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Ideology of Rapturous Love

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Messiah Foundation International, Mehdi Foundation International and Kalki Avatar Foundation promote divine love and global peace. We are followers of His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. There may be many questions in minds of people who are now reading our text through Facebook, Twitter and our websites. They’re also watching my videos on YouTube. They may want to know who we are and what our religion is. Some of these people who do not know our background, who are not aware of our teachings, happen to develop a perception that we are Muslims and we take the side of Islam.

What Does Islam Have to Do With Terrorism?

Realistically speaking, there is nothing wrong with stating the obvious. Islamist terrorists carry out ugly atrocities and kill hundreds of people all over the world. It has been going on for so many years. These terrorists are holding a flag with the motto of Islam. It gives a crystal clear message to people who do not have a thorough understanding of Islam that the flag bearers of the motto of Islam are Muslims. It gets worse when these terrorists justify their killing taking references from the Quran; they indoctrinate young people with the wrong interpretation of the Quran. They are of the opinion that whatever they are doing is in accordance with the Quran and Islamic Sharia (sacred law). This gives an impression to non-Muslims that different organisations talking about Islamic Sharia and killing hundreds of people is actually Islam attacking on Western society. When somebody says to them, ‘These are terrorists, they are not Muslims. Islam has nothing to do with terrorism,’ people who are under terror refuse to accept it. Some people, like myself, maintain to say that these terrorists are not Muslims and Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. It has now become really hopeless for a common Muslim to clarify his position and to profess, utterly, that Islam is a peaceful religion. When you say, ‘Islam is a peaceful religion,’ it is very unfortunate that you do not have a practical example to present to people. The world’s perception of Islam is based on what they see in Muslim countries. The most authentic Muslim country in the eyes of many million people is Saudi Arabia, because Saudi Arabia is considered to be the Islamic centre. Every single Muslim, no matter where he lives, has to go to Mecca, Saudi Arabia to perform pilgrimage of the Holy Land, Kaaba. This is considered to be the seat of the Islamic hierarchy (although there is no hierarchy).

The Spread of Wahhabism

99% of Muslims in the world were not aware of the difference between mainstream Islam and the Wahhabi brand of Islam.

The irony is: propagation of Islam in non-Muslim countries, historically, has been carried out by Wahhabis.

As a result of this, you can see that Malaysian Muslims, Singaporean Muslims, Indonesian Muslims and Thai Muslims are all Wahhabis. Another alarming thing for Southeast Asia is the influx of many Arab warriors in Sri Lanka. On the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, maybe 20-30 miles away from Batticaloa, is a small town known as Kattanpuri. It is inhabited by a majority of Arab muslims.

Kattanpuri is like a nuclear bomb in Southeast Asia.

The Arabs come from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE. They marry Sri Lankan Muslim girls, leave them pregnant and go back to their country. Now, the children who were born to Muslim Sri Lankans have grown up. They look like half caste Arabs. They speak the Sri Lankan language and Arabic. They have a lot of money, ammunition and weapons. This is a potential threat to the region. I have been saying it for the past few years; however, if a piece of advice comes from a non-governmental organisation or from a spiritualist, people find it very difficult to regard it. But I have said it. If the individuals in Kattanpuri are not taken care of, they are going to play havoc in the near future. Indonesia too was not always a Muslim country. Islam was brought into Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore by Arab traders. All these countries are of the Wahhabi school of thought, because it is Wahhabi school of thought that was introduced to them. In India, we have a mixture of Wahhabis, Barelvis and Shiite. In Pakistan, we have a mixture of both [Wahhabis and Shiites]. I went to Bangladesh in 1990. I went to Baitul Mukarram Mosque, which is next to the national stadium in Dhaka. They were all Sunnis. Then I went to Baitul Mukarram Mosque again after 10-15 years, and they were all Wahhabis. In England, Europe and the United States of America, most Muslims are Wahhabis. England has been a little blessed in a way that a lot of people who migrated to Birmingham, Bradford, Coventry and Wolverhampton were from northern villages in Pakistan, which didn’t use to be influenced by Wahhabism. They were all Sunnis who used to love the saints of God. However, those who came from other areas of Pakistan, such as Lahore or Karachi, are all Wahhabis. In the USA, some non-practising Sufis come from Cyprus. Because of the Turkish occupation in Cyprus, they are Sunnis who believe in Sufism and spirituality.

Is Islam a Peaceful Religion?

When we say, ‘Islam is a peaceful religion,’ we say it because we know the truth. Unfortunately, we do not have an example to verify our claim. When we say that Islam is a peaceful religion, people send me pictures of Saudis chopping hands off criminals and beheading people. They ask, ‘Is this a peaceful religion? Daesh is doing exactly what Saudi Arabia is doing.’

According to the Quran, Islam is a peaceful religion and there is no compulsion in the religion. This is all according to Islam and the Quran; it is not to be seen in practice.

Therefore, if today anybody says, ‘Islam is a terrorist religion,’ although it is wrong, unfortunately, we do not have a practical example to present. My understanding that Islam is a peaceful religion is purely based on the Quran. For people who are being oppressed and are looking for justice - however, justice is in the books only and is not to be seen - it will not serve the purpose.

Similarly, due to wrong interpretation of the Quran, these terrorists have been polluting the minds of their accomplices, and at the same time, they’re distorting the image of Islam and the Quran in the eyes of non-Muslims.

Even non-Muslims are giving references of the verses of the Quran that [terrorists] use to justify their killing. It is very unfortunate that people only take a few words from the verse and they’re speaking without context. They are not reading the other portion of the verse which says [that such punishments are for] those who are mischief mongers, who disrupt peace, harm and hurt others. When you award capital punishment to criminals, do you not terrorise them? You kill them. If the Quran said, ‘Behead them, kill them,’ the Quran is not saying it for every other individual in the world.

The Quran is not talking about innocent people, but criminals like Saudi Arabia, who are implanting mischief all over the world.

The Quran is not asking its followers to kill everybody. These verses of the Quran that allow the officials in Islam to award punishment and then kill criminals are not for everybody.

Even if somebody is a criminal, it is not every Muslim’s job to punish the criminals. There should be officials and courts.

Only those will carry out justice whose duty it is. You cannot take the law in your hands. The debate that Islam is a peaceful religion cannot be won no matter how many references from the Quran are presented to people. We we cannot verify this claim by any practical example. No Islamic country is following the Quran or promoting peace. Either they are supporting terrorism, spreading drugs, or they are busy with their lustful regime of life.

Islam No Longer Exists

I want to tell the world that Islam is nonexistent.

Messiah Foundation International is not a religious organisation. Myself and all the followers in MFI are not Muslims. If we say, ‘Islam is a peaceful religion,’ we say it because this is what the Quran says. We respect the Quran because we respect the Bible and Torah also. We believe these three books are from God. Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus and Mohammad were all sent by God. We respect all religions. It is very unfortunate that none of these religions established by highly acclaimed spiritual dignitaries like Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad [are in practice]. [They have] been vastly adulterated and vigorously modified. Wrong interpretation has been infiltrated into the minds of people.

The Quran has been generously misinterpreted and Prophet Mohammad has been grossly misquoted.

What I now believe is: Islam was a peaceful religion, but it doesn’t exist anymore. People tell me, ‘They’re reading the same book, the Quran. They go to Mecca for pilgrimage of Hajj. They talk about their prophet. And you say that they are not Muslims!’ Yes. I still maintain to say that they are not Muslims. For example, there is a leakage in my house and I need an engineer from British Gas. Some [people show up at my house] who are wearing their badges and uniform, but they couldn’t fix the leakage. I would say, ‘They’re not engineers.’ You may maintain to say, ‘They are from British Gas. They’re wearing their badges, so they are engineers.’ They look like engineers, but when I put them to the test and asked them to the fix the leakage, they couldn't. If they were engineers, they should have known how to fix the leakage. In a similar way, these people call themselves Muslims, are reading the Quran and holding flags with the Islamic motto - but they don’t follow the Quran. You cannot see an Islamic character in them. 

Today’s Muslim is like a bottle that has a label of vodka, but inside that bottle, there is only tap water.

Muslims do not follow the teachings of Prophet Mohammad or the Quran. They’re killing. Prophet Mohammad made friends with Jews and Christians. He was so friendly with everybody. He professed peace and love. You don’t see this in these Muslims.

Having said all this in defence of Islam, I want to tell you that I am not a Muslim. Why? Because my religion, as it has been told by my Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, is religion of love. My religion is not Islam; my religion is love.

Even the Quran 110:1-2 says, ‘And when the Helper of God comes, then you will see flocks upon flocks of human beings will enter the religion of God. Then glorify your Lord and repent for any wrong conception.’ God said to Prophet Mohammad in the Quran, ‘When the religion of love is established in the world, turn your face towards this new religion, because this religion is the establishing religion.’ When Prophet Mohammad has turned his face towards this new religion, his face is not towards Islam. What is happening today under the label of Islam is pretty much expected. Prophet Mohammad is not with Islam anymore.

The Wahhabi brand of Islam that you see today, which is funded by Saudi Arabia, is not just enemy of Muslims, but the entire humanity.

This Islam is enemy of Unites States of America, United Kingdom, France or any other peaceful country in the world - because it is enemy of  the Awaited One (Imam Mehdi, Messiah and Kalki Avatar) Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. The Wahhabi brand of Islam is enemy of Lord Jesus Christ and Messiah Foundation International. We vehemently deplore the acts of this Wahhabi Islam. We utterly denounce and hate this Wahhabi Islam. This Wahhabi Islam must be stopped. If you do not ban Wahhabi Islam in your countries, you and I will be regretting it tomorrow. Islamic Sharia is not applicable today anywhere in the world. Islamic Sharia has never been practised anywhere before. People think that Saudi Arabia upholds Islamic Sharia. That is wrong. In Saudi Arabia, Islamic Sharia is imposed only on non-Saudi Muslims. That is not Sharia. Let’s talk about whether or not we want to impose Islamic Sharia in Muslim countries. If I steal a loaf of bread because I was hungry and had no money, and Islamic Sharia orders to chop my hands off, would I ever want that to happen to me? I don’t want that Sharia then.

The Ideology of Rapturous Love

When Jesus came to this world, he brought with himself a new ideology which was never introduced to human beings prior to his arrival.

Jesus Christ brought in a new ideology: the ideology of extreme tolerance, patience and love.

Is it not extreme tolerance that if somebody smacks you on your right cheek, you are asked to present your left cheek also? Does it not take extreme patience and tolerance to love your enemy? Jesus was walking and saw a mob of people. He stopped and asked somebody ‘What is going on?’ They said, ‘There is an adulteress. According to Jewish law, we are pelting stones at her because she committed adultery.’ Jesus said, ‘Wait. Is there anybody in this mob who has never committed a sin?’ People were quiet. Then Jesus said, ‘Only those should pelt stones at her who have never sinned.’ This is a true example by Jesus that the sacred law was superseded by Jesus Christ’s forgiving nature and the nature of love. Jesus was directly in opposition to the law which was given to people by Moses. His ideology of love and extreme tolerance did not allow people to punish a woman who committed adultery. This was the ideology of Jesus, in which even those who committed adultery were forgiven.

Now, Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has come with a newer ideology than that of Jesus - an extreme form of the ideology of love by Jesus.

Even stronger, amiable, merciful, bountiful and more rewarding! An even more tolerant and patient ideology by Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi: the ideology of rapturous love. This new ideology of rapturous love by Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is designed to cater to the needs of the entire humanity, no matter what country you come from, what race you belong to or what religion you practised. In the presence of this new ideology of rapturous love, no Sharia is applicable today. When the Sharia of Moses was not applicable when Jesus came into this world, now, when the Awaited One is here with a new ideology of rapturous love, how can any Sharia be applicable today?

You are a true tolerant person when someone does something nasty to you and you do not reply in negative.

The Taliban/Al Qaeda, sent one of their terrorists to blow up the residence of Lord Ra Riaz in Kotri, Pakistan. He threw a hand grenade which landed just in front of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. Miraculously, it didn’t work. So people got a hold of that terrorist and started to beat him up. Lord Ra Riaz said, ‘No, don’t beat him up. It is [the fault of] the people who sent him here to do it.’ Lord Ra Riaz forgave him. Lord Ra Riaz asked him to stay in the Lord’s residence for at least one week. Lord Ra Riaz would look after him, give him food every day, three times a day. He asked Lord Ra Riaz, ‘You are so loving and are taking care of me, but why are you keeping me here?’ Lord Ra Riaz said to him, ‘I keep you here because if you go, people are so violent, they will take revenge and hurt you. As long as you are here, you are unhurt and safe.’ This is tolerance. No prophet was able to exemplify this utterness of tolerance.

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has brought a new ideology of tolerance, of rapturous love. No Sharia is applicable now because forgiveness is the new Sharia.

‘Hate the sin. Do not hate the sinner.’ That is what Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi says. The sin will never change; the sinner will change. The icing on the cake is that Jesus Christ along with his father is here. Just Jesus’s message was threatening the existence of Sharia Law of that time. Now, the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, who is the embodiment of divine love is here on Earth among us. [There will be] no punishment, intolerance or impatience. All will coexist on one piece of land in perfect harmony.


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