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Imam Mehdi Will Not Establish Worldwide Islamic Caliphate!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Since the rise of militant terrorist groups, which originate from the Wahhabi doctrine of hatred and death, globally, people are now seeking to know more about Islam. Individuals all over the world are now studying the Quran and traditions of the Prophet Mohammad. Every time a terrorist atrocity is carried out by Islamists, moderate Muslims have to come up on the media and denounce Islamic terrorism. The British, American and Australian governments believe the fact that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. People who have some knowledge of the Quran - and who study the Quran without prejudice, reservations or any premeditated understanding - will come up with this conclusion that Islam itself does not promote terrorism. However, if you look at Muslims and their temperament and claims, most probably, you will be left with no other option than to be convinced that Islam promotes terrorism.

Are Muslims Mandated to Lie to Save Islam?

A majority of westerners were sold this understanding that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. However, after the Paris Attacks followed by the San Bernardino attack in the USA, the people who used to be convinced that Islam doesn’t have anything to do with terrorism are now having second thoughts about this notion. When you tell them, ‘This is a terrorist group whose understanding and bad deeds does not represent Islam. What they’re doing is not based on Islamic teachings, rather, they are following their own concocted, fantasised perception,’ westerners now say, ‘You support terrorists, but in public, you denounce terrorism. You are using a hidden, secretive policy which mandates every Muslim to lie to defend their religion.’ Somebody asked me a question about terrorism and its link with Islam. I did not have to think even a for a second to denounce terrorism and maintained to say that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. However, the reaction which came to me after this statement was horrible. Somebody said, ‘Stop lying. The game is over. Don’t deceive yourself and others.’ For the first time in history, somebody said to me that I was deceiving them - particularly, lying which is mandated to me by the religion of Islam. I was not aware if the Quran, Prophet Mohammad or God mandated any Muslim to lie.

What I know from the Quran is that, according to the decree of God, ‘You cannot mix the truth with falsehood and do not conceal the truth if you know it.’ (2:42)

I’m shocked why our honourable people made a fictitious notion whereby Islam allegedly mandates Muslims to lie to defend their religion. If a Muslim does that, they do not qualify to be known as a Muslim. Quran 2:42  is a crystal clear message from God. Those who still believe in the Quran have to stop listening to religious monsters. They should pledge allegiance to the word of God, rather than those who manipulate the word of God to acquire their own hidden agenda, labelling their vicious, barbaric and fascist notions as Islam.  I am convinced that there is no chapter in the Quran or narration from the traditions of Prophet Mohammad that allows Muslims to lie even to defend their religion. It is strictly prohibited. Quran 2:42 is very imperative; it is a commandment. There is a narrative about the truth and to stand by the truth. When you know the truth, you are under a divine obligation to manifest the truth. You’re accountable to God. This obligation which falls on your shoulders does not come from the community of human beings; it comes from God.

When you know the truth, you are indebted to God and you must pay by manifesting the truth, not concealing it.

Tarek Fatah (a columnist from Toronto) was born in Karachi and migrated to Canada. He speaks negatively about Islam. I ask him a question, ‘If Islam promotes terrorism, how come the world has lived in peace so far for 1400 years? Why was there no Islamic terrorism before the birth of Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al-Shahbab and ISIS?’ No matter what you say, you cannot deny the fact that not every Muslim is a terrorist.

If you are sincere in knowing the facts, here is a formula for you to understand the truth: every single Wahhabi is a terrorist.

If a Wahhabi Muslim is not a practical terrorist, then they must be a silent terrorist who financially supports terrorism. Even if he doesn’t practically terrorise people or support terrorism financially, then ideologically, in his mind, he is a terrorist. If today he is not killing people, maybe tomorrow he will do the same as every other person in his cult. The West does not have enough knowledge to understand the Quran; the Muslims themselves do not have enough knowledge to understand Islam. People who were raised as Muslims, who go to a mosque five times a day, fast every year for 30 days, give alms and make pilgrimage to the Kaaba in Saudi Arabia - even they do not know what Islam is all about.

Write it on your hearts: Islam is not confined to one textbook called the Quran. Quran does not teach everything about Islam.

If the Quran was to teach everything about Islam, then why do we have the traditions of the Prophet? Whether you talk about Adam, the first man on Earth, or you talk about Abraham, the father of prophets, or you may talk about Moses, Jesus or Mohammad - all these Grand Messengers were granted two different types of knowledge. The similitude of these two different types of knowledge in theology of every religion is like knowledge of driving a car and knowledge of repairing a car. Not every driver is able to repair a car if it has broken down. You need a mechanic. However, every driver is able to drive a car because he has learnt to drive. Since you have not learnt how to repair the car, even if you try hard, you will end up ruining the engine of the car. There have been two different types of knowledge given to the Grand Messengers. The first is knowledge of the rituals, how to worship God, and how to live in a peaceful and just society.

The second knowledge, which is the sole purpose of the religion, is how to connect to God and communicate with God.

In the mosques, churches and temples, after the worship, you pray to God. Do you ever hear the answers to your prayers? You don’t even know whether God heard you; everything is so vague and dubious.

You lay your heart open in a church, temple or mosque and you think you’re laying it open before God. God is not even hearing what you are saying.

You don’t hear God because you only have one type of knowledge. The type of knowledge that you have will teach you how to communicate with human beings. Speaking gently, being just, not depriving anybody of their rights or belongings, not hurting anybody and not hurting anybody’s feelings - all these things come under the divine syllabus. How to connect to God and how to successfully communicate with God is something that you will gain with the help of the second knowledge. With the first knowledge, you can become a Shiite, Wahhabi or Sunni. With the second knowledge, you are in connection with God. If you go wrong, God will tell you, ‘What are you doing? This is the right path, don’t move from this way. This is what you should do.’ This is the knowledge which is true knowledge.

Those who have the knowledge of the heart, Sufism and spirituality, they are the ones who successfully maintain to manifest the truth and stand by the truth. They do not mix the truth with falsehood.

Those whose hearts are not connected with God - whose deeds, actions and intentions are not supervised by God - they will definitely go astray. They will definitely mislead anybody. When they speak, [there is] mischief. When they say wrong things and create fabrications in the religion, they will continue to do it and think they are serving the religion and humanity.

Only those are corrected when they are corrupted that are supervised by God. Only those are supervised by God who are in connection with God and able to communicate with him.

A majority of human beings in this world are naive of this understanding that you can communicate with God, and when you speak to God, he will reply to you and you will hear his voice. Whether you are a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Sikh or Hindu, this type of doctrine is alien to you, because you never heard that somebody was talking, God replied and his prayers were answered. You are not able to hear God because you do not practise the knowledge of the heart, which enables the man to communicate with God. However, this knowledge was given to Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad equally. No Grand Messenger was missed by God in relation to grant of this knowledge. From these messengers, this knowledge was justly and evenly dispensed to deserving disciples. People are beginning to have the notion that it is, allegedly, Islam that has promoted extremism and terrorism. You can accuse anybody with any allegation, but when you enter into a debate and discussion on an academic level, then you have to furnish your argument with a reference from the book that you are mentioning. If you want to allege any Grand Messenger; you are not supervised, so God is not going to correct you.

The knowledge of the heart which was responsible for connecting man with God, which would make a bridge between God and man, has become extinct.

Although, even today, there may be 100 000 Sufis all around the world practising whatever they call spirituality, they’re not connected with God. Even the religious people have distanced themselves from God. There was a time when, after the end of his speech, the president of the USA would say, ‘God bless America.’  They don’t say it anymore because, now, the American nation is distancing themselves and becoming atheists. Just because some lunatics are planting bombs and killing people, will you stop believing in the fact that God exists? If you do this, you are making a blunder. You will not live here forever. The problem is: the religions that you practise today do not offer you the original knowledge which can connect you with God and enable you to communicate with him. Without this type of knowledge, you will worship and never receive a reply from God; obviously, when your prayers are not answered for 10-40 years, one day you will ask yourself, ‘Is there any God?’ and then you will stop believing in him. It simply means that the knowledge that you have been practising is not the knowledge that you require in order to communicate with and be able to get connected to God. If you were given this knowledge of the heart which connects people with God, you would never say that God does not exist; you would be talking to God and seeing the essence of God. The problems we face today are circumstantial. These problems will not stay here forever. Six million Jews were killed by Nazis in the Holocaust. When India and Pakistan got independence from the British Empire, one million people were killed.

Killing is a time established hobby of human beings, those who are hateful souls just want to kill.

The Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb, told Sikhs, ‘Either you become Muslim or I kill you.’ Many converted and those who refused were killed. As Pakistan got its independence, Sikhs had a grudge in their hearts; they took a revenge and killed Muslims when they were fleeing to Pakistan. However, if these Sikhs were true Sikhs, they would have forgiven them. The people that Sikhs killed in 1947 were not the killers of their ancestors; it was one man. If any Muslim becomes a terrorist, will you punish the entire nation of Islam? This is injustice. It is ironic that the Muslim representatives invited on the [western] media to denounce terrorism, are terrorists. The people who genuinely talk about peace and love are [not listened to]. It is an irony that the is media is supporting silent terrorist sleeping cells, the ideological terrorists who say, ‘We denounce terrorism,’ but they never say, ‘We denounce Daesh and the Saudi cult.’ Ask them to denounce the Wahhabi sect and say, ‘Wahhabis are infidels.’ Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and common Muslims believe in God, but Wahhabis don’t believe in God. They rejected the Grand Messenger sent by God, Mohammad. They are the main criminals, the main culprits.

Imam Mehdi's Purpose in the World

The time has now come for all the disciples of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi to get ready to promote the Goharian Doctrine of Divine Love and to proclaim the truth that Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is the Awaited Imam Mehdi. A new notion is being created; what you hear now as a wave of terrorism will soon change into something else. You will not call them terrorists anymore. Soon, the world will say, ‘ISIS, Taliban, Saudis and all these Muslims are the followers of their Messianic figure, the Awaited One. They are against the West. Let’s go for Armageddon.’ They want to dominate the world and establish a worldwide caliphate. As this notion of worldwide caliphate becomes a local and international gossip, people will say, ‘All these terrorists are the followers of the Awaited One. According to the Islamic faith, a caliph will come towards the end times and he will defeat all nations on Earth. He will turn everybody into a Muslim and reign for seven years.’ Then there will be a problem because, with some modification, all these things are written in the books of Prophetic Traditions.

I want to make it clear to the western society that Imam Mehdi will not practise Islam and his followers will not practise Islam. Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam; similarly, Imam Mehdi and his followers have nothing to do with Islam.

The question whether Imam Mehdi will preach Islam is outlawed. It is not legitimate to say that Imam Mehdi will preach Islam. The doctrine of Imam Mehdi is the continuation of the message and doctrine of Lord Jesus Christ, which is divine love.

Imam Mehdi will not establish a worldwide caliphate; rather, Imam Mehdi along with Lord Jesus Christ will establish here the Kingdom of God.

In the Kingdom of God, love will serve humanity as a religion. This is a divine legislation made by Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi: love is now a religion. Love is by choice. Whether you love somebody depends on whether you feel attracted to them. However, when love becomes a religion, then it is an obligation. You have no choice but to love God, human beings, animals, plants, trees and everything created by God.

Imam Mehdi does not represent any religion; he has replaced all religions with love.

Nobody is an enemy of anybody anymore. All peaceful citizens of the world, whether they come from Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, etc. are all brothers. Imam Mehdi is going to establish a universal, spiritual brotherhood in which all are equal. How holy you are will no longer be dependent on the colour of your skin or the length of your beard. 

How pure and holy you are will depend on how much love you accumulate in your heart.  

This is a revolutionary message from Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi: love all! Religions are now in a race to be known as the best. Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, ‘A Jewish man says he is the best because [he thinks] he is from the favourite nation of God. A Muslim thinks he is the best and a Christian thinks he is better than both because he thinks he is from the nation of God’s son.’ In the end, Lord Ra Riaz said, ‘But I say that the best among you is the one who has love of God in his heart, whether or not he practises any religion.’

In order to be the best human being, you do not need a religion. You don’t need the Bible, Quran or Torah. These are not tools of the trade in the business of love. In order to be the best, you need love in your heart; but the problem is: you do not know what love is.

You do not know how to familiarise your heart with love. This is why we have the doctrine of love to offer to humanity. God has already paid for it and you have the right to it. Come and grab it. It teaches you how to spiritualise your life. This message goes to all atheists as well. I request them to come and test this knowledge of spirituality. They are firm in their hearts that God is a man-made ideology and there is no truth in it. In the end, if God really doesn’t exist, I will be proven as a liar. There are so many radio stations in the world, but if you do not have a working transistor, you will hear no voice. You would say, ‘People have been lying. Radio stations like BBC, Voice of America, Asianet and Sunrise do not exist. I don’t hear any voice coming from this transistor.’  Then, somebody came to you and said, ‘All the radio stations are working. The problem is with your transistor. You need to fix it. Maybe the wiring is faulty inside or there is no batteries.’ When your radio was fixed and you started to tune in, you caught signals from different radio stations. Similarly, your heart is like a radio transistor.

You do not feel existence of God because you do not receive signals from God on the radio of your heart. The moment your heart is activated and spiritualised, you will start to get divine vibes coming onto you heart.

The more your heart is spiritualised, the more strong signals will start to come toward your heart. Now, you are in the church or mosque and in prostration to God, but God is not bothered because he doesn’t know what you are doing. He has not been notified that there is a human being who wants to prostrated to God, because there is no notification system involved. You need to make your heart worthy of receiving divine vibes and signals. Now is the time for us to take this knowledge of spirituality - the real, practical knowledge which will connect human beings with God - to ordinary human beings. We have to take this knowledge to every single soul on Earth.


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