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How to Practically Combat Hatred and Terrorism

Sunday, May 15, 2011

For the last few days we have been discussing the contents of the great spriitual book by His Holiness Gohar Shahi, 'The Spiritual Journey, Roohani Safar'. And we have been discussing with the view to highlight certain points mentioned in the book which have been targeted by Muslim clerics who have malice against HH Gohar Shahi, who have bad intentions and who are suffering for an enormous, tremendous amount of jealousy for HH Gohar Shahi, who became popular in the public for a very short time. The discipleship of HH Gohar Shahi have showed so much respect and so much veneration to HH Gohar Shahi that it really boggled the minds of these fake spiritual leaders and these religious scholars. People who keep company of Ulema (Islamic scholars) do come to know talim (teachings) of sharia (exoteric law), but people who follow a saint of God, they learn to love. They learn madness of love, passion for the path of spirituality, passion in Divine Love and they act crazy. When these religious scholars and fake Sufis witness such madness in love, in the fellowship and discipleship of HH Gohar Shahi, they cannot bear to see it. All these religious scholars and Islamic intellectualists have tried to suppress HH Gohar Shahi, and in order to do so, they madly and violently denounced the nature of HH Gohar Shahi's doctrine of love.

The Cause of Terrorism

I would like to draw your attention towards this very important point today: most of the negative propaganda which these Ulema have spread around the world, especially among Muslim nations, is based on whatever they heard on the grapevine. They do not have first-hand experience: they have not been in the company of HH Gohar Shahi and they have never listened to HH Gohar Shahi's speeches. Just on the basis of what they heard, their inner jealousy and they inner animosity compelled them to go beyond all extremes in denouncing, defaming and derogating HH Gohar Shahi. These sectarian elements in Pakistan are responsible for the carnage and massacre of innocent citizens, not only the country of Pakistan but also in the neighbouring country of India and of course in the western countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Spain and France. This contemporary wave of radicalisation is the fundamental pillar of wide-range terrorism today.

Let me give you an example:

Many people have their own respective concepts and theories as to what could be the real cause for this terrorism, and they give you different stories and theories. Some of them say that this is because of the injustice. But I have a different story.

I denounce this concept that this terrorism is the result of any type of injustice. Why? I give you a reason: if this wave of terrorism is a result of any injustice done against any particular group of people who follow any particular religion or faith, then this injustice should not only flourish in Muslims or in any other religious group of people - injustice is being carried out on everybody, therefore it should also be seen in the secular groups of people. However radicalisation and a terrorism-prone attitude is only to be seen in religious groups. This injustice is not part of the society.

I give you the real cause of terrorism, and you would be very lucky if you understand this. HH Gohar Shahi explains that there are two types of knowledge:

1-Knowledge of the Exterior

2-Knowledge of the Interior

Knowledge of the Exterior cleanses your body and Knowledge of the Interior purifies your souls, your spirit, your heart, and your Batin (Esoteric aspect). HH Gohar Shahi explains that the Exterior Knowledge hardens the heart and Interior Knowledge softens the heart. Those who have confined themselves to the practise of the Exterior Knowledge only, they become very hard by heart. Then they become very strict and very aggressive. This is the root cause of extremism.

First, you harden your heart with the practise of the Exterior Knowledge and then you become very hard by heart. This hardness turns into aggression and that aggression further develops into extremism, fanaticism. This is the journey and evolution of terrorism, the evolution of radicalisation.

How to Curb Hatred Successfully

Today, if this world wants to see some peace on Earth, they need to develop spiritual skills which can soften their hearts. You are making wars. Why? Because you have developed hatred.

In order to curb hatred, you don’t need weapons. You don’t want to give punishment because hatred doubles when you punish the hater. You are supposed to terminate hatred, not the hater.

When you are punishing a sinner; you are not punishing the sin. You are not punishing the hatred; you are punishing the one who is carrying hatred. But in the Divine Philosophy of HDE Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, you are supposed to diminish and terminate hatred.

As I earlier said, hatred doubles when you punish the hater; because after the punishment, the hatred inside them compels them to take the revenge. When revenge is accompanied by hatred, this hatred turns into fanaticism. You lose your intellect and the ability to see the colours of life; everything you see is either white or black.

The answer to all problems that we have in our contemporary times is the Goharian Doctrine of Divine love.

In order to curb hatred, you don’t need weapons. What do you need? When you are thirsty, you need water. If you are thirsty and I kill you, am I solving the problem? If he is hungry, feed him and if he is thirsty, give him water. If he has hatred, then what does it mean? Give him love.

How to Share Love

Almost every single Sufi today talks about love and says, ‘Share love’. The problem of today’s intellectual minds is that to them, good manners is the manifestation of love. If you are polite and kind to somebody or fulfilling the necessities of their life, then according to them, you are sharing love. And I say that this is a sign of intellectual bankruptcy. 

How can you share love? Love has to do with the heart. You have no access to anybody else’s heart, therefore you cannot share love. The only way you can share love is to let them have the same spirit of love that you have in your heart. Sharing love is initiating their heart with love.

If you are being kind or very polite to somebody, out of this practice of politeness and kindness, are they going to taste love and learn to love? No. This is an intellectual mirage.

You need to understand love by the heart. Love cannot be understood by the intellect or your mind games. You know why? Love is not human; love is divine. Love is God, God is love. It is impossible that you get enlightened but you do not love God. Enlightenment breeds love. This is a very important sentence. According to an English proverb, love begets love. And it is very true.

If you ask me to share love, do you know what I will do? I have love in my heart; if I am sharing love with you, you should also have love in your heart with my help. Sharing love is to fill somebody’s heart with the same nature of love that you have in your heart.

Messiah Foundation International is the only organisation on the face of the Earth which is practically, spiritually and truly sharing love as well as fulfilling all spiritual necessities of life and catering for the entire humanity, not just one group of people. No matter what religion you come from, no matter what the colour of your skin is, we have just one message, one code of love, one law of love that applies to every single soul on Earth.

Let’s have another example: sharing food. If I am eating biryani (a rice dish), biryani is going into my stomach and it will be shared when it’s also going into your stomach. ‘Share your food with others’ means, ‘Let them eat the food that you are eating’. Now: ‘Share love’. You don’t really know what to do.

The real knowledge comes from the heart, and it comes from the heart which is connected to God. When your heart is not enlightened, then you have man-made, self-created, self-fabricated and self-concocted stories of love.

People have a following of 10,000–20,000 and they have been talking about sharing love for 20–40 years, but when you look into these people, they do not know what sharing love is. Love is not to be seen. Sharing love is to envisage love in other hearts as well. Sharing love is to revive other hearts also with love.

If you have shared love with somebody, what should be the result? That person must have learned to love. What happens is, you say you share love but you are being polite and kind. As a result of this sharing, since you were not sharing love but were rather being polite, the people that were sitting in your company learned to be polite and kind. They shared politeness and kindness, not love. Sharing love is filling hearts with Divine Love.

Today people do not need thick books of Divine Law. Today people need real food for their hearts. The hearts are dormant. The souls are dormant. You are evil. Why? Because your heart is occupied by evil. The first step towards divinity is to get your heart free from the occupation of Satan.

When your heart is free from the occupation of Satan, then the Lord will arrive in your heart. Once the presence of the Lord has been introduced to your heart, you become love on two legs. You become talking, hearing, seeing, walking love. This is the doctrine of the Universal Teacher, the multi-faith, multi-religion Messianic figure, His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.

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