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The Reality of ISIS and Their Ideology

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The following is an excerpt from His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech. His Holiness is the Official Representative of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.

The existence of humanity is at a greater risk than ever before.

Tyrants have been born in this world in different ages. They have killed many million people. We have examples such as Hitler and the notorious holocaust, the crusaders as well as Haluku Khan. There have been many individuals who have taken their hatred to an extreme level. They have become a dirty mark in history.

However what we have been seeing for the 15-20 years in the shape of Islamic militancy has taken brutality, atrocity and tyranny to an unprecedented level. History cannot present an equal example of brutality, human disgrace and gross disrespect to humanity.

Today we hear of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda as fanatic militant groups. We have seen the rise of ISIS from Syria and Iraq. Now, ISIS has done something more extraordinary to disrupt the global peace. All the peace-loving countries in the world are now perplexed, worried and seem to be clueless as to how to combat this new rise of global militancy. Although every country in the West is trying to look for a solution, nothing much seems to have been done.

The failure to find a solution to this rise in Islamic militancy could be due to various reasons. When I wander in the field of possible scenarios, I come up with the core issue. [I have figured out] the reason why these individuals who come from Islam have taken to commit such anti-social, anti-human, anti-religious, anti-divine atrocities.

My friends, first of all, I would like to let you know that these militant organisations in the world who label themselves as Muslims are not Muslims at all.

Firstly, it is to do with their mental ability to grasp the meaning of the divine word. Their interpretation is based on their theosophical calibre. The calibre according to which how accurately they interpret the divine word. It is how precisely they explain what God means when he sends some divine directives to different nations through revelations upon prophets and messengers.

If you look at the core principles of all these militant organisations, you will come to know that Al-Qaeda, Taliban and ISIS and all the other Islamic militant organisations which are based in Pakistan (such as Lashkar-e-Tayyeba and Jamat-e-Islami) - they are chips off the same block.

But the thing is: why do some Muslims talk about divine love? Why do some Muslims want to love everybody regardless of their religious background? There are many thousand Sufis in India and so much so as in India, there are many thousand Sufis in Pakistan as well. These Sufis have always projected Islam as a message of peace and love. How come they projected Islam as a global peace and love mission while these Islamic militants are showing to the world the unreal, untrue face of Islam (which most probably has been invented by their own concocted and fabricated theosophical imagination)?

In order to understand where they go wrong, we need to see how they understand the religion of Islam.

A man was born in the central province of Hijaz, Najd. His name was Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab Najdi. He is the main mastermind, the main culprit. He is the enemy of Islam.

He is the enemy of the Prophet of Islam. He is the enemy of God. Frankly (but truthfully) speaking, he was darkened by heart and he did not have the ability to understand the religion. He is someone who was naïve to the verses of the Quran; who didn’t know the purpose of revelation, who did not understand the divine word.

In order to understand what is wrong with the Wahhabi school of thought, we need to dissect this entire Wahhabi sect.

Abrogation of Quranic Verses

I need your full attention: even at the time of the Prophet Mohammad, there were many verses of the Quran which were abrogated by God himself.

People exclaimed, ‘God cannot say anything wrong or bad. Why have these verses been abrogated by God?’

God replied, ‘I can abrogate any of my verses anytime and I can bring forth another one to replace it. That is to do with my will and accord; I do what I please to do.’

Why were those verses abrogated?

In order to understand that question we must stick to what our Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said: ‘Every messenger was granted two types of knowledge: revelation which was revealed onto the messengers for common people and mysterious revelation. Those revelations would stay inside the heart of the prophet and he wasn’t supposed to make it public. It would stay in the heart and it was meant to be dispensed internally from one heart to another.’

This is how Sufis go about.

Abu Hurerra said to the Companions of the Prophet, ‘I was granted two types of knowledge by the Prophet. I only told you about number one. If I told you about the other one, you would have killed me.’

You can understand how different these two must be. If the other was revealed there would be mischief and bloodshed.

So those verses which were to stay in the heart of the Prophet and be transmitted internally from one heart into another - somehow or other the Prophet Mohammad said it in public. People were really surprised and said, ‘What are you talking about? That’s totally the opposite of what you said yesterday.’

The Prophet did not have any clue how to take control of the situation. So God then jumped in and said, ‘Wait, I’m going to abrogate these verses.’

From the study of the Quran we understand with reference that God has the authority and power to abrogate any verse of the Quran at any time and replace it with another one.

Changes in Society Over Time

The way Indians and Pakistanis cook their food, Prophet Mohammad and his companions did not cook food the same way. So the way we cook food cannot be Sunnah. We sleep in cosy beds now. There were no cosy beds at the time of the Prophet Mohammad. We travel by plane, by car, by bus. I don’t even vaguely remember if I ever rode on a donkey or horse. Why not? We have cars and buses. The time has changed.

Somebody sent me a question. They said, ‘I am travelling, so can I offer Salat Qasr?’

‘Qasr’ means ‘to reduce.’

I said, ‘No, it’s not for you. It’s not for anybody. It’s gone.’


‘Because this was said at the time of the Prophet Mohammad. When people would travel, they would travel by riding a horse or camel. If it is a short journey, they would ride a horse. If it was a long journey, a horse is not good enough; for that, they would ride camels. It would take you a week or two travelling from one city to another riding a camel. Then it was so hot in Saudi Arabia, even 1436 years ago. Travelling was undesired most of the time. People would only travel if they must.’

Keeping that difficulty of travel in mind, God allowed you to reduce the number of Rakat in Salat and Soum. But now, you’re on a 6-hour flight looking for Salat Qasr. That’s wrong!

For example, according to Islam, you’re not supposed to look at women. But if I live in the United Kingdom or the United States of America, if I don’t look at women while talking to them, they think I’m disrespecting them.

For example, I would always talk to women with my gaze lowered. One day a woman asked me, ‘Why do you do that?’

I said, ‘Well, it’s for various reasons.’

She replied, ‘Is this because you think I’m not beautiful?’

‘No, no, no. That’s not the reason.’

‘Do you think it is useless talking to me?’

‘No, no, no. That’s not the reason. In Islam we’re not supposed to look at women.’

‘Oh, come on.’

People don’t understand it! Now, when we are walking in malls and business places, there are women everywhere. Should I just close my eyes? The times have changed!

The Azaan (Call for prayer): at the time of the Prophet Mohammad, people would live nearby in huts and hujras. You would be standing on the roof of the mosque giving the call and people would hear it; they would come to mosque. If you do the same without a loudspeaker today, even you won’t hear your voice. It’s so noisy. So you need a loudspeaker; but the Prophet did not use it.

You cannot practise Islam the same way it was practiced 1436 years ago.

1400 years ago, you could marry four women at the same time. Now, if you are married and have one wife, that’s enough to destroy you! You cannot afford two wives mentally. Times have changed!

Women are raising slogans of equality and they are Muslims. It is clearly mentioned in the Quran that men have the upper hand over the women. It is clearly mentioned in Ahadith that women have untrustworthy intellect.

Today there have been female prime ministers and presidents of many countries: for example, Indra Ghandhi (India), Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan), Corazon Aquino (Philippines) and now Hilary Clinton is running for the presidential election in the USA.

We are living in a time which is totally opposite of the times 1400 years ago. Many things have changed.

What should we do now?

Mujaddideen and Renewal in the Religion

In order to keep the religion of Islam updated, God decided to send Mujaddideen. From time to time, they would come and tell people according to the situation and [era], ‘You should do things this way, not that way.’

What is the role of a Mujaddid? Mujaddid is an Arabic word, which comes from Tajdeed. It means ‘renew’; Mujaddid means ‘renewer’. You can also say that a Mujaddid is a reformer. Of course, there is some legitimate difference between reform and renewal:  to reform is to fix the same old thing. It is like something has gone wrong with someone’s iPhone, he takes it to the Apple Store and they repair it. But when everything is wrong with the iPhone and nothing seems to work, it becomes irreparable. Then you do not reform it; you replace it. You renew it (make it new again).

So there was a Mujaddid after 100 years and a Grand Mujaddid in 1000 years. Mujaddid Alif Thani is the Grand Mujaddid. Their job was to interpret Quran according to the necessity of the time and then legislate Islamic laws as need arose.

When God thinks something has gone terribly wrong and it must be entirely changed, then he replaces the verses of the Quran with new ones. But who will bring the news ones? The Prophet has gone back to the pavilion. God is not going to send Jibrael (Gabriel) to delete the previous verse in the Holy Book of the Quran and write the new one. It doesn’t happen like that.

The new one is introduced by the Mujaddid. So the new verse is supposed to be notified to the public by God’s representative who is in contact with God and spiritually he is able to receive the replacement of the revelation.

You become a Mujaddid only after a thorough austerity, purgation and purification of the self, purification of the heart and thorough knowledge of spirituality and Sufism.

When your entire system has been spiritualised and you are now able to see God, speak with God and enter into a mutual conversation with God, only then you will receive replacement of the verse from God and you will notify it to the public.

If you have an outfit that is 1436 years old, would you want to wear it? No. It is too old. When the television was invented, it was in black and white. But time elapsed and more features were introduced. We have smart TVs now. The television has entirely changed over a period of time. Do you want a 100-year-old TV to watch a cricket match or a film? No, because a lot of updates have come and the television has become glamorised.

In a similar way, when the religion of Islam was revealed, it was not revealed fully. From time to time, it would require some updates from God according to the need of the time.

Let me give you an example: the reason why Muslims grow beards. According to the Prophet Mohammad (saw), ‘The Jews grow their moustaches. You should grow your beards so that you can be easily identified.’

The beard is a mark of identification, nothing else. So what was the purpose of growing the beard at the time of the Prophet Mohammad? That you are identified as a Muslim. Today there are many nations that grow beards so growing a beard is not a mark of distinction anymore. It has lost its purpose - and your entire religion is circumbulating around your beard. This is because you have no spiritual intelligence or intuition. You live in a fool’s paradise.

Now, Muhammad Abdul Wahhab Najdi said, ‘We want to practise the same principles of Islam which were practised at the time of the Prophet Mohammad.’

All the aima ikram like Imam Ali, Abu Bakr Sadiq RA, Imam Hasan Basri RA, Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Ans bin Malik, Imam Ahmed bin Hambal, Imam Shafay who interpreted the Quran and reformed the principles of Sharia, [Wahhabis] do not want to follow them. They do not want to accept the reformation and renewal of any verse of the Quran which was done by the Mujaddid. They want to follow the same [old] principles. A lot has changed! You cannot practise the same principles.

‘Go kill Kafireen (infidels) wherever you find them.’

This is in the Quran, but my friends, you have to be little intellectual. This verse was revealed when the Prophet was in the battlefield. This verse was for the battlefield because they were already fighting and the Kafireen were hiding.

So it was said to the Prophet Mohammad, ‘Tell them: go around and wherever they find the enemy, kill them.’ But that was for the battlefield 1436 years ago. Now you apply for an American or British visa and you want to go there to kill them - and you say, ‘The Quran said it.’

This is why they say, ‘We want to stick to those principles of Islam which were practised at the time of Prophet Mohammad.’ Then you want to exclude whatever changes were made by God from Quran, from Islam. Well, we understand the Prophet left after 63 years of age. But God is still alive. He can send his information through any of his men: Sufi’s, auliya, fuqra, dervish. God is not dead. Prophet Mohammad is the Last Messenger; but who will guide humanity if no guidance will ever come from God? Why would God do that? The Last Prophet has come and he has gone back but guidance is still needed.

We do not dispute the fact that Prophet Mohammad is the Last Messenger, but it does not mean nobody will seek guidance now. We don’t have a Prophet but we have God alive! It is not the duty of the Prophet to guide people.

The Quran: ‘O’ Prophet Mohammad, it is not you who will guide people to whomsoever you love. It is us. We who will guide people.’

God hasn’t left. God is still there. He can guide anyone through any means. He can guide Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Christians or any other religion.

These individuals [who follow the Wahhabi sect] want to practise the same concept of Islam which was abolished later on.

For example, ISIS is selling and buying women. Why? At the time of Prophet Mohammad, the world was different. Now, if you leave these women, they will find a job. They will make their bread and butter. They can live a prosperous life. They are not servants anymore; they are not your slaves. Slavery was abolished - but they are still doing it. Why?

They say, ‘It was abolished by Abu Bakr Sadiq; we don’t want it.’ If you think that way, don’t touch this Quran; it was compiled by Abu Bakr Sadiq.

They are hateful souls. What they present is not Islam.


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