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KIDS CORNER: The True Story of Adam and Eve

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The following is the written by Nazish Riaz Younus during His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech especially tailored for children.

Today I will tell you about the first man on Earth Adam and the first woman on earth Eve. 6000 years ago Adam and Eve were sent to this world. There were lots of Adams and they were all naughty and disobedient to God and he didn’t like it. So one day all the Adams started to have fights and kill each other and a lot of bloody things were happening. And God told them to stop, but they didn’t stop and God got fed up. So God destroyed them.

Now, God came up with a brilliant idea. God thought that this world is filled with evil spirits. He thought that all the people he made in paradise are not disobedient and they're filled with Noor (Divine Light). They're not wicked. So he thought to create Adam in paradise so he can be filled with Noor not be an evil person. Then the angels were saying, 'Adam was being so rude and now you are going to create him again.' Then God said, 'You guys are made in paradise; all of you are not disobedient and you are angels. So if I create Adam in paradise then he will be like you and then I will send him to Earth.'

Then God and the angels had a fight. God ignored them and created Adam in paradise. When Adam was created, God said to the Angels, 'This Adam will not be disobedient to anyone because he is created in paradise and made with Noor not clay of Earth. And Adam will be better then all of you angels.' Then the angels said,'We will never be able to accept Adam that is created here in paradise.' Then God said, 'Before Adam comes out, you have to bow; I will take it as you accept Adam.' Then Azazel (Satan) came and said, 'Even if anybody accepts, they shall not bow to Adam.' Then God said, 'Everybody will bow and Azazel, if you do not accept stay out of it.' Then God sent the new Adam to Earth and since then everything went wonderful.

Do you know why the angels were not disobedient to God and the people created in Earth were? Because the angels created in paradise were made of Noor and the people that were created in Earth were made of clay. God said that this Adam will be better then you angels because I will give Adam the knowledge of creating Noor in the heart so that the human beings can be pure and to be closer to God. And that is the true story of Adam and Eve.


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