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The Criterion to Judge Right and Wrong

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The following is an excerpt from His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech (video above).

If you adopt the teachings of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, you will see that your character will shine and you will become a better person in the society. Not only [that] you become a better person in the society, but also you become a better person in the eyes of God.

Before you say somebody is wrong, make sure you are right; because in every culture, in every country, in every city, everybody, when he or she doesn’t agree with you, they say, 'You are wrong.' The thing is, what is the criterion to establish right and wrong? You do not furnish your claim with any valid, logical reasoning, you just issue the fatwa (verdict), 'You are wrong.' Day and night I see it in practical life: 'You are wrong, you are wrong, you are wrong.' I am really surprised: people are so lousy with their mouth, people are so lazy with their brain and people are so carefree with their attitude. They do not even want to understand what is wrong and what is right. Something that doesn’t interest their agenda, something that goes against the desires of their Nafs (Self/Ego), before long, they hurry up and declare, 'This is wrong.' But I want to tell you, before you say somebody is wrong, you want to make sure that you are saying it in the light of Quran, in the light of the teachings of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, in the light of the Bible and in the light of every celestial book that God has sent upon prophets and messengers. If you call somebody wrong and this statement is not furnished by any celestial teachings, then you are in deep waters. You are gravely mistaken and you will be carrying a lot of guilt upon your heart.

So the criterion must be set before you declare somebody to be wrong. Even in your day to day life - I have seen people, they are wrong and they say 'You are wrong,' when you are right and they fight [with you]. What happens is, that somebody who is actually wrong but he is saying, 'Everybody is wrong here,' all those who have a similar attitude in life, they will become the friends of that person who calls everybody wrong. Do not take into account how many people are saying something is wrong.

If 1000 people label a right man to be wrong, this is not going to be a true justification.

Somebody is wrong or right - [it] will be seen in the light of God’s knowledge, the teachings of the Lord. You have to be very careful with your tongue.  

Prophet Mohammad said to Abu Bakr, 'O' Abu Baar, if you take responsibility of two things, then I will make sure you will enter the paradise. Take responsibility of your tongue and take responsibility of your genitals.' 

These days, people are doing more damage with their mouth then what they can do with their genitals. Your mouth is naked. If you want to screw somebody, you have to drop your trousers or pyjamas. It takes time and you want to make sure nobody is looking at you while you are doing something. So, doing something wrong with your genitals is really hard; you have to wait for the right time and right place where nobody is spectating you or gazing at you. So it is not easy for you to do wrong with your genitals.

With your genitals it's very difficult to carry out any action but your mouth is free and you can say anything. You can do more damage to the society; you can do more damage to the goodwill of a person with your mouth. Screwing is one thing; however, character assassination is even worse than a rape.

In our society today, it is a global problem. Humanity is going through an ethical crisis, a spiritual crisis. Human senses have been lost. There are no human senses; conscience is absent in the minds of human beings today. There are no ethical values left, there is no spirituality; spirituality is not just about doing 'Allah Hu,’ for half an hour and after that half an hour, go screw the world. Spirituality is medicine, spirituality is hospitalisation, and spirituality is a spiritual sort of cure. When you are spiritualised, you are actually spiritually hospitalised. Your character is being taken care of. Positivity is introduced to your emotions. Your souls, your Nafs is taught to understand right, do right, say right and feel right. If character is not fixed, the heart has not been fixed; because when the heart has been fixed, the character will follow your heart. Formation of a character is not achieved by following little principles of whatever said. Formation of a character comes after the enlightenment of the heart and enlightenment of the heart is reciprocal to the purgation of the Self.  

His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi said, 'If you befriend your heart, in befriending your heart, you will end up destroying your Nafs. In befriending your Nafs, you will end up destroying your heart.' 

It is a very difficult situation. The Qalb (spiritual heart) and the Nafs (Self) are like two different wives. However, you can either befriend your heart or you can befriend your Nafs. If you befriend your heart, in befriending your heart you will end up destroying your Nafs and in befriending your Nafs, you will end up destroying your heart. You cannot keep both happy. It is now time that you spiritually grow up; it is now time that before you utter words, you have the criterion fixed in your heart. That criterion has to be the most updated knowledge and the most updated ethical, spiritual and theosophical knowledge is the knowledge of Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi, Rab al Arbab (Grand God). You belong to HDE Gohar Shahi. Live your life according to the principles of Gohar Shahi, only then you will be known and recognised as a follower of Gohar Shahi. If you claim to belong to HDE Gohar Shahi and you follow the principles of the Satan/Devil, then you are not only deceiving yourself but you are ruining all the possibilities of reaping the benefits of the presence of the Lord on earth today. So before you say somebody is wrong, you want to make sure you are right! 


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