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Imam Mehdi Will NOT Carry Out Genocide

Monday, April 18, 2016

My topic today is very important and it is about a book recently published in the USA.

The name of the book is ‘The First Hostage,’ by Joel C. Rosenberg. It is about Islamism, terrorism and the so-called Islamic State.

The way the author has penned down his understanding of what is going on behind this wave of terrorism and the angle from which he is looking at all these events is excellent.

However, what he has penned down in his books carries a negative connotation. This is what I need to speak on. His understanding and point of view is very unique and wonderful. However, it needs a clear and correct information.

Without correct information, what Rosenberg has put forward in his book will pollute many hearts and create a great misunderstanding in the minds of people.

He says that the so-called Islamic State is an apocalyptic movement. He also mentions that according to the so-called Islamic state, they want the West to take their armies into a city called Dabiq. This city is historically mentioned in Messianic Traditions of the Prophet. It is believed that the armies of Imam Mehdi or the Messiah will wage a war against infidels in that city. Therefore, he comes up with this conclusion that there is going to be a great war because they want British and American armies to go there and turn that city into a battlefield. They are pretty sure that the so-called Islamic State will defeat them. This is their understanding and this is what Rosenberg has put forward in his book.

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, ‘A time will come when Dajjal (the Antichrist) and his people will publicise Dajjal as being Imam Mehdi. When this time comes, you should also publicise these signs. They will publicise him and you will publicise the real Imam Mehdi.

‘Then the world will be confused, “This group is saying their leader is Imam Mehdi and that group is saying their leader is Imam Mehdi.” This group has occupied a country and they many hundred thousand followers. They have money and oil. And you have nothing. But they are killing, they hate humanity. And you will talk about love. The day will come when the world will come to recognise Imam Mehdi.’

There have been a couple of pseudo-claimants of the office of Imam Mehdi who have been involved in genocidal attempts. In particular, Mehdi Sudani, a man from Sudan who killed many thousand people and was defeated by a British general, Charles Gordon.

Rosenberg believes he is waiting for the Messiah and he said, ‘Christians are waiting for Jesus Christ. Muslims are waiting for Imam Mehdi.’

Then he went on to say that the difference between ISIS’s claim about Imam Mehdi and Iran’s claim about Imam Mehdi is not too much. They’re going after genocide; they’re already butchering human beings in the thousands. On the other hand, he said that, not the public of Iran, but the leaders of Iran believe that Imam Mehdi will come and establish a global caliphate. This is why they are trying to make nuclear technology so that when the time comes, they can use nuclear power and kill millions of people; those who do not believe in their leader should be killed.

This is a wrong impression. I would like to request all respectable writers and intellectuals in the West to study more about Imam Mehdi. Rosenberg said, ‘According to ancient Traditions of the Prophet, an apocalyptic battle will take place and Imam Mehdi will rule the world. A global kingdom will be established.’

Let me correct you. In regards to what Imam Mehdi will do in the future, Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Before the advent of Imam Mehdi, the world would be filled with total tyranny and injustice. Imam Mehdi, as he appears, will fill the Earth with justice.’

It is narrated by Imam Jafar Sadiq that Imam Mehdi will bring a new book. He will establish a new religion.

I would like the writers and intellectuals in the West - especially the religious think tanks who hold themselves responsible for interpreting the Bible and who calculate upon the predictions mentioned in the Bible - to have a profound insight into the affairs of the advent of Imam Mehdi.

The Awaited One

It is not just that the Jews are waiting for Messiah, Christians are waiting for Jesus and Muslims are waiting for Imam Mehdi. Hindus are also waiting for a Messianic Figure. This concept of the Awaited One is very much the centre of all religious people in their religion.

All religions are now looking up to the Awaited One for their salvation, peace and justice.

According to every religion, their Awaited One will be the mightiest personality to ever come to this world. All these Awaited Ones are coming towards the end of the world. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are monotheistic religions established upon the celestial book. Therefore, the concept of the Awaited One in each of these religions was from God.

If God told Jews that a Messiah would come towards the end times, and the same God told Muslims that Imam Mehdi would come towards the end, and the same God told Hindus that Kalki Avatar would come at the end times, and so on, there would be at least 3-5 mighty personalities. They would start quarrelling with each other.

It is not God’s temperament to send more than one personality of same calibre in the same age.

For himself, God said, ‘Had there been more creators besides me, there would have been a problem.’ He understands that if there was another God equal of God, there would have been issues.

I don’t understand why he would send 3-5 mighty personalities in the same era.

For right now, Muslims don’t have their leader, Hindus don’t have their leader, Christians don’t have their leader and Jews don’t have their leader. Everybody is sitting quietly.

I’m simply trying to paint a imaginary scenario. For example, Kalki Avatar of Hinduism comes; he has an enormous amount of power. He will kill all other people for except Hindus. The Messiah will come and he will think only about Israel; to him, nothing is more important than returning the Promised Land to Jews. Maybe the Messiah is not going to be interested in the rest of humanity. Kalki Avatar’s total pleasure lies in making everybody Hindu. According to their understanding, Imam Mehdi will have the same amount of power and authority. If he is suppose to kill all else or force everybody to become a Muslim, then what will happen? This will be like a divine war between mighty personalities sent by God. I don’t think God will do such a thing.

If Kalki Avatar is sitting in New Delhi, with the authority and power of Kalki Avatar, would India hesitate in bombing Pakistan? Then, suppose Saudi Arabia has Imam Mehdi. If Saudi Arabia had Imam Mehdi, why would they create ISIS? ISIS is killing 10 individuals at a time, whereas Imam Mehdi can kill everybody in one go. Why would Saudi Arabia create ISIS when they have Imam Mehdi in Mecca and Medina?

Jesus said, ‘When I return to this world, don’t think I am going to establish peace. I am coming for war.’ Jesus is coming to wage a war, and so is the Kalki Avatar, Messiah and Imam Mehdi, allegedly.

When you want to write a book, you want to make sure that the subject you are touching upon, you have complete knowledge on that subject, otherwise you are going to create fear and terror among people.

God’s plan is totally different. God wants the entire humanity to come under the umbrella of divine love.

God doesn’t want Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or Sikhism. He wants one religion and one nation. Whether you are white, black or brown, you love God and God will love you.

The only religion which Imam Mehdi will profess, advocate and preach to humanity is God’s love and global peace.

There is a Prophetic Tradition in which Prophet Mohammad said, ‘My nation will pass through an era in which nothing will be left in Islam for except its name. Nothing will be left in the Quran for except the custom of recitation.’

According to Prophet Mohammad, there is a time when Islam will be completely destroyed.

After the destruction of Islam, Imam Mehdi will come. So Imam Mehdi is not going to talk about Islam.

Of course, there will be a global government but it will the government of individuals sent by God.

Whether you call him Messiah, Kalki Avatar or Imam Mehdi - these are different titles given to one singular personality.

Imam Mehdi is for Jews and they will know him as Messiah. Imam Mehdi is for Hindus and they will know him as Kalki Avatar. His message is not Christianity, Judaism or Islam. His message is love. Imam Mehdi will teach Hindus, Jews, and Muslims (if there are any left) to love God. Imam Mehdi will teach Christians how to love God and be loyal to Lord Jesus Christ. Imam Mehdi and Lord Jesus Christ are together.

Jews and Christians According to the Quran

If you think this ISIS or the Wahhabi movement are firm believers in the Awaited One, or they’re trying to force the world to enter into apocalyptic events, then do not forget that Imam Mehdi and Jesus will be together. When Imam Mehdi and Jesus are together, why would Imam Mehdi kill Christians?

Recently, I spoke about a verse in the Quran which says, ‘Christians and Jews are not your friends; they are your enemies.’ I found another verse, Quran 5:69.

This verse says, ‘Those who have become Momin (true believers) in Islam, and also those from among Jews, Christians and Sabians who have become Momin, believe in the Day of Judgement and have adopted Amal-e-Sauleh (good deeds), there will be no fear on them and they will have nothing to grieve about.’

In this verse, God is equaling believers in Islam with believers in Christianity, Judaism and Sabians. Clearly, those who truly believe in Jesus are Momin, they are fine and can enter paradise. Those who truly believe in Judaism are fine.

So, there are conditions: they must believe in God, the faith must settle in their hearts, they must believe in the Day of Judgement and they have to adopt Amal-e-Sauleh. If they do that, God does not discriminate, whether they are a Muslim, Christian, Jew or Sabian. Sabians are those who used to worship stars. Even they can be Momin if they follow their religion truly, according to the Quran.

Imam Mehdi is coming from God. Why would Imam Mehdi kill Jews and Christians that truly believe in their religion? There is a logic for everything.

Wahhabis are killing other Muslims because they think they don’t follow the true Islam. According to their understanding, their version of Islam is true and the school of thought of all non-Wahhabi Muslims is false. That is why they kill them.

When Imam Mehdi comes, his temperament will be a divine temperament. Imam Mehdi’s teachings will not be man-made teachings. As long as it is in the original form, Imam Mehdi recognises the Bible, Torah and the Quran as true word of God.

Imam Mehdi is not going to kill anybody. The purpose of his coming into this world is to spread love and establish justice.

The Improvisation of the Concept of Imam Mehdi by Wahhabis

It was so easy for us to explain to the world that Islam is a religion of peace; however, after Wahhabism, its ideology - and the massacre of innocent people by its offshoots in the form of militant groups like the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Al-Shahbab and Boko Haram - it has become almost impossible to say that Islam is a religion of peace.

It is not just ISIS and the Taliban which make it doubtful to understand that Islam is a religion of peace. When you plunge back into the history of Islam, you will see in many different times, Muslim leaders killed innocent people.

Umar bin Khattab sent troops to neighbouring countries, attacked them and asked them, ‘Either you become Muslim or you pay taxes. The third option is that you be ready to be killed.’ What Umar bin Khattab did is totally wrong. Umar bin Khattab, his opinion and his understanding of Islam is not an authority over the Quran, Customs of the Prophet Mohammad or Traditions of the Prophet Mohammad.

People outside Islam, especially in the West, may find it irrational and illogical that somebody who was very close to Prophet Mohammad and someone who the entire Muslim nation respects as hero in Islam, could go wrong. The problem is, he was wrong.

If somebody is naive to Islamic history and they don’t know what intuitional knowledge and what spirituality is, they will not believe it. They will simply say, ‘You are just trying to cover up [the truth].’

It is very unfortunate that Islam is the bloodiest religion in the world. It is not my statement; this is what we have learned from history.

I would like to add that the idea of Islamic apocalypse is very sensitive and delicate. You need intuitional discerning to plunge into this topic. You can’t simply understand everything right about this apocalyptic Islamic foretelling with superficial knowledge. You need very profound and spiritual insight.

The concept of Imam Mehdi differs within Islam.

Although after people have read the book, ‘The First Hostage’, by Joel Rosenberg, they will develop a thought that Imam Mehdi will go after genocide of Christians and Jews, let me tell you: the Wahhabi concept about apocalypse has been cunningly improvised and very cleverly adulterated.

The reason why I said, ‘Cunningly improvised and very cleverly adulterated,’ is for a number of a reasons. All Traditions of the Prophet Mohammad which clearly indicate the advent of Imam Mehdi, that carry the information about Imam Mehdi, have been declared inauthentic by the Wahhabi school of thought.

They do talk about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. However, [they do not affirm] the fact that in the same era when Jesus comes into this world, Imam Mehdi will also come into this world and Imam Mehdi and Jesus Christ will be together hand in hands; they will work for the spiritual, celestial and mundane welfare of humanity.

The Wahhabi school of thought, which is extraordinarily extremist, dishonest and fabricated has removed the word ‘Mehdi’ from the Traditions of the Prophet and replaced it with ‘Caliph’.

This is why you hear about the Islamic State, the Caliphate. This is why you hear that Abu Bakr al Baghdadi calls himself the Caliph.

The personality attached to the concept of the apocalypse is the Mehdi, not a caliph.

Write in on your heart: the Wahhabi school of thought projects the character of their fabricated caliph and what he will do when he comes in these words: they say, ‘Towards the end times, a caliph will come from among Muslims. He will give Muslims plenty of wealth from God.’

Now I understand why and how the original text of Prophet Mohammad was adulterated to this form where wealth is being discussed. Saudi Arabia has wealth; whoever becomes a Wahhabi, they give him a lot of money.

For example, Zakir Naik was doctor by profession. He started giving lectures. When Saudi Arabia noticed that there were some thousand people who came and listen to him and he has similar ideology as they believe, they bought him. Now, he has around eleven television channels.

He is now promoting the Wahhabi ideology in India. India is so proactive in defeating terrorists, but they are not going after those who radicalise innocent Muslims. Right in Mumbai, Zakir Naik is radicalising Hindus and Muslims, both together. The government of India does not ban him. They think radical elements come from Pakistan and they go back.

I am not disputing whether mischief mongers infiltrate into India from Pakistan and they carry out terrorist activities. It is very much possible; but then again, what about homegrown terrorists? What about the Indian Muslim leaders who are actively involved in promoting the Wahhabi school of thought? Zakir Naik is one of them.

The Issues with the Quran

According to Prophetic Traditions, Islam will finish before the end of the world, before Imam Mehdi’s arrival. There are 1.7 billion Muslims today, but if you want to judge whether or not they are Muslims in light of the Quran and Ahadith, you will come to the conclusion that they are Muslims the way they want to be Muslims.

The concept of Islam which came from God through Prophet Mohammad is not to be seen anywhere.

The Quran is misinterpreted widely and grossly. I don’t think the Bible or the Torah went through an extreme of corruption as the Quran has. The Bible is a very simple book; the Quran is like a puzzle.

In the Quran, God may be talking about women and, suddenly, he will talk about prophets. Most of the chapters and verses of the Quran start from ‘and.’ According to Urdu and English grammar, we have auxiliaries called determiners. When you want to link two sentences together, you use either a comma or use the word ‘and’.

For example, if someone wants to ask me about my Samsung phone or my iPhone and I want to tell them that I have both, I will say, ‘I have my iPhone and my Samsung phone.’ Both sentences are now joined. Comparatively, the Quran would start from, ‘And the Samsung phone is there.’ The way it appears in the Quran, it is like something is being discussed, but God is starting from somewhere in the middle.

The chapters of the Quran are given wrong names. For example, God is talking about women in the Chapter of Noor (Divine Energy). In the Chapter of Nisa (Women), he talks about Noor.

The way the Quran was collected, I do not think God would have helped them - because God never wanted the Quran to take the shape of a book.

Chronology is the biggest issue in the Quran.

In the Quran, the first verse revealed to Prophet Mohammad was placed somewhere here and there.

The first commandment from God which came to Prophet Mohammad was, ‘Affirm the name given to you of your Lord.’

Sometimes, if you only hear an audio of my speech, you will not have a clear picture of what happened here. For example, I could have been saying, ‘This is what God said,’ and a member of the audience may have been shaking his head in negative, though he didn’t say anything. So he did not accept it. You would have to watch a video to find out everything.

Similarly, we should have had a complete explanation of this verse. Why was this verse revealed and when Prophet Mohammad affirmed that he received God’s name, what happened? What was done to the Prophet’s heart when this verse was revealed?

For example, Gabriel came and said to Prophet Mohammad, ‘Affirm.’ Some of the words in the Quran are not Arabic words, that is where the problem is. According to the Arabic language, they translate it as, ‘Read it.’ Prophet Mohammad did not go to a school. If God’s name was written on his heart, why would Gabriel say to him, ‘Read it’? The word, ‘Iqra,’ means ‘affirm’.

These are only words. What happened there was that Gabriel asked him to affirm and he said, ‘I am not going to affirm.’

When, even after the third time, the Prophet Mohammad said the same thing, then Gabriel hugged him really tight and Noor (Divine Energy) and Ism-e-Dhaat was transmitted into his heart. This is not explained in the Quran. What is mentioned in the Quran is only one phrase: ‘I affirm that I have received the name of my lord.’ The background information of this verse is hidden. Nobody knows when Gabriel came.

The Quran cannot be trusted without Prophet Mohammad.

400 years ago, Sultan Haq Bahu worked really hard on finding true authenticity of Prophetic Traditions. After a hard struggle, he collected 40 Prophetic Traditions and he said, ‘Only these 40 are correct. The rest are false.’

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, ‘You cannot recognise Imam Mehdi in the light of the Quran and Prophetic Traditions.’ If 400 years ago, there were only 40 authentic Prophetic Traditions, today we don’t even have one authentic Prophetic Tradition. They have been fabricated. Something was added or their original words were changed.

In the span of three years, the Prophetic Traditions I used to quote in our spiritual gatherings, their wordings have been changed.

For example, I often mention a Prophetic Tradition which says, ‘A time will come on my Ummah (nation), when nothing will be left in the Quran for except the custom of recitation. Nothing will be left in Islam for except its name.’ There was the word ‘Ummah’; they removed it and replaced it with ‘Wal naas (everyone).’ Why would the time come on everybody about Islam? This will affect Muslims only. The people who modified this Prophetic Tradition didn’t think about this.

The West should note it down that Imam Mehdi and Jesus are together. if somebody claims to be Imam Mehdi but you do not see Jesus along with him, he is wrong. Even the intellectual pseudo-claimant of the office of Imam Mehdi, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani, when he claimed to be Imam Mehdi, somebody told him, ‘Jesus has to come in the era of Imam Mehdi. Where is Jesus?’ He made up a story and said, ‘I am Jesus and I am Imam Mehdi together.’

Jesus and Imam Mehdi are together. When they are together, it simply means that the original Muslims and Christians are brothers to each other.


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