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The Esoteric Knowledge and The Exoteric Knowledge

Thursday, October 16, 2008

There are five Grand Messengers and each one of them was given two types of knowledge: knowledge that deals in purification of the body (which is common and which is found in books), and esoteric knowledge (which deals in purification of the inner and that inner knowledge is known as spirituality). Spirituality is not a new name and spirituality is not new knowledge. The first Grand Messenger, Adam, was sent into this world and he initiated both types of knowledge: exoteric knowledge (Zahiri Ilm) and esoteric knowledge (Batini Ilm). The knowledge that we are propagating to the world is not new; it is found in every religion. All Grand Messengers were given spiritual knowledge.

Exoteric Knowledge

Why do we need two types of knowledge? We need two types of knowledge to become a good person for humanity and a good servant to God. We want to become a good human being because we live on earth amongst people. We need exoteric knowledge to become a good person, to establish a good civilisation: a good, peaceful society which promotes love and peace. Exoteric knowledge is to teach us how to live in harmony, in peace, in love. It teaches us how to conduct ourselves in a disciplined way, taught by the Messengers.

Esoteric Knowledge

But knowledge number two is the knowledge of spirituality. It is to teach us how to become a good servant of God, how to connect ourselves with God. Both types of knowledge are important, but according to the divine law, one must start with spiritual knowledge. One must purify the inner first. Only when the inner is connected with God will you be able to understand all sorts of knowledge, even the divine word. Once the inner is purified, you will then see the purity of heart coming onto your body.

Thus there are two types of knowledge:

  •  The esoteric knowledge, the knowledge of the interior.
  •  The exoteric knowledge, the knowledge of the exterior. It is the knowledge of the body and the knowledge of the society. It can teach you how to love humanity and how to live in perfect peace, love and harmony.

The Relationship Between Inner and Outer Knowledge

You would be surprised to note that each of these two types of knowledge is reciprocally dependent upon each other. It is not possible that you learn inner knowledge and you acquire and reap its benefits without attending to the other one. For example, have all these people who practice exoteric knowledge (who practice rituals, who worship physically) become good human beings? Do they respect humanity? Have they succeeded in purifying their body and their behavior? No. Why? Because cleanliness initiates from within.

Even for the purification of your body you must initially purify your inner dimension. The knowledge starts from your inner. People who simply practice exoteric knowledge and who practice rituals of a religion would have made a difference in this world if that exoteric knowledge was not dependent upon the initiation of the inner knowledge. Society would at least become harmonious. Society would have become, at least, less intolerable than it is today. 

The Root of Evil in You

There is no doubt that the knowledge of the exterior is to purify your body, but the root of all evil is within you. The devil is not attached with your leg or something between the legs. The devil in inside you, invisible. You cannot see him but he is very close to you. I heard this line from the holy scriptures, and I asked my Lord, 'According to the holy scriptures, God is nearer to you than your jugular vein. If God is so close to us, then why he doesn’t answer our prayers?' Lord Ra Riaz smiled and said, 'No he is not near to everybody. God is nearer to those only who have brought God in their hearts.' I asked, 'What about the rest of the people? Is God not nearer than their jugular vein?' Lord Ra Riaz said, 'No. This particular verse applies to those only who have brought God in their hearts.' And then I asked, 'What if somebody has not made efforts to bring God in his heart? What is his spiritual status?' Lord Ra Riaz said, 'If God is not nearer to you than your jugular vein, then alternatively, the devil is nearer to you than your jugular vein.'

There are only two scenarios:

  •   God is nearer to you than your jugular vein.
  •  If God is not in your heart then the devil is nearer to you than you jugular vein. 

Before you successfully manage to purify your body, you need to kick out the devil from your heart and you need to bring in your heart God. You do not know how to do that. You are not capable of taking a small stone out of your kidney, you go to a hospital for the removal of that stone. How can you personally remove the devil from your heart? You need Messiah, you need Mehdi, you need Jesus, you need Gohar, you need Ram, you need Bhagwan, you need Om. Whoever of these personalities you have access to, go and sit at their feet and request them to help you. If you don’t have access to any of those mentioned, then come to this divine facility which has been facilitated by his His Sublime Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi. We will help you. We will help you remove devil from your heart and from your soul. 

A Summary

The point is that there have always been two types knowledge: knowledge of the exterior and knowledge of the interior. Without knowledge of interior, knowledge of the exterior is useless. We have seen people who have been practicing knowledge of the exoteric for the past 30-40 years, and they have made no difference in their lives. Why? Because knowledge of the exterior is very much dependent on the knowledge of the interior. The knowledge of the exoteric will only help when your inner is purified and cleansed.

Whether it is a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian, or a Jew; though they practice exoteric knowledge of their religion, they have not been successful to establish a fairer, harmonious, amiable, lovable, tolerable society where people of all religions and faiths can live together with peace and harmony. Their books have not helped them. The exoteric knowledge have not helped them to establish a tolerant society. Why? Because the knowledge of the exoteric is dependent on the knowledge on the interior. The knowledge on the exterior will not work unless your heart is open.

The Message of His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

This message goes out to all religions, all faiths, all the sects, and all the human beings of the world. You may stick to your religions, you may carry on to practice your rituals, you may carry on to worship physically the way you do. But in order to make this practice of yours work for you, you better switch to inner dimension also. If you want to become a good Hindu, come to us. We will open your heart, we will teach you how to become a good Hindu. If you think the Religion of God is not your cup of tea, then alternatively we can help you become a good Christian, a good Jew, a good Muslim, a good Sikh.

How? There are always two wings of a bird. A bird cannot fly with one wing; similarly you have two wings: knowledge of the exoteric and the knowledge of the interior. You cannot fly with one wing, you have to utilize both the wings. This is the message of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.

There are two wings: knowledge of the interior and knowledge of the exterior. You cannot reap benefits of the exterior knowledge unless you open your heart with the help of interior knowledge. That interior knowledge is not found in any scriptures. It is not found in any book. It is available today here, and we do not ask you to pledge any sort of allegiance to us. This is a simple message and this is a gift of Gohar Shahi to humanity.

In the name of humanity and in the name of love, this gift of Gohar Shahi goes to all humanity, to all faiths, to all human beings; to polytheists, to monotheists. Whoever you are, come here, enlighten yourself, and once you are enlightened, then you will find your own God, wherever that God is sitting.


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