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Imam Mehdi’s Spiritual Order for the Sinners

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Spiritual Order of Imam Mehdi has been especially designed to cater to the needs of the Sinners

Our method of reforming characters is not that of reforming verbally. In our Spiritual Order we do reformation of the Nafs (Ego). Through Noor (Divine Light) the Nafs refrains from the commitance of sins. It is here where the salvation and the divine concession are granted; here faith (Emaan) is granted; here the subtleties (Lataif) are enlightened; here love is given. This system of spiritual grace, this threshold of blessings has been introduced for the sinners. Through love the Nafs is reformed and through Noor guidance is given.

If a person’s behaviour, attitude and conduct are against one particular individual, it can be said it is due to a personal enmity or grudge. And if a person’s behaviour, attitude and conduct are rude towards everyone, it is not a personal enmity or grudge, rather it is a disease. It is the nature of Nafs to reject all in an effort to save its self. The Nafs, for its personal comforts, destroys the peace and comforts of others.

Self-Centeredness is Self-Worship

The life of a self-centred individual revolves around his personal self; he lives for himself. A self-centred individual worships compliments and his Ana (Ego). Such an individual does not feel the pain of others. Self-centredness is a disease in which all humans beings of the world are involved in to a certain degree. Self-centredness cannot be cured by the scolding of the tongue; this is a disease of Nafs and can only be cured by the supply of Noor.



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