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Sectarian Division Pollutes The Concept of Imam Mehdi

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Messiah Foundation International, Mehdi Foundation International and Kalki Avatar Foundation is the same organisation. The reason why we have different names is because Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has many titles. These titles were not given to Lord Ra Riaz by those who follow or love him. These titles come from God; each title is an assignment and an appointment. Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is divinely anointed and appointed. He is the Universal Spiritual Master. The world is going through the worst phase in the entire human history where we see killings, abduction of women and sexual assault on women, minors, young children and young girls. Along with all these troubles and tyranny, what is concealed from a common eye is a great deception.

We have to keep our eyes open. We have to not only be attentive and alert; rather, be prepared.

The issue that I am trying to raise awareness of is very sensitive and important. I want to give you this knowledge beforehand. You may wonder, what authority I possess to speak on such a topic. You may wonder who have I been delegated by to speak on whose behalf?  

What I share with you as knowledge is not a carefully calculated conclusion of the gist of several books, rather, this knowledge that I dispense is intuitional knowledge.

This intuitional knowledge has its own criterion and its own touchstone. Its verification will come from your spiritual gut. The knowledge that does not come from the book cannot be verified by a book. For centuries, every divinely ordained established religion has been awaiting a great personality. Every great religion has the understanding that towards the End Times, God is going to send a great personality who will strengthen that religion and help the people who practise that religion. That religion will dominate over all other religions. The Jewish community awaits the Messiah. Their understanding is that the Messiah will strengthen their religion and the Jewish nation and return to them the land which was promised to them by God. Muslims also have a similar concept. They await Imam Mehdi. According to Prophetic Traditions, Imam Mehdi will come from the lineage of Prophet Mohammad’s daughter, Fatima tul Zahra. According to Prophet Mohammad’s traditions, Imam Mehdi will come to this world when the entire world will have been filled with tyranny, oppression, bloodshed and all the other extraordinary bad deeds and vices. A number of things have been foretold by the Prophet Mohammad in relation to the advent of Imam Mehdi. There are many signs that will precede the arrival of Imam Mehdi.

One of the most important signs is that, before the arrival of Imam Mehdi, the religion of Islam will be completely destroyed. Knowledge of the Quran will have been lifted by God.

It is not the words of the Quran that will be lifted by God. If you have a safe at home, you need a code to open it. If you don’t know the code, the safe is useless; you can’t open it. In a similar way, lifting of the Quran means when understanding of the Quran becomes extinct, when Muslims do not understand the Quran, when they don’t have the correct interpretation of the Quran and they understand the Quran with their own impure opinions. Like the Jewish community, Muslims also believe that Imam Mehdi will strengthen the religion of Islam. However, I’m really surprised how Muslims have developed this notion because this notion is not supported by any of the traditions of the Prophet (Hadith) nor is it supported by the Quran.

Recognising Imam Mehdi

It is very surprising that Imam Mehdi, categorically speaking, is a very prominent figure in Islam and centre of attention for millions of Muslims all over the world, but the Quran does not appear to mention Imam Mehdi. If God has mentioned Imam Mehdi in the Quran with another name is a different story.  There have been many false claimants of the office of Imam Mehdi. It is a pity that every time a pseudo-claimant of the office of Imam Mehdi came from within a Muslim society, a sizeable majority of Muslims followed him. The most recent one who claimed to be Imam Mehdi was born in India, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani. However, the irony is: the Muslim community does not know why Imam Mehdi would come and what is the purpose of his coming. They do not know what his message would be or how we would recognise Imam Mehdi. For example, if your washing machine from Currys stops working and you call them, most probably they will say, ‘We will send an engineer to fix the problem.’ Do you know why the engineer is coming? What if anybody else comes to your house, sits with you, has a cup of tea, and says, ‘I am an engineer,’ and then, later on, you have dinner with him and he goes back? That’s silly, because that’s not what the engineer is coming to your house for. He is coming to your house to fix your faulty washing machine. But you’re so foolish, you forgot. This is exactly what Muslims have been doing! For example, people who call themselves the Ahmadi community believe their Spiritual Master is the awaited Imam Mehdi. But do they know why Imam Mehdi would come? If Imam Mehdi is coming to read and translate the same Quran that you already have, the same Prophetic Traditions that you already have in the books - then you don’t need him, because we already have Prophetic Traditions and many different types of translations of the Quran. Imam Mehdi is not going to bring any change in Islam because anything new you want to add to the religion will be known as an innovation. By the principles of Islam, nothing can be added to Islam. Will Imam Mehdi come and read the same Quran, same Prophetic Traditions, which anybody can do? So why is he coming? Muslims say, ‘Imam Mehdi will convert entire humanity into Islam.’ That is a bogus claim. It is not mentioned anywhere in Prophetic Traditions, forget about the Quran; the Quran doesn’t talk about Imam Mehdi. Secondly, why do Muslims expect that from Imam Mehdi when Prophet Mohammad himself could not or would not convert every single human being on Earth into Islam? According to the Quran, Allah created the majority of human beings and Jinn (Djinns) for hellfire. Then how can Muslims say that every single human being on Earth will convert into Islam? This is irrational. If God had wanted every single human being to become a Muslim, then he wouldn’t have sent Adam, Abraham, Moses or Jesus; he would have sent Prophet Mohammad every 100-200 years and there would have been only one religion.

The problem with Muslims and all other nations today is that they have been deprived of the inner dimension of the religion. They have forgotten the existence and presence of their soul, the spirit. It is the knowledge of the soul that will purify you and connect you to God.

According to Prophetic Traditions, what Prophet Mohammad has repeatedly said is just one aspect, ‘Imam Mehdi will come when the entire world will be filled with oppression and tyranny. Like it is filled with injustice and tyranny, Imam Mehdi will fill it with justice, love and peace.’

Prophet Mohammad did never say that Imam Mehdi would convert people into Islam.

The Antichrist

According to the traditions of Prophet Mohammad, the Antichrist (Dajjal) will emerge from within Muslims. Prophet Mohammad said, ‘70 000 Muslim scholars would pledge allegiance to the Antichrist.’ Muslim scholars claim that the Antichrist will be a Jew. If the Antichrist is a Jew, why would Muslim scholars pledge allegiance to him? Muslim scholars maintain to say that the Jewish people are their enemy. This is a fabricated story made by Muslim scholars with filthy hearts and minds. Muslims have to open their eyes. The Antichrist will emerge from among Muslims and Imam Mehdi also will emerge from among Muslims.

It is important for Muslims to know that both the Antichrist and Imam Mehdi will emerge from among them for the fact that the Antichrist will claim to be Imam Mehdi. If you do not know the role of Imam Mehdi in this world, you will never understand who is Imam Mehdi.

Being a Muslim, you should know what the purpose of Imam Mehdi’s advent is. For example, your washing machine is faulty, so you called Currys. They told you they would be sending an engineer soon. Now, somebody knocks on your door and says, ‘I am an engineer,’ and you have a doubt. How do you take care of that doubt? Firstly, you could ask, ‘Can I see your badge that says you’re an engineer from Currys?’ If he presents that badge, he must be an engineer. However, it is not 100% foolproof. A thief who wants to know what expensive things you have in your house could make a fake badge. He’ll want to have a look around inside, and maybe later on he will break into your house and rob everything. The only way you can satisfy yourself about the engineer is to bring him in, put the washing machine in front of him and ask him to repair it. If he is an engineer, he will repair it; if he doesn’t know how to repair it, he is not an engineer even if he has a certificate. When Prophet Mohammad came to this world, God did not send a certificate saying, ‘You are appointed as the last of all prophets.’ When Jesus was born, he was born in very special conditions, where he did not have a father. People were raising all sorts of questions and were asking Mother Mary, ‘Who is he? Where has he come from? You’re not married.’ Mother Mary said, ‘Don’t ask me anything. Ask him.’ They asked and the baby replied. That was enough. Although he did not have a certificate, babies do not talk and he was talking. It is not on Imam Mehdi’s agenda to establish the religion of Islam. It is already established; it has been tried and tested. The Quran is the last book so no new book, prophet or messenger will come now. So if Islam is corrupted, it is done and dusted.

The Shiite and Sunni Concepts of Imam Mehdi

Within Islam, the concept of Imam Mehdi varies. Sunni Islam has a different concept of Imam Mehdi as compared to Shiite Islam. The concept of Imam Mehdi in Sunni Islam is based on traditions of Prophet Mohammad. In Shiite Islam, the concept of Imam Mehdi is based on the Imams of the household of Prophet Mohammad, such as Imam Jafar Sadiq. Sunni Muslims revere these Imams from Prophet Mohammad’s household in the same way, more or less, however they do not give the same priority or authenticity to the sayings of these Imams as it is given to the traditions of Prophet Mohammad. So whatever was said by these Imams of Prophet Mohammad’s household in relation to the advent of Imam Mehdi cannot become part of traditions of the Prophet Mohammad. Therefore, Sunni Muslims do not take guidance from the sayings of the Imams from Prophet Mohammad’s household. Their concept of Imam Mehdi is strictly based on Traditions of Prophet Mohammad. Very little has been discussed in the traditions of Prophet Mohammad about the advent of Imam Mehdi. However, the Imams of the household of the Prophet - they only spoke of Imam Mehdi at length. As a result, many books have been written on this subject in Iran. Some of the traditions of Prophet Mohammad are known as authentic and some others are known as ‘dhaeef’. Dhaeef does not mean it is not true. The only difference between authentic and dhaeef is that authentic Prophetic Traditions have more narrators in relation to dhaeef Prophetic Traditions. For example, there is a Prophetic Tradition that was narrated by ten individuals of that time, and one Prophetic Tradition is only narrated by four or five. The one narrated by more companions is known as an authentic Prophetic Tradition. The one narrated by less companions, in relation to the other one, is known as dhaeef. But it doesn’t mean that it is not true. For an ‘authentic’ Prophetic Tradition, it has to be narrated by seven Companions of the Prophet who became Muslims before the migration of Prophet Mohammad from Mecca to Medina. They are known as Great Companions. If a Prophetic Tradition is narrated by less than seven individuals, it does not qualify, in the eyes the Muslim scholars. It is regarded as dhaeef.

Whether you look at authentic Prophetic Traditions or dhaeef traditions, in none of the traditions of Prophet Mohammad has it been reported that Imam Mehdi would kill anybody! Forget about bloodshed; Imam Mehdi would not kill anybody or take part in any war, any fight.

Narrations that from time to time you hear from Shiite clerics, especially from Iranians, are not considered equivalent of what Prophet Mohammad said. No matter how much Prophet Mohammad loves his household, can they be equal to Prophet Mohammad in respect, in spiritual status, and in authenticity? We are not trying to lessen the respect of the household of Prophet Mohammad, but you cannot equate them with Prophet Mohammad. Mohammad is last Messenger of God, bearer of Wahi (divine revelation), the one who physically went up and saw God with the eyes in his head. Either you talk about Ali, Imam Hussain, Imam Hassan or any other Imam within the Prophet’s household; nobody can be equated to Prophet Mohammad. If this is not your understanding, you will never understand the concept of Imam Mehdi. There would be no Ali if there was no Prophet Mohammad. In respect of the Prophet’s household, in respect for Ali, Imam Hussain and Imam Hassan, why do some Shiites want to degrade Prophet Mohammad? Respect is given to Imam Hussain and Imam Hassan because they are the grandsons of Prophet Mohammad. Respect is given to Ali, not because he is himself something, but because he was appointed by Prophet Mohammad as the gateway to the knowledge stored in Prophet Mohammad’s heart. Anything coming from a member of the household of Prophet Mohammad will come from them because it came to them from Prophet Mohammad. Or do Shiites think they bypassed Prophet Mohammad and now they are in direct contact with God, that Prophet Mohammad doesn’t know anything and Ali knows everything? Come back to rationality, to your senses. Don’t spread mis-propaganda about the advent of Imam Mehdi. The President of Iran, Ahmadinejad, went to the UN Security Council and said, ‘Imam Mehdi will come and destroy all of you.’

Imam Mehdi is coming not to destroy anybody, but to help prosper every human being in love and peace.

The Quranic Concept

I said that the Quran doesn’t talk about Imam Mehdi. However, the Quran talks about what Imam Mehdi is going to do.

If I say to someone, ‘The washing machine is not working; get it fixed,’ I am not talking about the one who is fixing it. However, it is obvious that he will get it fixed by somebody. So, in a discreet, indirect manner, God is talking about Imam Mehdi. For example, the Religion of God will be established towards the End Times. Who will establish it? Prophet Mohammad came, established the religion of Islam, and went back. Will Muslims establish the religion of God? They don’t know their own religion; how come they will establish the religion of God? According to the Quran, God said, ‘If we were not waiting for Kalima-e-Sabqat (the Foremost Declaration of Faith), humanity would not have been diversified and divided into many religions, tribes and nations. The entire humanity would be but one single community.’ This is to happen. It has been destined for humanity to transform into a single global community. This will not happen by itself; Imam Mehdi will do it. The Muslims should stop saying that Islam will dominate. Study the Quran.

The Quran said, ‘When the true believers of all religions quit their religion, God will send his own nation on Earth. They will love God and God will love them.’ When all these religions are destroyed, when no religion is producing any good results and nobody is connected to God through all these religions, that is the time when God will send his own nation on Earth.

This is mentioned not only in the Quran, but in the Torah as well. According to the Torah, towards the End Times, God’s sons will come on Earth. In the Quran he changed his vocabulary. Rather than mentioning sons, he said he will send his community, his nation. Now is the time for the nation of God. Islam will not dominate the world. Islam does not dominate even in Mecca and Medina today. They only chop off the hands of poor people who are Pakistanis, Bengalis, Indians, Filipinos and Indonesians. If you really uphold Sharia Law, then every single person who is caught red-handed stealing or using drugs - hang them, behead them, chop their hands off. Every now and then you hear news that some Pakistanis have been beheaded in Saudi Arabia for using drugs. Tons of drugs was being imported into Lebanon by one of the Saudi princes; he is walking free. So, Sharia Law only applies to poor Muslims; the royal family is exempted from the Quran and Islamic Sharia. Everybody should be equal in the eyes of God. That’s not Sharia Law. The day has been fixed by God for Islam to come to an end. That time has come. You don’t see Islam; all you see is sectarianism or Wahhabism. Islam was not a bad religion. It was a wonderful religion that taught peace and love. Islam is called the religion of peace because when Islam was established, all these Arab tribes used to fight and kill each other. When Islam was established it made peace and stopped all the killing and fighting. What you see as Islam today is Wahhabism, Salafism; it is not Islam.

Imam Mehdi is not coming to help Islam spread all over the world.

Imam Mehdi’s True Purpose

Islam is already spreading like a disease. Countries in Europe are now afraid that by 2025, the percentage of Muslims in these countries will go beyond the percentage of Christians. The Islam which is spreading does not require anybody to have a Muslim name or practise Sharia. It dictates you to impose Sharia on others; you are exempted from Sharia. You can sleep with any woman, kill any man or woman. For you, everything is permissible. For others, everything is prohibited. This is the new brand of Islam that has been renewed by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. If al-Baghdadi isn’t the Antichrist, he is certainly one of his relatives. Whoever he is, he is a rapist, a murderer. Do not be fooled about Imam Mehdi by what Iranians are saying. The Iranian concept of Imam Mehdi is a corrupt concept; this is total deception. The concept of Imam Mehdi being presented by Saudis is total corruption. They will want to prove to the world that ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is their Imam Mehdi.

Imam Mehdi will not represent Islam or kill anybody. He will love everybody - Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and all those people who don’t even believe in God! Imam Mehdi is for everybody; everybody will benefit from the enormous ocean of Imam Mehdi’s spirituality and spiritual grace.

Imam Mehdi is accompanied by Lord Jesus Christ. Recently ISIS is saying they are waiting for Jesus to come and help them. This is a misleading concept and propaganda. They are trying to mislead humanity about the concept of Imam Mehdi. The entire humanity will benefit from the presence of Imam Mehdi. You may think, ‘Why and how will everybody benefit from Imam Mehdi? Where is Messiah and Kalki Avatar?’ The way God has designed the persona of Imam Mehdi is like a Universal Spiritual Master. He will represent love. All those who want love and prosper in love and peace will be standing under the umbrella and flag of Imam Mehdi. He gives universal love and a universal, revolutionary message. Against terrorism, all countries are asked to come into an alliance and combat terrorism collectively. Terrorism is carried out by Muslims, but to combat it, you ask help from all countries whether they are Christian, Muslim or Jewish countries. We’re all united against terrorism.

In a similar way, if we are not united today, tomorrow we will all be united under the umbrella of Imam Mehdi. Imam Mehdi is the Messiah and Kalki Avatar.

Or you can say it the other way: the Messiah is also Imam Mehdi and Kalki Avatar. If this doesn’t satisfy you, we can say that Kalki Avatar is Imam Mehdi and the Messiah. This is the same personality; do not be fooled by misleading concepts that have been put forward by sectarian elements within Islam. Imam Mehdi will not propagate Islam; there is no question as to Imam Mehdi propagating Islam. Islam is finished, destroyed.

Imam Mehdi will establish the Kingdom of God along with Jesus Christ. Imam Mehdi will not convert anybody into anything. Imam Mehdi will introduce the natural religion, the religion of the soul, in which there is no worship, ritual, church, mosque or temple.

Jesus said, ‘Turn your heart into a temple of God.’ Imam Mehdi will turn everybody’s heart into a temple of God.This is more like a universal movement which is about to take place in this world. The foundation of this universal community has already been laid by Imam Mehdi. Messiah Foundation International/Mehdi Foundation International/Kalki Avatar Foundation is spreading the message of love in many different countries of the world. We have our offices in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. The thing is, bad news travels fast. Good news does not travel fast. One of the disadvantages to good news is that the media doesn’t give coverage to it. They think, ‘It is good, it doesn’t need any coverage.’ Anything bad that happens in the society is all over the media; anything good happening is not paid attention to. What Muslim terrorists are doing today under the banner of Islam is only doubling the amount of hatred in the hearts of non-Muslims for Islam.

Some intellectuals from the Jewish and Christian community have summed up that it is the Apocalyptical Islam according to which all human beings must convert to Islam or else they will be killed. I would like to make it clear to the entire humanity that there is no such type of original Islam.

However, we cannot deny what ISIS, Taliban and Al-Qaeda have been portraying to the world through their killing, hatred and anti-Muslim, anti-Christian and anti-semitic campaign. Christians, Jews and non-Wahhabi Muslims are being killed. If you have read any book considering it to be an Islamic book or an authority on Islam - and according to it, there seems to exist an Apocalyptical Islam, this is sheer fabrication. There is no truth in this. According to the Quran [2:256], there is no compulsion in the religion. Those who give people an option to either convert into Islam or be killed - they are doing it out of their own filthy understanding. If the practice of compulsion is not supported by the Quran, how can that be Islam? The impression is now being developed in the West that according to Islam, there is a time when Islam turns into an apocalyptical religion - which means it has to do with the End Times, Armageddon, killing humanity and forcing people to become Muslims. This is not Islam; this is their own fabrication and they’re naming it as Islam. This is the ISIS brand of understanding; it does not represent the Quranic belief system and [is not supported by the] original Islam established by Prophet Mohammad. According to these so-called Islamic caliphate people, only Wahhabis are true and pure Muslims, and all other Muslims who live in different parts of the world and do not practice Wahhabism are not Muslims in their eyes. At the time of Prophet Mohammad, none of these denominations that you see today existed. There was no Wahhabi, Sunni or Shiite at the time of Prophet Mohammad.

What you see today is sectarianism. It is funny how they have interpreted the Quran and fit it into their own opinionated agenda. Neither is Saudi Islam nor is Shiite Islam of Iran the original Islam.

Original Islam does not hate Jews or Christians. When the oppression and tyranny of the infidels of Mecca soared up, many of the Companions of the Prophet used to be tortured mentally and physically by the opponents of Islam. In the wake of all these incidents, Prophet Mohammad decided to send a group of his companions to seek asylum in a neighbouring Christian country. If Prophet Mohammad sent those companions to seek asylum and live there, then Prophet Mohammad did not consider Christians to be enemies of Islam. They are the ones who sheltered and helped the Companions of the Prophet, early Muslims. This story is a very popular story. I do not know how and why this anti-Semitism has plunged into the hearts of Muslims, and how they have believed that Jews are their enemies. Most of the area which is now Israel used to be Palestine. The Palestinian people have historically been involved in bloodshed; they were cursed by Abraham because they were disobedient to him. They are under that curse that they are always in bloodshed. Taking Israel as your enemy is not going to purify your heart or make you a better Muslim. Radical Muslims are spreading hatred, killing people. What they’re doing today under the banner of islam is evil. It is not divine. No matter how bad one can be, at the end of the day, everybody is creation of one God. God, to my understanding, does not discriminate. He doesn’t have a grudge for anybody. If a Jew wants to love God, God will not say, ‘I will not give you my love.’ A Jew can qualify for God’s love as much as a Christian, Muslim or Hindu does. If a Jew has done something wrong, only the culprit should be punished, not the entire nation. For example, if one Pakistani is bad and is a culprit, and as retaliation, you start bashing all Pakistanis and killing them, it is not justifiable. If one man from a community does something wrong, only that one man is wrong; the entire community cannot be wrong. We strongly condemn any anti-semitic attacks. I heard news that anti-semitic attacks are being carried out in Marseille, France, where Jews are under a reign of terror. Muslims should be ashamed of themselves. This is really bad; they are not serving the purpose of God. Their God is the same God of Jews, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs. All these different religions and people are the creation of the same God. If a Muslim is killing a Jew, Christian or a Hindu, it is not going to please God. If they are killing others on the basis that they are bad, I ask them, ‘What about you? You are not good yourself. You don’t practise Islam, you practise killing and hatred. Hatred is your religion; what you are doing today is is not Islam.’


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