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Religion of the Soul

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The following is a transcript of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech (video above).

We are trying to connect everybody to the Lord. Different groups of people: different faiths, different ideologies, different nations and of course, difference temperaments. There is too much knowledge in this world but the knowledge that one needs to purify and to spiritualise, that knowledge is not to be seen anywhere. People have their own understanding about everything: about religions, about God, about spirituality. Whereas, we believe the right knowledge has to come from God and only that knowledge can connect human beings with God. It is very sad that most of us forget the importance of the soul and we assume our reality to be confined to our body. The human race has been divided into many groups, many nations, many tribes, many cultures and this is how we see so many differences among human beings. So many different colours of the skin, so many different languages; however, the nature of everybody is the same. The world has seen 313 different religions. Most people follow a religion without knowing why do they need to follow a religion; they just follow it half-heartedly, without any benefits, without any results, blindfoldedly. As a result of this, you become more heedless of the truth.   

Today it doesn't matter whether you follow a religion or you don't follow a religion, because even those who follow a religion have nothing greater in their character than those who don't follow a religion. New philosophies, new ideologies have been fabricated and they are following shadows. In the Western world, there is a new type of spirituality. You must have heard of New Age people; their philosophies of spirituality are really naïve to myself. [They practise] atheist spirituality in which their aim is to feel good, look good - and that's all. Looking good and feeling good is no destiny. Some people think they are living in this world and that's it, this is heaven for them and hell for them and there is no life after this; this is because their belief system is corrupted.   

Spirituality is all about awakening of the souls, enlightening them, strengthening them - and once they are awakened and strengthened, they have been spiritually indoctrinated, they have acquired the spiritual calibre and celestial ability to embark upon spiritual voyage, then they will see how many different realms has God created for them to visit. Not just in our solar system, but beyond our solar system, beyond this galaxy, beyond this core of this realm - in the angelic realm, where angels live and beyond that point, where even angels cannot approach. This universe, this cosmos, is so mammoth; in order to know everything, you have to see them all. Then comes your final destiny: God. Spirituality is the practical knowledge; it's not bookish knowledge. You prepare your souls for divine journey and as you go along the spiritual path, you gather a lot of spiritual strength. You start becoming holy and you start becoming powerful. As soon as you are connected with God, the power of God will show off your character. When God starts manifesting him through you, that is the evidence that now you are unified with God.  

Like [if] a husband and wife have a car, laptop or mobile phone, [then] they can share it and both use it. In a similar way, when you're connected with God and you have befriended God, then God starts to manifest himself through you. You become a sort of representative of God. Those who cannot reach God, they can reach you and they can feel God and his presence around you. When you represent the Divine Presence on earth, when people in your company feel that they are around God, this is the time when you can call that person to be a Spiritual Guide.  

Our reality is not our body, our reality is our soul. Our senses are not awakened; this is why we have not seen our soul. Like your body, if you want to see yourself, there are cameras and mirrors; you can stand in front of a mirror and you can see yourself. But, have you ever pondered, what if you wanted to see your soul? Is there any mirror in which you can see your soul? Have you ever thought about it?

No, you didn't think about it because nobody told you. You have been running around like a mad dog after religions, you have been busy bowing down before stones, before idols, before mosques - but you achieved nothing out of that practice, because the rituals and practice of rituals didn't touch upon your soul and your heart.  

A majority of people today who follow a religion do not know why do they follow a religion. We need to discuss this today. What is the importance of a religion? What is hell and heaven? What should you do? What do you want in your life? Who needs a religion? Why does he or she need a religion? Because currently, most people think everybody should follow a religion and those who do not follow a religion are considered to be nonbelievers. That is not true at all. I want to tell you today what the Lord has said in this regard.  

God created two different categories of souls. Category Number One of souls was created with the nature of love; they are love, their enjoyment is in love, their ecstasy is in love. Category Number Two is for those who want to enjoy luxury and comfort; their enjoyment is in luxury. Now, obviously, there are classifications in both categories; classification in a sense that the intensity of love will differ in all souls, in a similar way the hunger for luxury will differ in all souls. 

My father used to tell me, 'If you want to buy a television, why do you want a Japanese TV, made in Japan? They are very expensive. Why don’t you buy a television made in China?' The problem is, the television made in China did not use to be very durable and trustworthy; but [the product] made in Japan was a little more expensive compared to the Chinese product, however, it was durable. So some people who want luxury for a longer period of time, they spend more money and go for products made in Japan; some people who do not afford expensive stuff, they can go for Chinese stuff. Similarly, God created two different types of luxuries: Instant Luxury, which is fake luxury and Eternal Luxury, which is original luxury. Instant Luxury is the luxury of this world. You make money and you can get any type of luxury; however, the Eternal Luxury, which is the original luxury, cannot be bought with money. In order to obtain Eternal Luxury - which of course is available in paradise, not here - God created religions. With the help of religions, people strived, struggled and endeavoured in the way to God and they obtained Eternal Luxury. But Category One, in which the souls were created with the nature of love, their desire is to obtain love, their enjoyment lies in love.  

All these religions teach you how to get to paradise and grab the original luxury: Eternal Luxury. None of these religions is capable of granting you love. There is one religion that can teach you love and that religion was never established by any messenger, by any prophet. That religion was never introduced on earth because that is the Religion of God and it stayed with God. The Religion of God is love. 'God is love and love is God. One who does not know love, he does not know God.' Even Jesus said, 'Love your God with all your heart, with all your soul.' The good news is, the most preserved religion, the most ancient, pre-pre-pre-prehistoric religion: the Religion of Souls, the Religion of God, the Religion of Love, has been brought down on earth by His Divine Grace Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. Those who want to learn to love God and love humanity, only they enjoin that religion. The Religion of Love is for your soul, it's not for your body. All the other religions like Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism are all about your body. You go in the mosque and you offer prayers in the mosque; you go into a church, synagogue and a temple and you physically worship there and you soul doesn't have to be present in that prayer. However, in the Religion of God, because this religion applies to the soul, it doesn't apply to the body; therefore, one has to awaken his soul. This awakening comes of Initiation of the Heart. When the heart is initiated, the souls begin to be awakened. Since this is the Religion of God, there is no prophet, there is no messenger; it is between a human being and God. His Divine Grace Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi puts you through to God directly; there is no middleman.  

Q: What is the Religion of God?  

The word, 'religion,' is the translation of a word in Syriac. The original word for religion is 'deen;' 'religion' is an English word. 'Deen' in Syriac means 'lifestyle,' the way you live your life. Your demeanour, your conduct, the way you live, the way you behave, the way you feel. So the Religion of God is the Divine Lifestyle. In simple words, the religion of God means, live like God does. In Judaism, you live like the Prophet of Judaism lived. In Christianity, the ideal lifestyle is the lifestyle of Jesus; you live like Jesus lived. In Islam, you live like Prophet Mohammad did. In the Religion of God, you live like God lives. When you follow the Religion of God - God loves all human beings; you love all. God doesn't hate anybody; you don’t hate anybody. God is merciful; you become merciful. God forgives; without fail, you begin to forgive people. But, how would you live like God? Is somebody going to tell you, 'This is how God lives so you should live like him'? No.

[It will be] when your soul is entwined with the essence of God. [It will be] when your soul is captivated by the Divine Beatific Spells, when your soul has been overwhelmed with the presence of God, when your soul has been housed by the engulfing presence of God. When you have emptied yourself, you are no more than an envelope and you are filled with the presence of God in every nook and cranny of your personality; when God's nose dwells in your nose, when God's eyes dwell in your eyes, when God's tongue dwells in your tongue, then you speak, but the words are from God. Then God will look at people through your eyes. Then you will walk, but the distance will be covered by God. Then you will walk, but it will be God walking in you.  

There was a man and he was praying to God. He said, 'When I am happy and I walk, I find your footsteps next to mine. But when I am in trouble I only find one footstep. Where do you disappear, my Lord?' And the Lord replied, 'When you are happy, I walk with you. When you are in trouble, I walk and you are in my lap.'  

When God is living in you, people will say, 'He is living like God,' but they will never know that it is God who is living there. This is the amalgamation of souls. Just imagine you are engulfed by the presence of God, like you are in the ocean and you are swimming in the presence of God. The presence of God has taken the shape of an ocean and you are swimming in it. You are deeply touched by the presence of God. You become home to God's presence; when you become home to God's presence, then you are Abraham, Moses, Mohammad, Jesus. There are spiritually high personalities who came into this world but never think that you can never be like them. Try! They are creation of God like you are. They had gotten a secretive knowledge with the help of which they became great, and now is the time for everybody to become great.  

Gohar has a different taste than God. His name has been proclaimed and invoked for many million years. Some human races know him as Ra, the Sun God. The Egyptian pyramids hold the secret of the Sun God Ra, this is why the image of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has become prominent on the surface of the Sun. Hindus worship their God, Christians worship their God, Jews worship their God, Muslims worship their God, but soon they will come to know: there is only one God, who manifested to different nations in different forms with different tastes. To ancient Egyptians, Sun God RA; for Hindus, Somnath ('Som' means 'The Moon'), Moon God. The Moon God and Sun God are two different forms but these are two different pictures of the Great God, Gohar.   

Q: How can you be sure of the presence of God in your heart?  

With the power of senses, you can tell if something is hot and something is cold; in a similar way, when a man starts to have the attributes of God, this is when you should ask yourself, 'Is this me? No, this is God's presence manifesting through me.' You will begin to notice God's attributes are becoming part of your character. The more love you have in your soul, the closer you get to God. The more power of forbearance, power of patience and power of forgiving people, and at the same time your connection with God will become so strong when you have God in you that anything you think of will reach God and God will take care of it. People go to different worship places for prayers even then their prayers are not answered by God; but a time will come when you will feel, people come and tell you about their problems, and their problems are solved. They will come and just tell you about their problems - even [though] you will not be doing anything to correct them and even without telling God about your problems, the prayers are answered. This is when you realise that God is nearby.  

When you have God in you, you cannot go wrong. When you have God in you, not just you, [but] people around you cannot go wrong. And the good news is that our Lord Gohar Shahi has come to bless all. Whoever they are, whatever language they speak, whatever is the colour of their skin, wherever in the world they come from! In the eyes of Lord Gohar Shahi, all are equal. The bounty of Lord Gohar Shahi is open to all, equally - unless somebody is more hungry! Because some people, when they spiritually become strong, whenever spiritual nourishment is given to them, in the blink of an eye they say, 'I need more. Give me more, give me more.'   

Q: Why is there doubt, sadness and fear in people if God is so near? 

Yes, that is a very good question. It is generally believed that God is near, but the truth is, God is near to only those who are near to God. God is not near everybody. Number one: if God is near you, you can never be sad. One who has God in him, he is always smiling and laughing. When you have God in you, you are always in eternal bliss. You become to fountain of happiness; it's not just that you are happy, whoever comes to you, they also go laughing. When you have God in you, you are always laughing and you are always happy. The Islamic book, the Quran said, 'My friends, have no fear. When God is in you, why would you fear anybody?' It is impossible that you have any kind of fear when God is in you. You have no fear when God is in you. If you are afraid of everything and everybody and if you are always sad, [then] God is not even a 100 miles near you; because one who has God, who loves God, he is never sad.  

Not all human beings may reach the universal consciousness and it is because not everybody is seeking to obtain universal consciousness. Therefore, only those who are seeking to reach universal consciousness will successfully do that. Then, it is also up to God's plan; maybe God doesn't want everybody to reach universal consciousness. Had he planned so, then this world would have been a better place to live in; there would have been no hateful soul, there would have been no hatred and no mischief.   

Q: What are the cosmic responsibilities of those that gain the awareness?  

There are no cosmic responsibilities on them. These responsibilities fall upon them from God and then whoever is anointed by God, after this awareness and conscious level, then they become a medium between the rest of the world and God. They offer practical doctrine and practical teachings to people to embark upon this divine journey and obtain this universal consciousness. We have to see this world with a broader concept. This cosmos is just one place where we have this solar system; there are many, many more ethereal cosmoses, many different realms. This cosmos is just a very small world. There are many more cosmoses unknown to human beings. With the spiritual strength and spiritual knowledge you continue to discover many more realms and many more spiritual cosmoses. Obviously, you eventually get to obtain the intergalactic consciousness.  

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