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How to Recognise the Followers of the Anti-Christ

Monday, June 08, 2009

If you ask me, “How do we recognise the followers of Anti-Christ (Dajjalis)?” For that, there is a criteria, and this criteria finds all those who fit in this description. Whoever fits in this is a followerThe Anti-Christ, Mullah Omar of the Anti-Christ. Whether or not they practically follow the Anti-Christ, inside their heart they are the followers of Anti-Christ and one day they will join hands with them.

What is that criteria?  Prophet Mohammad said, "The Anti-Christ would be one-eyed". He would be riding on a donkey. If he would be one-eyed, and that is the physical description of Anti-Christ, then it is not difficult to recognise the Anti-Christ. But then again, there are so many people in this world who might have lost one of their eyes. Does it mean everyone who has lost an eye is the Dajjal (Anti-Christ)? No.


Types of Knowledge

The most serious problem in this world today is that people do not have knowledge, whether they are Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, etc. No matter what religion they practise, they have no knowledge. They have no spiritual insight, their intuition is not purified. And then, another saying of the Prophet is that, "The Anti-Christ will be riding a donkey." In this modern day and age, when we have motorbikes, cars and all sorts of automobiles, does it make any sense to you that in the 20th Century, the Anti-Christ will be riding a donkey? Those in the mosques and temples have no spiritual understanding or insight. Neither do they have any contact with God, nor do they have any knowledge. As a result, they end up misleading themselves through these concepts that have no basis.

His Holiness Gohar Shahi declares, "Those people who have read the Koran can easily understand that on different occasions, God has said some things about his Prophets, and he has given gestures that they were the 'people of the right-hand' and 'the people of the ears'." In the theological terminology, 'eyes' refer to types of knowledge because in spirituality or in the discerning realm of intuition and knowledge, you see with the power of knowledge. Without the power of knowledge, you are intellectually blind. 

Similarly, there are two types of knowledge: knowledge of the exterior and the knowledge of the interior. There are so many schools that will tell you to be kind, but there is no school in the world that will teach you to be kind. There are so many schools that advise you to learn good manners, however, we have so many people who have Master’s Degrees, PHD's, etc. but is it a must that somebody who has studied for more than 20 years now has good manners? There is no school that can teach you to have good manners. You see, good manners come through a good character. You can come from noble parents, but it's not important that you too have good manners. Mannerism comes from a pure Nafs (Self).

I have not seen people who have been trained to be civilised. Why? Because all these things come from the school of religion, and religion consists of two different types of knowledge. In every religion there are two types of knowledge: knowledge number one tells you how to keep your body clean and knowledge number two tells you how to keep your Nafs, heart and soul clean. If your body is clean, but your interior (heart, Nafs and soul) isn't clean, it doesn't matter. Is there any school in the United States of America, England, France, etc. that can teach you to have good manners? No. Manners cannot be learnt by reading a book. A book can tell you to learn good manners, but from where?

What is mannerism? When you transgress others rights, this is where you are going against mannerism. Is there any Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh who can tell me what are the rights of their husbands/wives on them? Even according to Koran, “Even if you're walidain (parents) are kafir (infidels), do not say 'uff (sigh in disapproval)’ to them." Why?

Why do we talk about peace and love, but we do not have peace and love? Because we stick to the knowledge number one only. We cannot put them into our practise today. The reason why we cannot do it is because our Nafs isn't clean, our Ego isn't tamed.

True Recognition of the Anti-Christ

His heart will be blocked, and his heart will be empty of the divine energy and God's presence. But Shaitan (Devil) has entangled their minds and hearts, in such a way that they cannot see their ugly faces.

This is the true recognition of an Anti-Christ: One who has the physical knowledge, but his heart is empty of spiritual knowledge. The followers of Anti-Christ will start demolishing the graves and shrines of Sufis. Those who do that, you can understand them as the Anti-Christ.

You can be an aalim (scholar) of zahiri ilm (exoteric knowledge), and at the same time you can be a jahil (ignorant person) of batni ilm (esoteric knowledge). The Prophet said, "Beware of an ignorant (religious) scholar." The companions of the Prophet exclaimed, "O' Prophet, how can a scholar be ignorant?" There is no difference between a man whose heart is void of the Lord's love (esoteric knowledge) and the Anti-Christ.


Image: Mullah Omar, the leader of the Taliban and the Anti-Christ (Top right).


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