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Brief History of Islam and Terrorism in the United Kingdom

Saturday, June 30, 2007

We respect all Prophets from Adam to Mohammad. We respect God. We respect all religions that have been established from time to time, including the religion of Islam. But the religion of Islam that we see today is not the original Islam which had been established by Prophet Mohammad. Modern Moslems have altered even the text of the Holy Scriptures to suit their own carnal agendas.

History of Islam

Principly speaking, Islam is a word which if translated means, 'peace.' Why was Islam introduced in the Arab peninsula? Because the Arabs used to pick fights on the smallest of matters, such as a glass of water. Prophet Mohammad's character was sublime. He was a man of wonderful character. He did not hate anybody. He simply projected his mission, and that was to establish peace. He came up with  a mutual truce, between the Arabian Christians and Jews known as the 'Covenant of Hudaibia.'

As they began to propagate the new religion 'Islam,' they confrontated Jews and Christians. It wasn't easy for them to proclaim their message and their new religion. However, it was not the Jews and Christians who became a practical threat to the entity of Islam 1400 years ago. It was a group of people who belonged to Judaism and Christianity, but their hearts were corrupted. They wanted to attack the new religion 'Islam.' Those who strictly followed Judaism and Christianity had no problem with Prophet Mohammad. When the problems started, Prophet Mohammad asked his people to migrate to Habshah. Habshah was ruled by a Christian king, and the Christian king gave asylum and helped the Moslems establish Islam. So Christianity practically helped Islam to be established.

Communities in Mecca

Prophet Mohammad had only had wars with the pagans of Arabia, not the Christians or Jews. The Koran talks specificly about the people who believed in many Gods. Now the fight between Mohammad and those infidels of Mecca was not the fight between Jews and Christians. You cannot say that those who put so many idols of Gods in the Kaaba were Jews. The pagons of Arab were neither Jews nor Christians, they were infidels. They were people who practised polothiest beliefs, they believed in more than one god. Christians helped Mohammad develop Islamic regime in Hijaz.

There were three communities in Mecca:

  • The infidels who believed in many Gods
  • The Jews
  • The Christians

Both the Christian and the Jewish communities were monothiest (they believed in one God). However today Islamists have waged war against the Jews and the Christians. If the Jews were the enemies of the Islam, God would not make it compulsary upon every Moslem to send benedictions on Abraham and his progeny. Mohammad fought against the Arab pagans who worshipped 360 idols. The original Islam was a part of Abrahamic chain of monothiest religions. Mohammad comes from the progeny of Abraham.

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