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Sudar Oli Newspaper Interview

Monday, December 19, 2011

Internationally, how many offices do you have?

We have offices in many countries, for instance, Messiah Foundation International has three wings. Messiah Foundation International itself, then Kalki Avatar Foundation and Mehdi Foundation International.

Is your head office in UK?

Yes, it’s in UK.


No, Croydon. And we have offices in the USA, Canada, Greece, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.

So, what are you planning to do in Sri Lanka?

Our mission is love and unification, this mission is to benefit all humanity. It is not about any specific religion. It is about spirituality and the love of God. It does not matter about what people practise as a religion. This is pure spirituality, to enlighten the hearts. It’s all about enlightenment, wiping out hatred from their minds and hearts, unifying them and uniting them in the bond of love. We also do spiritual healing and understand that some of the diseases are incurable, even if a lot of money is used to cure them, people fail to cure such diseases. But with the facility of this spiritual healing, we have seen many hundreds of people in Sri Lanka have been healed and we also understand that people who have access to big amount of money can travel to different countries, but those who are not rich and work for their livelihood on daily-basis, they cannot afford such expensive healing in the hospital. They come to us and we heal them. There are so many people that have been healed, and are happy. It’s like bringing an inner peace and prosperity in their lives. People are suffering, if you have money, but if you don’t, there are so many problems. But we are trying to contribute towards the solution of the problem; we are trying to bring a smile on their faces. If we cannot help them financially, we can help them in this way, by restoring their health, so that they are able to work and are able to bring financial stability in their families. At the same time we are giving them this practical approach and practical knowledge of enlightening the heart. This is our mission.

The source of our knowledge and the source of our spiritual power is Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi, our spiritual master. His message is for all humanity. It is designed to benefit people of all religions, all faiths and all nations. It is not aimed at one particular group of people and we also promote the idea and concept of the Awaited Personality. Many titles in many different religions have been given to that one personality, for example, Muslims are waiting for Imam Mehdi, Jews are waiting for the Messiah and Hindus are waiting for Kalki Avatar. We actually translate it to them that the personality is one, and he’s for everybody. His mission is love. We have so many religions in the world today, but we still see strife in the society, we still see hatred. We preach to people that all these religions are good, there is nothing wrong with any of them, but what has happened with the course of time, an addition has been given to these religions, as a result of which, Islam has been subjected to a lot of modification; people who did not have the intuitional and spiritual understanding of the Qur’an, they interpreting the Qur’an in a wrong way and waging war against innocent people, declaring it a holy war. But when we understand Qur’an it does not talk about killing people. Similar misinterpretations are found in every religion. No religion allows a man to kill another in the name of God. All religions teach us tolerance; patience and mutual love, but unfortunately, the spiritual system in all religions have come to a halt. We used to have Saints, Fakirs and holy Sufis some time ago, but today we only see scholars who waste their time in debate, fruitless discussion and making people hate each other. So the mission of Kalki Avataram is to restore spiritual integrity, spiritual connection with God. We understand that there are two dimensions of religion. Dimension 1/ Rituals – Go to a temple, mosque and perform all the rituals of the worship, but we understand that this does not connect man with God. The connection with God comes when the souls and hearts are spiritualised, enlightened and awakened.  And this knowledge, the inner-dimension is missing from the lives of religious people these days. We are trying to restore this spiritual dimension of the religion. We do not ask people to convert from any religion to any religion. People who practices Islam, our message is the same to them; come and get your heart enlightened and maybe then you will understand your religion more. Sikhs, you can practise your religion, but we want to give you what is missing in the religion. Lord RaRiaz explains that the gist and core of every religion is love, if love is missing from the religion, everything becomes futile and fruitless.

We started our mission in Sri Lanka more than 7 years ago. We see that we have been very helpful in bringing people together and we see people can relate to this spiritual knowledge, and the quality of their life is getting better, which is a good sign. People are able to find inner-peace. We have seen Sri Lanka gone through the period of deadly war and people used to ask me, the literacy rate in Sri Lanka is higher than many countries such as India, Pakistan and many European Countries, but even then, why are they fighting. They have knowledge and they are literate people; in reply I told them that this war does not come from a lack of knowledge or the shortage of literacy rate, this comes from the presence of devil. In every religion, the concept of devil is not that clear, as it is clear in spirituality. We understand that there is a presence of devil inside us and the presence of God inside us. The presence of the devil is activated by itself, because we live in a society where negativity is common, so our inner devil is prone to easily adopt negativity, it’s inclination is towards negativity, so we become affected by this negativity and begin to hate each other. But love comes when the divine presence is awakened and enlightened, and this is our job. Spirituality is servitude to humanity. We have businesses and come from different fields of life, this is a way of servitude to humanity, and this is not our business. Our services, spiritual healing and the knowledge we share with people is all free, it is aimed at helping people, not putting people in another problem. You know we have seen some “spiritual teachers” that demand a lot of money from people just to see them. It’s like somebody is coming for the blessings, but you are putting them in jeopardy. They are already suffering, they are not able to provide bread and butter to their family in a way that they can feel happy without worries but by putting this pressure on people that they will pay many lakh rupees just to get your blessing? We don’t agree with this idea, because we understand that everything that comes from God is free, God doesn’t sell anything, God is not a tradesman, God is not a businessman, God has mercy and love and everything that comes from God is not for sale, it is given to people to bring quality in their life and quality in their trust for God. So our services are free and it is aimed to benefit all humanity, no matter what religion they practice, no matter what language they speak, no matter what is the colour of their skin. It is aimed at all people, without any prejudice, without any discrimination. This is our mission.


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