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How to Recognise a Spiritual Man

Thursday, May 05, 2011

According to the principles of Sufism, a disciple who wants to spiritualise his life and who is struggling on the path of spirituality, needs a Spiritual Mentor, a Spiritual Guardian who can watch over the spiritual state of the disciple. The Spiritual Mentor also corrects and guides the spiritual student when he or she is going towards misguidance or is about to ruin his/her faith in God. Without a Spiritual Teacher, a disciple is always at a risk of being plundered of his faith in God by the devil. 

People who do not need a Spiritual guide or a Spiritual Teacher to keep them steered in the right direction, they are those who already have a teacher; however their teacher is different.

Prophet Mohammad said, “If you do not have a Spiritual Teacher and you don't need one, you don't listen to one, then this is because you already have a Spiritual Teacher: the devil.” 

Shaoor is very important. When aqal (intellect) is lost and you become a mad person, your life is destroyed even though you eat, sleep and you do everything. A mad person, just because he doesn't have a sound intellect in his mind, he doesn't know anything he just lives. In a similar way, in spirituality Shaoor is very important. Shaoor of what you are doing, who you are, why you are in spirituality and what is good and bad for you. When you do not have shaoor of what are you doing, then this state of not having shaoor is like a curse.

I understand that nisbat-e-Gohar Shahi is the most precious wealth I have in my life and there is nothing so important that we cannot sacrifice it in order to preserve nisbat-e-Gohar Shahi. For some people, my speech is just a speech. But those who really want His Holiness Gohar Shahi's love, my speech is like a guiding light for them. Some people will listen to me everyday but they will never change because they are hearing me, not listening to me. 

How to Recognise a Man of God

His Holiness Gohar Shahi said, “Only a Saint can recognise another Saint; a common man cannot recognise a Saint.” This is why a majority of human beings give their hands to shayateen (devils) who are in the guise of Murshid-e-Kamil (Perfect Spiritual Guides); because they cannot recognise him.

The only criteria that these people have is how big his beard is, is he wearing shalwar kameez or Arabic dress, and if he's wearing mushk/kaskus. This is why fake fakir and fake Murshid-e-Kamil are prospering everywhere in the world, especially in Islamic countries. Not only is this happening in Islam but also in Hinduism- there was a couple in Sri Lanka, a Hindu guru and his wife. He said, “I am God and my wife is a goddess.” They are imposters, they are those who fake. Because people do not have the criteria how to recognise a Man of God. People have studied about a Man of God in books however in the modern day they cannot relate to a Saint of God unless they see something really miraculous. Then, they respect him for as long as hes performing miracles and after a couple of days return to their previous state. 

Now how to recognise a Saint of God: Moulana Roum said, “Only a Saint can recognise another Saint.” But His Holiness Gohar Shahi revealed and said,

“People I do not ask you to become my disciple; it is not my aim to draw you towards me. Rather I give you a sold criterion with the help of which you will able to recognise yourself and the person you call as your Murshid and any Saint of God living or buried in their tomb.” That criterion is that His Holiness Gohar Shahi revives the hearts of the seekers with the name of God, as a result of which the heart becomes enlightened and a constant invocation is articulated in such an enlightened heart. And when such a person meets somebody, if that somebody is a holy person/Saint of god, then if somebody is a Zakir-e-Qalbi/Momin , then this person whose heart is revived, his heart feels spiritual bliss/pleasure/happiness.

  When a momin meets another momin, he feels very good. Then His Holiness Gohar Shahi said, “I give the life of your heart. I revive your heart; when your heart is revived, then go on a saint hunt- if you live in Lahore, Pakistan, go to the shrine of Data Ali Hajweri. You now have word “Allah” in your heart- Data is also a Saint of God, he also has word “Allah”; when you go there his word “Allah” will strike against your word “Allah” in your heart and you will feel spiritual pleasure and this is how you will recognise a Saint of God.”

“Then go to Sultan Haq Bahu- you will feel spiritual pleasure and this is a sign that whom you are visiting is a Saint of God. And then, go and visit the person that you call your Murshid. If you feel the same spiritual pleasure as you felt when you went to the tombs of Data Ali Hajweri and Sultan Haq Bahu, then understand the fact that that man is a true Murshid-e-Kamil. And now, if your life needs to be sacrificed in order to preserve the nisbat, don't think about it- sacrifice your life. The nisbat of your murshid will help you prosper in the life hereafter.”

This is the criterion that His Holiness Gohar Shahi has gifted to us. Now bear in mind: you will feel spiritual pleasure upon your visit to a Saint of God only when your heart is enlightened. What if your heart is not pronouncing God's name anymore? What if you have lost your emaan (faith)? What if your heart is not enlightened anymore? 

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