khwaja Gharib un Nawaz and the disciple of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, but also for the Companions of the Prophet. In Quran 2:1-3, it is just discussed that there is a book which is free of any flaws and doubts.  That book guides purified ones only. Why don’t you purify yourself before you seek guidance? Neither do you know about guidance nor purification, and you claim to be [very holy]. You are waging a war against the infidels, considering yourself a Mujahid (Warrior of God). You are a self-proclaimed Mujahid and the people that you call infidels are not infidels in the eyes of God. You don’t know what you’re doing.

Jews and Christians are Not Infidels

I said that Christians and Jews are not infidels and I presented Quran 109:1-6, according to which God is addressing the infidels. God says, ‘Say, “O’ infidels, I do not worship the one that you worship.”’ We don’t have to go further ahead because we know that Jesus and Abraham were sent by God. People who follow Jesus and Abraham worship the same God. Prophet Mohammad is not addressing them; he is addressing people who worship something else, which of course is not God; there is only one God and one creator of this world. Someone said, ‘By that token, they are not infidels. But when they did not accept Prophet Mohammad, they turned into infidels.’ I asked him, ‘How do you know they didn’t accept him?’ He said, ‘If they accepted Prophet Mohammad, they would have become Muslims.’ I said, ‘Are you sure that In order to accept somebody as a prophet, you must believe in them and also adopt their religion?’ He replied, ‘Yeah, that’s what it is.’ I said, ‘Do you believe Jesus is sent by God and is a messenger? What about Abraham?’ He replied,‘Yes. they are messengers of God.’ I asked him, ‘Do you believe in them?’ He said, ‘Yes. We believe in them.’ I said, ‘But what you said is different; I don’t accept that you believe in them, because if you believe in them, you would have become a Christian and then a Jew.’


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