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The Basics of Spirituality: Souls in the Human Body

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The following is an excerpt from His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech. 

Today, we are going to discuss 5 senses, why we have 5 senses and why sometimes we happen to lose these senses - sometimes partially and sometimes completely. These 5 senses are: sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch. We have seen or we have known some people who lose sense of sight and some others who lose sense of hearing. Some people lose sense of taste. Sometimes your nose is blocked, you don't smell anything. When your hands or legs are numb, you lose the sense of touch.

Let's discuss these 5 senses in relation to their hidden function in spirituality. Most people only know about these 5 senses, but they do not know what is the source which is responsible for sustaining these 5 senses in our body. These 5 senses are related to 5 souls in our breast: soul number one, Rouh (Main Human Soul); soul number 2, Qalb (Spiritual Heart), soul number 3, Siri (The Secret), soul number 4, Khafi (The Arcane) and soul number 5, Akhfa (The Obscure). These are 5 souls in our breast and these 5 senses come from these 5 souls.

There are 7 souls in our body. 5 of them are in our chest and the 6th one, Ana, is in our forehead and the 7th one, the Nafs (Self/Ego), is in our stomach. There are 7 heavens and it is because there are 7 souls in the body. If all 7 souls are enlightened, then you enter into the highest level of the heaven.

There are 7 souls in the body; however, some of these souls have more souls in them.  For example, there are 7 boxes and in some of these boxes, there are another few boxes inside them. For example, there are 7 boxes and one of these boxes has another 3 boxes in it; some of these boxes have another 2 small boxes in them. If we take all the boxes out, there are another 9 small boxes. 9 + 7 = 16. Rouh, Qalb, Nafs: these 3 souls have more souls inside them. When they come out, they will be known as sub-spirits (because they are souls from inside the souls).

Let's talk about Qalb. 3 souls come out from Qalb: Qalb-e-Saleem (The Secured Heart), Qalb-e-Muneeb (The Heart Turned to God), Qalb-e-Shaheed (The Witnessing Heart). Then we have Rouh. How many souls come out from Rouh? 2. Which ones? Rouh-e-Jamadi (The Mineral soul), Rouh-e-Nabati (The Botanical Soul). Then, 4 souls come out from Nafs: Nafs-e-Ammara (The Commanding Self), Nafs-e-Lawamma (The Blameworthy Self), Nafs-e-Ilhamma (The Inspired Self), Nafs-e-Mutmaina (The Divinely Content Self). 4 from Nafs, 3 from Qalb, 2 from Rouh. 4 + 3 = 7. 7 +2 = 9.

So altogether, you have 16 souls in your body. When all 16 are enlightened, they take the shape of your body and individually, they can come out from your body and make a spiritual journey.

For example, if all are enlightened, you're sleeping at home and most probably, one of your souls will go to a church give a sermon, give a lecture. One of them might be going to a cricket ground, playing. This is why Sufis used to be at many places at a time and people thought it was a miracle.

The famous saint of Baghdad, Abdul Qadir Jilani, he was found at 9 different places at a time. Everybody was saying, 'No, he was invited to our house. He was with us.' The other guy said, 'No, you are a liar - he was with us.' The third one said, 'No, you're both liars, he was with us.' Later they went to Abdul Qadir Jilani and asked, 'Why don't you tell us where were you?' He said, 'I was at 9 different places at a time. My body was in the mosque and my souls were there.'

This is spirituality. This is real spirituality. It is not bookish spirituality, it is not fake spirituality. The only true form of spirituality in which you enlighten your souls, you strengthen them and you enable them to perform an individual spiritual journey and your body is not affected.

If you are playing cricket, your body is playing cricket and your souls are still embarked on the spiritual path. You soul is still making spiritual journeys and meeting spiritual dignitaries [or it] may be engaged in God's worship in secluded servitude to God. You can obtain it with the help of universal spiritual philosophies of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.

We have 16 souls in total in our body, but initially we have 7 souls. Not everybody can have 16 souls. Why? Because you need special knowledge to bring out the sitting souls from Rouh, Qalb and Nafs. Not everybody has that spiritual knowledge. Some people are confined to the enlightenment of 7 souls only. But there were some special favourites of God who were granted by God some special doctrine of love. With the help of this doctrine of love, they were able to sprout out some more souls from the soul of Qalb, the soul of Rouh, the soul of Nafs.

We have this knowledge available here; practical knowledge. Some people make fun of the religion, some people make fun of the messengers, some people make fun of the saints of God. Especially they say, 'Oh, you are calling upon Jesus for help; thousands of people ask Jesus for help and he is just one. How does he help everybody?' Because they do not have knowledge of spirituality, they think it is a lie. 'Jesus cannot help so many people at a time.' But you understand today that with the help of spiritual knowledge, even a common man can be present at 16 different places. What about those big fishes like Jesus, Prophet Mohammad, Adam? When you are enlightened and all 16 souls in your body are enlightened, and somebody calls upon you for help, you might still be sitting in your bed and one of your souls will leave your body, arrive there and help that guy and come back, within seconds. The soul doesn't need a car, a bus or airplane. The soul flies at the speed of light. When your souls are enlightened, it means they are full of light. Therefore their speed is the speed of light. If you go to America [from the UK] with the speed of light, you will be there in seconds.

So, when you are enlightened, you can be in 17 different places. Initially, there are 7 souls. Then there are 3 souls in your body that can release more souls (sub-spirits), equalling 16 in total. When you factor in your body, there are 17 places you could be. This is spirituality.


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