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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

We buy a television set for a number of reasons:

1. A television set can put us through entertainment- video songs, movies, drama serials, soaps; it’s a source of entertainment.

2. Information- news channels.


We understand we buy a television set because we want to listen to the news and we want entertainment. When you have a television set and you have news channels, you don’t need a newspaper. A newspaper gives you a day-old news. What has happened today will be published in the newspaper tomorrow, but in the presence of the television set through news channels you have this breaking news system and you come to know of the news straight away. So to a certain degree, newspapers and magazine have lost their value. We know why do we want to buy a television set.

We buy a mobile phone- we know why we need a mobile. In the olden days there was no concept of a mobile phone. If you were outdoors, nobody knew where you were unless you used a public telephone. And then came mobile phones. Now you are easily in contact, you can put your mobile phone in your pocket and roam around the world-you are connected. This is why people use mobile phones.

The point is, when you want to buy something, you already have the information of its potential. In a similar way; when people want to become a Christian, when they want to become a Muslim, when they want to become a Jew, why don’t they have this understanding of “What am I going to get out of this religion? What spiritual benefits are there?”

People just want to become Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Muslim but they should understand “What will I get if I become a Muslim? And with the teachings of Islam, what spiritual ability, spiritual capability and what spiritual calibre am I going to attain out of the practice of the religion of Islam or any other religion?”

If you want to believe in Adam (the Eminent One), and you are fortunate enough to have access to his mysterious, saintly knowledge, then out of the practice of Adam's religion you will be in contact with God. Unfortunately, today religious people have confined themselves to the ritual practises only. They have forgotten the spiritual aspect of the religion, therefore they do not know what spiritual benevolence and benefits they are able to reap. Before I explain to you here the mysterious knowledge and miraculous teachings of the Awaited Imam Mehdi Sayedna Gohar Shahi AS I would like to give you a review of all the religions which had been established and through the mysterious knowledge in these religions people who sought God in these religions were able to be in contact with God; and to a certain degree, make a spiritual journey to whichever realm their Prophet was given access to.

Now, the Islam today is like a weapon that doesn’t have bullets. It’s like a television set which has no connection. For example, someone has an iPhone but it’s not connected-it’s useless. Similarly, the Islam that we talk very high of is not this Islam. What do they get out of this Islam today? Nothing but rituals, sectarian prejudice and carnage of human beings at a larger scale than ever before. My question is when, you want to buy a mobile phone, you already know what benefits you can reap out of that mobile phone. Now if you know that you can never get a connection on the mobile phone that you want to buy, then you will never buy it. But when it comes to the religion why people don’t use their brains? When you want to become a Muslim do you know why you want to become a Muslim? They say, “I was born in a Muslim family, this is why I am Muslim”. I ask them, “Do you know why do you want to remain to be a Muslim?” The reply: “I don’t know.” When you say “I don’t know”, it simply means you are disinterested in your religion and that you have no interest in that religion or any other religion. What interest am I talking about here? The interest I am talking about here is the connection with God; you are not seeking God. Today people are Muslims not because they are seeking God, but because they were born in a Muslim family. Today people are Christians not because they are seeking God, but because they were born in a Christian family. today people are Jews not because they think Abraham is the best of all Prophets and Messengers. They are Jews because they were born in a Jewish family. That is nothing but a very lucid example and exhibition of disinterest.

I invite humanity today: I am selling my product. If you want to become a Goharian just as you are a Muslim, please don’t become a Goharian. If you want to become a Goharian just as you are a Christian- without a purpose in your mind, without a Divine passion for God in your heart, without a burning thirst to see God in your eyes- then please remain to be a Hindu, please remain to be Jewish, Christian, follower of Tahir ul Qadri, Muslim, etc. I invite you to become a Goharian only if you want to embark upon a spiritual, mysterious journey which will take you beyond the boundaries of horizon. People in the past who sought God, there was a mysterious type of knowledge for them which would connect them to God.

Mainly there were five messengers. 124,000 Prophets including five Messengers were sent into this world in order to guide humanity however there were only five Messengers which were given the paranormal astral projection type of mysterious knowledge with the help of which they were able to make spiritual voyage- a journey which put them on the embarkation of Divinity.

A very short but very concise explanation and potentiality of the types of knowledge which were given to each messenger:


If you truly and sincerely and spiritually believe in Adam, with the help of his knowledge your heart would have been connected with God and your heart would work like a wireless two-way radio.

  What is a two-way radio? You have one hand set and whomsoever you want to be in contact with that person has another hand set. You press the “talk” button, you speak, and your voice will travel to their ears no matter how far they are. Of course there is a range of every individual radio system: some have a range of 10 km, others have 1000 km, and some others have 10000 km. For example, when we travel by airplane, the pilot is in contact by a CT tower; he is not using a telephone, it is a radio system. But, His Holiness Gohar Shahi explains that God has invested in you a spiritual two-way wireless radio system, and upon activation of that spiritual two-way radio system, you can be talking to God and God would be replying to you. God would listening to you and you would be listening to God. This is what you get when you become a sincere and true follower of Adam.


Now, why should you become a Jew? Let's talk about it; nobody talked about it before but let's talk about it. This is the end of the world, no Prophet is going to come, no Messenger is going to come. This is the last epitome of the time, the last episode of the story written by God. We are in the close proximity of the end times. Let's review what Abraham had to offer to his followers and let's see how many of them were able to reap the benefits out of that practise. Let's see how many followers of Abraham today are able to reap the benefits of his mysterious knowledge?Are they reaping any benefits today from the teachings of Abraham, or are they just following the shadows and practicing rituals without any purpose in mind?

With the teachings of Abraham you were able to enlighten and empower your soul. And when your soul is empowered, enlightened and able to make spiritual voyage, what happens? You travel to the Realm of Jabrout. What happens there? Abraham was ordered by God to build Kaaba in Mecca.

When your soul is empowered and enlightened, your body is in this world, the Realm of Nasut and your soul travels to the Realm of Jabrout where you circumbulate around the original Kaaba, Bait ul Mamour (the House of Assignment).

If you are a Jew and your soul is not able to make that spiritual voyage, then I regretfully say that you are not a true and sincere Jew. You are following shadows. You are going to obtain nothing; you are wasting time.

Jesus Christ

Let's talk about Christianity. Most Christians think that “Christ” comes from the word “Cross”. This is a definite no; “Christ” means “King”, not somebody who was crucified.

What is crucifixion? Today when we say crucifixion, the first thought that comes to mind is Jesus and Christianity, as if crucifixion was invented for Jesus only. In order to understand what crucifixion is, let's talk about capital punishment. In some countries, capital punishment is not awarded, but in some countries capital punishment is awarded. Like in Pakistan, to some culprits, whose crime is severe, they award capital punishment. How do they execute? They put a rope around your neck and release the plank from underneath your feet and your neck is broken. This is how they execute. In America, in some states, there is an electric chair; you sit there, they send electricity and you are burned. There are so many methods in order to execute capital punishment. In those days, the Romans had this method of executing capital punishment. It was not the first time that somebody was being crucified. Crucifixion was the method of capital punishment.

People who believed in Jesus, or who saw Jesus were the luckiest human beings on earth; luckier than the follower of Adam, Abraham, Moses and luckier than the followers of Mohammad. Because Jesus came into this world in the guise of a Messenger but his reality is different. He came from the Mysterious World, Alam-e-Ghaib. He is a member from the Community of God. And he did have all the power and all the authority that God has. And what did he say to them? Jesus told them about the kingdom of God, he told them about the Mysterious World.

Here is a reference from the Quran, and here is one from the Bible. In the Quran Allah said, “I am the light of the heavens and earth.” Whose statement is this? Allah's.

But in the Bible, Jesus said, “I am the light of the heavens and earth.”

What does it mean? I ask Christians and Muslims to tell me what does it mean? It means Jesus is God.

Same statement, one comes from God the other from Jesus. It simply means that Jesus is implying to say that he is an equal of God.

People who truly believed in Jesus spiritually they would have the potential of the great spiritual transformation and transportation. Now what is the spiritual transformation? Transformation means you change your reality, your origin from human to divine. With the help of the mysterious knowledge of Lord Jesus Christ, you would be given to transform yourself from simple human being with all your helplessness into a powerful being of divine. This is what you could do and you are a Christian only if you can do it. if you have not transformed yourself from a human being into divine, then do not consider yourself to be a true and sincere believer of Lord Jesus Christ. Christianity is not about kissing and bowing your head before the cross, Christianity is about becoming a Divine from a human sample. This is what you could get if you had access to the mysterious knowledge of Lord Jesus Christ. But the problem is you confined yourself in your own concocted stories.

The cross is not holy; why should we kiss it? Why is it not holy, because Jesus never died and shall never die. If you say “Jesus is Lord,” then why do you say Jesus died? If you say “Jesus is Son of God” then why do you say Jesus died? When the father cannot die why would the son die? Father like son.


Let's talk about Prophet Mohammad. Prophet Mohammad is the last of all Messengers and all Prophets. And the knowledge that he brought down with him is superb knowledge. With the help of that knowledge you can see God. This is Prophet Mohammad's expertise. If you became a Muslim and you did not go for seeing God, then there is no point in becoming a Muslim.

Mohammad Rasool Allah obtained the knowledge of seeing God. If you are a Muslim and are deprived of seeing God, you did not utilise the expertise of your Prophet which no other Prophet was awarded with; no other Prophet was able toe see God.

  Mohammad is the only one Prophet and Messenger and the last who was given this expertise with the help of which even human beings were able to see God. On one hand Prophets like Moses were crying, literally begging God to allow them to see him but he did not allow them to see him, but when it came to his beloved Prophet he gave him the expertise with the help of which even common followers of his Ummah would become able to see God. A simple follower of Mohammad was able to see God and in the Sons of Israel Prophets like Moses were rejected. This is how great a Muslim can be.

But what Muslims are doing today? I don’t think any Muslim knows they can see God with the help of their Prophet. If you are Muslim and you cannot see God, then there is no point in becoming a Muslim; you are better off being a Christian, a follower of Adam, a follower of Abraham, or a follower of Moses. I cannot give you a more lucid explanation than this. With the help of the expertise of Prophet Mohammad you can see God in this world while you are still alive. So this is the preface of my speech today.

An Insight Into the teachings of the Awaited One His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi

His Divine Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi says, “The knowledge which would enable you to see God is not anymore for just the elite, it is now classified as the common knowledge in the era of Imam Mehdi.”

The question arises: if this knowledge of seeing God is for common people in your era then what type of knowledge have you set for the elite ones of your era? His Holiness Gohar Shahi says, “I have come from the Mysterious World Alam-e-Ghaib; besides me, Jesus, Enoch and Elias also came from the Mysterious World. The knowledge that enables a human being to see God has been classified as a common knowledge today because this world was created by Allah and it is common for those who were created by Allah. But there are some special souls that I created, and the souls that I created do not find it pleasing enough to see God. For them, I am the destination.”

“And then what I am going to do with them? I will transport them to where I have come from.” And His Divine Eminence said, “I come from my own kingdom and the name of my kingdom is Riaz al Jannah.”

Now what is the spiritual chemistry behind this phenomenal human transfusion, human transformation and transportation from the world of reason to the world of ethereality, mystery?

The Story of Mansoor Hallaj

That spiritual chemistry was first imagined and envisioned by Mansoor Hallaj. The words that he said in relation to his spiritual state, none of the Saints were able to translate into clear understanding. The problem with some Saints is, though they are Saints, they are affected by the dominance of Sharia (the Black Letter Law) also. Saints do know Sharia; but some Saints are affected by the dominance of God's love and some others are affected by the dominance of Sharia on them. Junaid Bardari was a Saint, but he was a victim of the dominance of Sharia. Unfortunately even Abdul Qadir Jilani was affected by the dominance of Sharia. Such Saints were badly affected by the dominance of Sharia and they were unable to translate the words of Mansoor bin Hallaj into clear understanding. Mansoor bin Hallaj said, “The soul of Allah has dissolved in Mansoor.”

The problem is, when a Fakir speaks, there is a difference between what he says and what he means. This is the problem. The first human being who imagined transfusion and transformation- though it was his own understanding and own imagination, but he did have some understanding; therefore he said “The soul of God has dissolved in my soul.” Junaid Bardari was not in smart enough to translate his statement into reality and sometimes Sharia becomes so cruel that it becomes really hard to distinguish between haq (the truth) and batil (falsehood). Now, Mansoor Hallaj said the soul of God has dissolved in his soul, but when the Islamic judge and jury awarded him the death sentence, and he heard that he was going to be killed, he said “It was not me, it was God. Why are you killing me?” Now the question is: if the soul of God had dissolved in your soul then now why are you differentiating between you and God? You should have become united.

The type of knowledge that His Holiness Gohar Shahi has already given to us, in light of that knowledge seeing God is of lesser value than other destinations explained by His Holiness. There are many types of illhaam (Divine inspiration). Saints who have seen God, their knowledge is very restricted and limited. They are not in live contact with god and they are not terribly spiritual. There are other types of saints who are in live contact with God and there are many types of ilhaam. To some Saints, ilhaam is sent as a voice and they hear it in their right ear. Others are given ilhaam by Gabriel. But the type of ilhaam that His Holiness Gohar Shahi has mentioned in His book, “Deen-e-Illahi (the Religion of God)” is the most authentic type of ilhaam; this ilhaam is nature is the same as Wahi (Divine Inspiration revealed to Prophets)- the only difference between this type of ilhaam and Wahi is the company of Gabriel. Gabriel comes with Wahi. If Junaid Bardari was in live contact with God would he not consult with God before awarding death sentence for Mansoor bin Hallaj?

In regards to Mansoor Hallaj's claim, why would God dissolve in his soul? And if God has dissolved in his soul, then who would be serving as God on the Day of Judgement? When there is a dominance of Tajjalliyat (Divine Theophanies) on you, sometimes your lataif (subtleties) are so majestically involved in the struggle of absorbing the light that they diminish any element of distinguishing. You lose the element of intellect straight away. What Mansoor bin Hallaj experienced was a series of theophanies of God, multiplied beams of light, and when it entered his chest he thought it was soul of God; He could not understand it. The question is after this dissolving of God's soul in your soul, how would you identify yourself? Where are you going to go after you die? So this was a misunderstanding.

His Divine Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi's Spiritual System

But His Holiness Gohar Shahi has introduced a spiritual system not known to this world before.  Those with whom His Holiness Gohar Shahi is pleased and His Holiness Gohar Shahi wants them to keep in His eternal nearness, His Holiness inserts in their body a reflection of his Zaat (Personal Being). Not Zaat-e-Qadeem, but a reflection of His Holiness's Zaat is entered into the body of the seeker. Then what happens?

The reflection of His Holiness infuses with the soul of the human being in such a chemistry where identity is lost. Neither can you identify the compound spiritual source as a human being, nor a God; they are united. Then that person begins to have both attributes: human and divine.  

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