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Lord Ra Riaz’s Unique Blend of Spirituality

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The following is the transcript of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech.

His Divine Grace Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has granted to us a unique blend of spirituality and a unique brand of spirituality; a form of spirituality in which your culture becomes even richer, your religion becomes evenQuote from HDE Gohar Shahi - My Passion is.. brighter, and your character becomes even more illuminated. [He is] the Great Universal Unifier, the one who is going to unify the entire humanity - and this unification is not a superficial form of unification. This unification comes by establishing a spiritual bond. This unification comes by sharing the same type of divine energy in all hearts of humanity. When all the hearts start running on the same type of divine energy, they will be spiritually unified in the hearts. Many attempts have been made in the past for humanity to be unified, to be united. However, one or another problem became a hurdle and this unification never came into practice; it was restricted to theoretical or bookish regime. We have this spiritual methodology and we have this spiritual doctrine, with the help of which the hearts find universality and these hearts are ignited by the most rapturous, the most passionate form of divine love. I would like to mention here the words of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi,

'Love may be given to the hearts, to fill up the empty breasts of humanity. The intensity of this love should be so much that the entire breast, the entire heart is burnt in his love and turned into ashes!'

In one of the conferences in the United States of America, the Lord said,

'I am here, not to talk about rituals of a religion, not to talk about a Black Letter Law, not to talk about a religion! I am here to revive the spiritual knowledge which has been forgotten for ages, which has become extinct. People are not aware of this knowledge because this knowledge has stopped existing in this world. I have brought with me the Knowledge of Interior. With this Knowledge of Interior, any man from any religion, from any group, whether or not they believe in a religion, whether or not they believe in God - with the power of this knowledge that I have put forward before the world, they can become holy; they can become enlightened. From sinners they can become a saint and sinners and saints can sit together today.'

With this empowering, overwhelming message of HDG Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, HDG Gohar Shahi said, 'I do not aim to draw people towards myself. Then why am I so much into enlightening the hearts of humanity?'

Some people say this is a cult; this is not a cult. A cult is a group of people in which you circumbulate around a person and you have no choice; that somebody who is being circumbulated around imposes on you to continue to circumbulate around him. You are given no option and no other choice - that is a cult. This is not a cult! Because the Lord said,

'I do not want to draw people towards myself. Then why I want to enlighten everybody?'

I would like to mention these beautiful words of the Lord. HDG Gohar Shahi said, 'Listen: when you do something good for people, they ask you, "Why are you doing this? What is the purpose? What is the hidden agenda? Why are you being so nice?"' And you see, HDG Gohar Shahi's style is so crystal clear, HDG Gohar Shahi's style so transparent that to some people whose hearts are full of the world and its contents, they begin to wonder, 'Why? It's too good to be true! It's a beautiful message and everything is free; why? What's the hidden agenda? Why Gohar Shahi is so merciful, why Gohar Shahi is so bountiful?' Because people haven't seen generosity in action! The people of this world have not seen generosity in action. When somebody does anything good, there is always a hidden agenda behind it; there is always an incentive. There is always, at the end of the virtue, a hidden agenda. They anticipate something in return when you do something good. However,

HDG Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, 'The reason why I am being so nice to you, the reason why I am being so bountiful and so merciful to humanity is that I have a passion. My passion is enlightening humanity!'

Like everybody has a hobby, my Lord's hobby is to see all hearts enlightened and full of love for God. So, in a way, this is God's hobby, this is our Lord's hobby: to enlighten people. Why does Gohar Shahi want to enlighten people? Because HDG Gohar Shahi finds pleasure in enlightening people; this is the hidden agenda.

These are the words of our Lord. 'I have a passion for enlightening people. By hook or crook, I want to see people enlightened because this is my passion.'

Our Lord wants to see all humanity in possession of God's love in their hearts and the Lord has given to this world a revolutionary message - a message which is already bringing about a revolution in the world today. A revolution is something that can change the face of the world. Revolution literally means something new which will take over the universe and the previous norms of the society will disappear. These new norms of spirituality will take over and this will remain to be prevalent in the society.

HDG Gohar Shahi's passion is to enlighten hearts. He said, 'I do not aim to draw people towards myself, I just want them to be enlightened.' Why? What is it there in it for Gohar Shahi? HDG Gohar Shahi is not asking for anything in return. Historically speaking, from A-Z, no Prophet or Messenger said such a thing because all the Messengers and Prophets were in the business of spirituality in order to please God. This was their incentive, this was their hidden agenda. If God said to them, 'No matter how many people you enlighten, I won't be pleased with you,' they would say, 'I am not going to do it.' All the Messengers and all the Prophets carried out their duties to please God and this was their job. However, HDG Gohar Shahi has nobody to please! HDG Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has come into this world; God hasn't come into this world, he only sent Prophets and Messengers. Although God said, 'I am closer to you than your jugular vein,' but how many people are there in this world to whom this verse applies? Only to those who have God in them. If God is closer to everybody than their jugular vein, then why have they become Iblis (the Devil)? This verse applies to not even a handful of people and you can count them on your fingertips.

Literally speaking, God is not aware of human pain, human sacrifices, or human feelings; however, HDG Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has come into this world in a human form and He knows the pain of a man! He knows the pain and trouble and calamities that a man goes through and when HDG Gohar Shahi discovered the human pain, He decided to bless them all and give to them something that can take away the pain from them forever! He decided to grant them with a reward which can make them forget about their pain and make them forget about their ill-fated nature! The Lord has come into this world in a human form to see how difficult it is for man to become purified, to raise kids, to work, to have a matrimonial life with a wife and at the same time make sacrifices to please God. Sitting there on his Divine Empyrean and passing orders to people, [telling them to] do this, do that, go to the mosque five times and go to temples whatever number of times they may have allotted you to do. It is easy for God to say such things sitting from up there, but when you become a human being and you have to earn your bread and butter - the stomach needs food and the stomach doesn't understand the philosophies of halal (permissible) and haraam (prohibited). When the kids cry out of hunger, they don't want see whether you bring milk for them from any method of haraam or halal. Man has to go through a lot of trouble and God doesn't want to understand it. How many problems a man goes through! There are so many problems. You can't simply ask your wife to get out and say, 'I don't want to live with you anymore.' You can't throw away your children and say, 'I don't want to live with you anymore, I am going into the jungle to become holy.' It's too good to be true and people don't do that. But that is what God wants!  

I don't really understand the philosophy of Huqooq al Ibaad (rights of family and people around you, upon you) and Huqooq al Allah (rights of God upon you). Either, you fulfill the requirements of God or you fulfill the requirements of human beings; if you do both, then you become an idiot - running to the mosque and running back home, pleasing the wife and pleasing the kids and pleasing God, yet nobody is pleased. But then when HDG Gohar Shahi came into this world, He said, 'Okay all human beings, I understand your pain. Calm down, I am going to make it very easy for you now. Hold your horses I am going to tell you something really easy. Nobody is going to go back empty-handed. You can please your wife, you can please your mother and father, you can please everybody and at the same time you can please your Lord.'

This is Gohar Shah's bounty! No Messenger, no Prophet gave you this offer because they were dictating what God said to them. They only brought magazines of God; they brought down books from God, 'Do this and do that.' They didn't make life simple for human beings. They only passed down the instructions from God, the divine directives. You can keep the Messengers and the Prophets high, wherever you want to, however they never made life easy for man. HDG Gohar Shahi made it very easy for everybody. Even those who don't want to believe in God have become thoughtful [and think], 'This is a really nice offer. Let's try and become holy.' When they really put their feet on the pedal, they found out they are holy now - all thanks to the impositions really calmed down by HDG Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.

I can easily say today, 'To obtain God's love is as easy today as it has never been easy in the entire history of humanity.' Preach love, eat love, drink love, become love! And the key is faithfulness to Gohar Shahi! I end my speech on this note. 


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