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Inner Knowledge is the Key to Divinity and Spirituality

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Outer Knowledge without enlightenment of the heart and possession of Inner knowledge is fatal to faith and is a mere exhibition of spiritless actions of the ritual. Inner Knowledge teaches the heart and the soul to generate divine energy. The divine energy removes black spots of sins from the heart, and purifies it gradually. The great sins are stored in the hearts, and thus make the heart darkened, and ignorant of God.

The Combination of Inner and Outer Knowledge

The combination of inner and outer knowledge is the ideal achievement for perfect faith and straightened divine path. People look at the body and the worship performed by the body. A worshipper earns a lot of praise and respect in the society, but it produces a sense of pride and malice in the heart of the worshipper. If the heart of the worshipper is enlightened, the divine energy in the heart constantly washes away the sins, thus the pride and malice does not stay in the heart. This is how the inner knowledge protects the aspirant against any form of sin to accumulate in his heart.

Outer Knowledge without Inner Knowledge

The worshippers that do not possess inner knowledge become arrogant, covet, jealous and hard-hearted. The celestial book warns that worship unaccompanied by inner knowledge and the presence of the heart results in destruction of faith.

The spiritual mechanism as to how the outer worship turns to destruction of faith explains the scenario whereby the worshipper engages in outer form of ritual, though his heart is absent in the worship, but the people must praise him and consider such a person to be a pious and a great worshipper.However, God doesn’t look at the body, and any worship by the body. God looks at enlightened hearts only. What God looks at was preoccupied with mundane thoughts and was miles away from God, and what people look at is the body, which was occupied in the worship, therefore people praised the worshipper. This praise generated arrogance and other serious inner crimes and sins, thus the heart worsened in terms of purity and sincerity. And someday, such a person degrades non-worshippers, and he begins to consider himself as better than them. Note that, 'I am better than him,' is what Iblis (Azazeel) said about the Prophet Adam when God prompted all angels to bow before Adam. Hence, the arrogance that the outer worship generated caused the worshipper to lose his faith in God.

These are the fatal consequences of outer knowledge when unaccompanied by inner knowledge. There are so many evil attributes that the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) is equipped with, but the most significant one is that of the outer knowledge at its most. The Dajjal being regarded as "blind by one eye" is a gesture to denote that he will be equipped with one type of the knowledge, and deprived of the other knowledge. The Dajjal may not do anything against the sacred law of Islam, but his heart is darkened with arrogance, malice, and ignorance of God’s gnosticism. His heart is filled with hatred for humanity. Hard-heartedness is the result of outer knowledge and practise of outer worship.


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