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Sincerity in Following the Awaited One

Sunday, May 08, 2011

His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, Imam Mehdi, has always stressed upon completing the task whatever it is. Once you start a task, then take it to the end and complete it. Number two:

Whatever you are doing, do it with utmost sincerity, honesty and passion.

You are unsuccessful only when you do not put enough efforts. Our task is Perchar-e-Mehdi; taking this mission to every single individual of the world. Being a disciple of HDE Gohar Shahi is not like a part-time job. It is a full-time job and those who regard it as a part-time job, they neither succeed to flourish their faith in the Lord, nor do they achieve any target in Spirituality. Now that you have decided to follow HDE Gohar Shahi, you must understand thoroughly the teachings of HDE Gohar Shahi.


Is Your Nafs (Self) Your Lord?

The teachings of HDE Gohar Shahi are learnt not by reading books or performance of any worship. It is a struggle; struggle against negativity and a struggle against the inner devil. It is very easy to say that we are the followers of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, but are you aware of the fact that Spirituality is something that requires a deep, penetrated struggle within yourself, rooting out that evil that lies in you? When we say we follow HDE Gohar Shahi we do not understand what does it take for one to follow HDE Gohar Shahi. You follow Gohar Shahi only when you follow Gohar Shahi in all aspects of life. Follow HDE Gohar Shahi against the desires of your Ego, against the desires of your Nafs (Ego), against your personal material gains. We have to compare our Nafs with our Lord. We should compare ourselves with HDE Gohar Shahi and see whether we obey our Nafs more often than HDE Gohar Shahi or do we obey HDE Gohar Shahi more often than obeying our Nafs. The more you obey the Lord, the more you follow the Lord. If you look into your heart and you start to count how many times a day you follow the Lord and how many times a day you follow your Nafs; in order to assist you to follow HDE Gohar Shahi, you need to have a supporter in you and that supporter should be your heart. You will obtain support from your heart in order to follow and obey Sarkar only when your heart has enough light. The more light your heart has the more inclination lies towards obeying the Lord. Some people want to obey HDE Gohar Shahi, and they make efforts but they are unsuccessful and they feel helpless. Somehow or other they end up disobeying the Lord and this happens when you have no inner support.

When your heart is enlightened it helps you follow the Lord. It gives you strength to fight against negativity and fight against the Devil.

Obeying the Nafs is very easy because our Nafs has been sustaining Naar (Evil Energy) since our birth. When we opened our eyes in this world and we took the first breath through our nostrils, the diet of the Nafs, Naar, started to enter our body and since then our environment, our sins, our bad deeds, our ill actions are actively strengthening our Nafs. Because our Nafs is powerful, therefore, we have a supporter of the Devil within ourselves which obviously leads us to listen to the Devil more than we are supposed to listen to the Lord.

Quran: Have you not seen a man who has made the desires of his Nafs as his Lord?

Maybe you understand the meaning of these words today but I very much doubt if you have the true understanding of what is being said here. Peep into your hearts and ask yourself, every day in 24 hours a day, how often do we do what our Lord asks us to do and how often do we listen to our Nafs? As I can see more often we do what our Nafs desires us to do and we don’t put a fight back. We don’t fight with our Nafs. We get carried away. Our Nafs says to eat, we eat; Nafs says to sleep, we sleep. If we don’t get our way, we become Firoun and yet when we are asked, we say we are the followers of Imam Mehdi. But, you are a follower of the one you follow practically. When we say we love HDE Gohar Shahi, it is a claim. When we sincerely love the Lord, then we sincerely obey the Lord. Our hands, our legs, our mind, our tongue, all organs of the body are in complete obedience to the Lord when you sincerely love the Lord. What happens when all the organs of your body are obedient to the Lord? Once all the organs in your body become obedient to the Lord, then your legs walk in the direction that HDE Gohar Shahi wants you to. Then your eyes do not wander. Your eyes do not go here and there they are controlled by HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. You become a true obedient follower when all the organs in your body are dictated by the Lord and you have no authority over your own organs. If every day we peep into our hearts and we ask ourselves this question, how many times today did my Nafs ask me to do these things and how many times did I not follow my Nafs, you will come to know how good a follower of the Lord you are. If day and night you follow our Nafs and you still claim to love HDE Gohar Shahi, this claim will bring calamity upon you because this is a fake claim. Our body is used and controlled by the Devil, why? Because the Devil has a very strong hold in our body; the Devil runs through our bloodstream and then we have Latifa-e-Nafs in our body and then we have Khannas (Evil Whisperer) and then we have 4 other birds and all these birds have a type of illness, type of disease attached to it. We don’t even realise we are disobeying our Lord.

One of the most hidden form of disobedience to the Lord is you disobey your Lord when you obey your Nafs.

Some people think if HDE Gohar Shahi says to me do this and I don’t do it only then I am a disobedient follower. That is a very apparent form of disobedience. But there is a very discrete form of disobedience as well and that is you disobey your Lord when you obey your Nafs.

When you love somebody, the sense of sacrifice comes in your life automatically. You don’t even think about sacrificing for it and you end up sacrificing for it.

When the love of Gohar Shahi has occupied your heart you begin to develop that sense of sacrifice and you make sacrifices to please the Lord consistently but you don’t realise you are making sacrifices.

This is a miracle of love. When your heart is null and void of Gohar’s love, then even a one pound donation becomes a big sacrifice for you. Previously, Spiritual Guides used to ask their disciples for great sacrifices to an extent that only a true loving soul could offer such sacrifices. They put their disciples through difficult tests. However, HDE Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi does not ask for any sacrifices.


The Difference between Zahiri Shariat and Batini Shariat

If someone says I am a Spiritual man and he is very strict in Sharia, know he is a Munafiq (hypocrite). The Shariat of a Spiritual Man is Batini Shariat. What then is Zahiri Shariat? To control the body and refrain from sins is Zahiri Shariat. But, the desire to commit the sins is still in the heart. What is Batini Shariat? Batini Shariat is to control the Nafs and a Spiritual Man places emphasis on Batini Shariat. It is the Nafs, controlled by the Devil that compels the body, hands, tongue eyes, legs to commit sins. Chopping of the hands will not stop one from ill-deeds, root out and stop the one who is driving the hands to commit the bad deeds.

According to the Muslim faith, chop the hands of the thief. But that is not the case in Tariqa (Spirituality), why?

Even if you chop the hands of the thief, the willingness of stealing goods will not diminish in his heart.

For this reason, exterior Sharia is known as Shariat-e-Naqisa. There are such thieves whose hands have been chopped off, yet they have gathered accomplices to do their job. Before there was only one thief and after his hands have been chopped off, it has given rise to another 2-4 thieves.

The organisation His Divine Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi founded, did not adopt HDE’s teachings. The people of Anjuman Sarfaroshan-e-Islam are blowing the trumpet of Sharia and this has led them to the point of no return that they declare the Zikar of His Divine Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi as evil.

A Momin is never strict in Zahiri Sharia (Exterior). Momin is strict in Sharia, but there are two forms of Sharia. Zahiri Sharia (Exterior Sharia), Batini Sharia (Inner Sharia) is for Momineen and they are strict in it. Batini Sharia is to control the desires of their Nafs and it is very hard to control it. Those who are very strict in the Exterior form of Sharia are those whose hearts are not enlightened. When your heart is not enlightened, you develop a dependency on your exterior actions. When you have the understanding that now your heart is enlightened and you are swimming in the river of light, then you develop a leniency on exterior actions. Those who are Spiritual are soft at heart; they are lenient in bending the rules and are not harsh when it comes to punishment. It is not possible for one to be Spiritual and be strict in Sharia (Exterior) also.


Spirituality is a Flowing River

HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi said: Sharia is like a dried pond where your good deeds and your bad deeds are stored together.

Then HDE said Tariqat (Spirituality) is like a flowing river. HDE said if some dirty water comes into a flowing river that dirty water doesn’t stay there because the river is flowing. In a similar way if your heart is enlightened and you commit sins, your sins do not stay there, they are quickly washed; swept with the flow of the river.

Those who are not enlightened, their sins add up. If you are a Momin then you have a constant flow of light in your heart and the sins done by you get swept away with the flow of the river. There is no trace of sins on your heart. How do we find out that the sins are washed away? If you do that sin on constant bases, after a few weeks you develop a habit of doing it and when you have developed a habit of doing certain sins then you cannot get rid of doing those sins. And when your sins are washed away, then you do those sins randomly, by mistake, but you don’t develop a habit of doing it. If your sins are not washed away, after a few weeks you develop a habit and then you do it regularly; you can’t stop doing it because now you have a habit of doing it. This is a sign that the sins are stored in your heart and your heart is not enlightened. However when your heart is enlightened your sins are washed away and the sign that the sins are washed away is that you do not develop a habit of doing those sins. You do them randomly. You did it yesterday but it doesn’t mean you do it today. If you a have habit of doing it then something compels you to do that sin because the sins are deposited, stored in your heart.


Mission of the Lord is the Topmost Priority

My friends, in order to give more priority to HDE Gohar Shahi and His mission, engage in Perchar-e-Mehdi and spend more time in the company of the Enlightened One. Because in His Company, Noor (Divine Light) will fall upon your heart and your body and your sins will be washed away. If you are away from the Enlightened One then your own Noor in your Qalb (Heart) will wash away your sins but those who keep the company of the Enlightened One, His Company helps them burn their sins and their own Noor is not used up.

I ask you to keep the company of the Enlightened One so that your sins are washed away and you develop a way in which your own Noor is not used. Then, you will be progressing towards your faith in the Lord more efficiently and quickly, but always remember the fact that you must give priority to HDE Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and His mission but this will come when it comes from your heart.  

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