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How to Love God

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The following is a transcript of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech (video below).

His Divine Grace Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, 'The simplest formula about love is: you begin to love anybody, anything that comes into your heart.' In other words, you love anything and everything that is in your heart. If you say that there is something you love, but that thing is not in your heart, then this is hypocrisy. Our Lord said, 'Before you can love God, you have to bring God in your heart.' Why? Because the heart is the place of love. You cannot love anybody without bringing that somebody into your heart. HDG said, 'As soon as somebody comes in your heart, you do not have to make an effort to love them. You will feel the love.'  

It is very controversial to say it, however I must say it: before you bring God in your heart, you already have somebody living in there and that is the devil, your ego and your desires. In order to love God, you need to vacate your heart. This is what purification is. It is really sad that most religious people in different religions (such as Christians, Muslims and Jews) think they already have God living in their hearts. This is a wrong conception; this is their own understanding that they have God living in their hearts.  

We went to Los Angeles a couple of years ago. I told a man about Jesus. Firstly, he was not listening to me; he asked me what I would tell him of Jesus. Being a coloured man and not coming from a Christian background, I was trying to tell him of Jesus. When I spoke to him and told him a few things, he seemed convinced. In the end, I said to him, 'If you want to know whether I have power, whether I have the truth, I can either take you to Jesus now or I can ask Jesus to come here now. When you see Jesus standing right in front of your eyes, then you can say, ''Yeah, you're right.''' He said, 'But I already have Jesus in my heart.' He was objecting to the images of Jesus on the Moon and on Mars - and then, suddenly, in physical form, Jesus appeared. He said, 'The image is there so that people can believe. Listen to this knowledge.' Jesus was trying to convince that man - who claimed that Jesus was in his heart - and he could not recognise that Jesus was talking to him.

A Muslim thinks he loves Allah and Prophet Mohammad without even knowing what love of Prophet Mohammad or love of God is. It is not the case that the Prophet didn't reveal how to obtain his love. The Prophet said, 'Whoever desires to love me or obtain my love, he must adopt the teachings of Spiritual Poverty (Faqr).' Without adopting the teachings of Spiritual Poverty as mentioned by the Prophet himself, how can you love the Prophet?

Before you purify your heart, you must understand that the devil is living inside your heart; the heart is never empty. If God is not there, the devil is. In order to bring God in your heart - it's not as simple as inviting God into your heart and God will come - a formal invitation is to be made. A formal invitation to God, in a practical sense, is to vacate your heart of all else. [The heart must be] completely void and vacant; there should be nobody and nothing in your heart. It must be enlightened, spiritualised, strong and connected. When your heart is connected with God, then your Spiritual Guide will ask God to send one of his presence in your heart.  

Love is not simple. Two human beings say to each other, 'I love you,' but His Divine Grace Gohar Shahi said, 'Those who say "I love you" by word of mouth are hypocrites because love has to do with the heart, not with the tongue.' Everybody talks about love but HDG said, 'You cannot achieve love until your Ego has been taken care of, your Nafs (Self)* has been purgated, cleansed and has adopted human instincts.'

The Nafs is not human; the Nafs is from the nation of Jinns*. When the Nafs is cleansed, Ego has been separated from the Nafs and your Nafs has been enlightened, purified, purgated and cleansed, it begins to have human instincts in it. When you have achieved enlightenment of the heart and purgation, purification and cleansing of the Nafs, only then will you begin to feel God's love in your heart.

HDG Gohar Shahi said, 'Before the enlightenment of the heart and cleansing of the Self, God's love is impossible to obtain.' It is impossible that you have God in your heart and at the same time you have arrogance or jealousy in your heart. Negativity and positivity cannot stay together at one place. God and the devil cannot share your heart. Divine and evil cannot coexist; one has to depart in order for the other to arrive. If you have negative traits which are harmful for your fellowmen, such as a corrupted mind, a corrupted heart and a Self inspired by greed, jealousy, lust, arrogance, envy and deceit - then you can never be able to even pronounce 'love' correctly.

In order to become worthy of God's love, you need a thorough cleansing and purification: purification of mind, heart and the Self. The Bible says, 'Love your Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind.' But it is so unfortunate that the Bible doesn't tell us how to love God with all our heart and soul. The Quran said, 'O' Prophet Mohammad, tell these people who want to love God that they must follow you; when they successfully follow you then God will love them.' The problem is, we do not know how to follow the Prophet; we don't see him, how do we follow him? We are so fortunate to have HDG Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, who made his advent in the era in which we are [living]. We are sharing with the Lord the same atmosphere.

His Divine Grace Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has said, 'I know a lot of people talk about love here and there - but they [just] tell you about love. They tell you about your illness but they don’t give you the medicine!' HDG said, 'Love is very important but they don't know how to obtain love.'  

In order to obtain love, you need raw, spiritual knowledge. Why do we need spiritual knowledge? Because there is a designated, particular soul in our body and this soul is responsible for holding onto the emotions of love. The outbursts of emotions, the outbursts of the flame of love are generated under the auspicious wings of this soul. Everybody has this soul but this soul is in a dormant mode. You need to wake up this soul. Everybody knows the place of love is the heart, whether this love is for human beings or this love is for God. But the problem is: is it this [fleshy] heart or the spiritual heart? This fleshy heart cannot perform love until the spiritual heart becomes live. There is a soul which is sitting [on top of] this heart; when this soul is awakened, then that soul enables the heart to learn to love God.  Without the awakening of this soul which is sitting on the physical heart, you have a heart, but the spiritual faculty that of enabling you to love God is not availed.

HDG Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, 'In order to become a devout believer in God, the first is to be able to awaken this sleeping soul.'

People practised religion all their life - whether they were Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims or Christians - however, if they did not awaken this soul which is sleeping on the seat of the heart then they are not devout and they do not love God.  

The organ of love is your heart. You have the heart, but the soul which controls your heart is not awakened. That particular soul needs to be awakened. There is no doorbell that you will ring to awaken that soul. There is no noise that you will make that will awaken that sleeping soul. You need a very powerful, universal Spiritual Master who, with his divine authority, strength and power, will sow the seed of life in that soul and awaken it. When this soul is awakened, this soul will start to pound with the name of God which is the announcement that this soul has now been introduced to God. God's name will start generating and producing divine light and that divine light will become food to nourish your soul. Once the soul is completely nourished and grown up, then you will sing, 'I believe I can fly!' Then your body will be sitting in an armchair, you will think about God and that soul of love, without wings, will fly across the skies; it will approach the divine atmosphere and the seat of God. Having seen God, it will become a complete embodiment of God; a hypothetical, metaphorical body of God.

You will become a divine metaphor. When your soul has seen God, hypothetically, you become God on two legs. This is our mission.  

Love is beyond the practice of phraseology. Love is away from the imaginative stories. Love is away and far from making hollow, pseudo claims. Love does not need to be expressed; you see it when you have it. Love has different expressions: on occasions when you see humanity in need, if you have God's love, God's love in your heart will manifest in form of mercy and bounty. This love has thousands of different expressions. One way when love is expressed by the heart [is that] you feel God is nearby. When the candle of love is lit up inside the chambers of your heart, it glows with bounty of God; it glows with rapturous, passionate, ambient love of God - uncontrollable, emotional, rapturous love.

This is the love alone which can move the mountains from their places, which can calm down hurricanes in the sea, which can topple up the cities, which can make the dead alive, which can make the deaf hear and the dumb speak. These are miracles for people; but for a divine man, this is expression of love.  

How do we preach divine love? We do not give them a book and tell them, 'Read this and you will love.' We tell them, 'In order for your heart to love God, we understand that there is a soul sitting on your heart; that soul needs to be awakened. When that soul is awakened, it will take charge of your heart. The spiritual faculty and divine function of the heart will be restored. When this soul is awakened, connection with God is established.' When you're connected with God, there is no text error and there is no voice error, because your heart is far better than fibre optics! When you have God in your heart, then God is not far away; he is just around the corner. Our way of preaching love is actually inviting people to understand the presence of a soul sitting on their heart, thus awakening it.

The moment this soul is awakened, without any instructions, without any teachings, that soul will enable your heart to love God. All you need to do to love God is to awaken that soul sitting on your heart in a dormant state. The moment this soul is awakened, you love God and God loves you; you feel it. It is so simple.  

The most difficult part is how to awaken it. Nobody can awaken it. Only those can awaken it who are perfect, universal Spiritual Masters. A Spiritual Master is one who has God living in him [in] every single nook and cranny of the body and soul. A Spiritual Master is one who, when he speaks, it is God who speaks through his mouth. A Spiritual Master is one through whom  God walks on earth. You keep his company and somebody will tell you, 'My friend, you have been keeping company of God. Don't think you were keeping company of that saint of God.' If your Spiritual Master does not have God in him and by looking at his face, you do not see God in his face, then that Spiritual Master is not a Spiritual Master. He can be anything, but he cannot be a Spiritual Guide; because a Spiritual Guide is 99.99% God; only one digit is missing so that the Spiritual Guide remains to be humble.  

The preaching of love will start when the soul is awakened - this is how we teach love. What do you do to produce a human being? You just sleep with your wife. What does a woman do? People say a woman does a lot. No, what does she do? She doesn't [have to] do anything; after 9 months she goes to a hospital and a baby is delivered. This is our mission: to enlighten the soul. When the soul is enlightened, you love God.   

Question: Why do we find it hard to love when it is in our nature?  

Everybody has love in their nature; however, this faculty of love needs to be awakened. For example, all babies have the potential to speak. Why do you teach them? If a baby is born, doesn't see anybody talking (whether on television, radio or observing his parents) and is locked in a room for 10-20 years, when he comes out as a grown man, will he be speaking? You have the potential to speak, but even then you learn to speak. In a similar way, you have the potential of love; however, if this potential source of love is not utilised by this soul, then this potential source of love will be used by the devil. What happens when it is developed by the devil? You will become a materialistic man. Some people utilise it for lust. Some people utilise it for power and politics. Some people utilise it for business, some other utilise it for some other hobbies. In order to utilise this potential source of love for God, you need to awaken this soul. When this soul is awakened, then this soul will utilise this potential source of love for God.   

Question: Why was the method of awakening the soul not described in any sacred book?  

It is very simple: because the Bible, the Torah and the Quran that you have in your hands do not have the knowledge of the soul. These books have knowledge of your Nafs (Self) - how to purify your Nafs, that's all. In order to have the knowledge of the heart, you need to approach the Esoteric Quran which was saved in the heart of Prophet Mohammad.  

[The soul of the heart] is awakened not because somebody awakened it, but it is awakened because God wanted it to be awakened. It is not awakened until God wishes this to be awakened.

Your soul is awakened when God wants to love you. If God doesn't want to love you, your soul is not awakened no matter how many Spiritual Guides you try.

When he wants to love you, then you just look at the image of the Lord and it is awakened! God doesn't change his mind: once he loves you, then he continues to love you even if you continue to do [mischievous things] - because he knows your past, present and future. If God knows what are you going to do in the future and he still wants to love you, then you can safely say, 'God is not bothered what I am going to do in the future.'  

You can awaken your heart with the spiritual grace of the image of Lord RA Gohar Shahi on the Moon. Just follow the method as explained here!

*You can find a complete explanation of Jinns and Nafs in The Religion of God (Divine Love) by His Divine Grace RA Gohar Shahi.


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