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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HDE Ra Gohar Shahi and Lord Jesus Christ

I would like to remind you of the purpose of Messiah Foundation International (MFI) and I would like to tell you what His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi wants from us and what is the purpose of this delegation. HDE Gohar Shahi instructed me to make the entire humanity familiar with two faces, the face of Lord Jesus Christ and the face of Lord Ra Gohar Shahi. Our job is to propagate and publicise these two faces.


These are HDE Gohar Shahi’s words translated into English:

HDE said look at these faces and recognise them well for soon they will appear in the world. All the religions await them for their salvation. Face number one, this is Lord Jesus Christ who had ascended to the higher realms some 2000 years ago. Jesus Christ will soon appear in the world. An image of Lord Jesus Christ is prominently visible on the moon and it is a sign from God to announce the Second Coming of Lord Jesus Christ. Face number two, this is Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi who disappeared in 2001, having established a Universal Spiritual Community, trained a group of spiritualists to promote His doctrine and Universal Spiritual Mission and indicated the identity of Lord Jesus Christ; the Awaited Messiah, Kalki Avatar. Images of Lord Ra Gohar Shahi also have become prominent on the Moon, the Sun, and the Holy Black Stone and on other celestial bodies and locations. This is our mission: to publicise these two holy faces.

HDE Gohar Shahi says soon the fame of Mehdi will spread across the globe and the International Media will look for the Mehdi and they will probe into the images which have become prominent on the Moon and on the Sun and in the Holy Black Stone. So I advise you to publicise these faces in advance so that the entire humanity may become familiar with these faces. When the time comes they do not have to worry. They do not have to look for the identity of Mehdi.

So take these faces publicise them to every single soul in this universe and take my book to people who are in search for God. And take my book to people who want to love God but are not aware of the true path that leads to God’s love. And take my book to people who are just. Help all those who come to you to inquire about God and his love and help them without reservations, without hindrance. Whoever may come to you regardless of his background, regardless of his religion, give my message to all human beings in this universe, to whomsoever you may have the power and means to take it to.

– Gohar Shahi


This is our mission.


Future Events:

HDE Gohar Shahi said today people have all the luxuries of life available to them and they have all the comforts of life available to them therefore they are not heedful of his message; they are not inclined to God, they are not inclined to God’s love.

But even so publicise these images and publicise these faces because these faces once they look at it will enter their eyes and in the time of adversity, it will click in their mind and they will think about it and they would want to seek help from these images. Even if people do not pay attention to your message do not be disappointed. Do not be dismayed. Carry on giving them the message of love, the message of peace, the message of hope.

The world will soon experience a mammoth holocaust and universal havoc and every home in this world there will be at least one person who would either have lost his eyes or lost his arm or lost his leg. A great number of human beings would die. There would be a great World War which will claim 90% of the entire humanity and those who survive out of fear they will be inclined to God and God’s love. Soon after the great World War, natural disasters will come and claim a great number of people from among survivors and after these natural disasters there will be final battle between the Anti-Christ and Mehdi and Jesus. Jesus will kill all the hateful souls upon the command of Imam Mehdi. Only the loving souls will be spared and some survivors from the group of Anti-Christ will stay quiet out of fear. Mehdi and Jesus will rule the hearts of humanity. Love will shine in all hearts. God will dwell in all hearts, peace will prevail, and justice will be carried out. A wolf and a goat will drink from the bank of a river together. Tyranny and injustice will diminish and this is how the Divine Kingdom will be established in the hearts of human beings.

Do not delay; do not waste time in your petty matters. This is a crucial period of time in which you are supposed to support the cause of Imam Mehdi and Jesus Christ. Do not waste this time in going after the material objects and luxuries of the world. If you belong to Imam Mehdi’s group then invest your time and your energies and all that you have in this cause of Imam Mehdi and those who prefer the material objects to this mission are not the followers of Mehdi and Jesus. They are the followers of Shaitan. They are the disciples of indiscipline. I would like to request you all to stop wasting your time. Do not worry for your future because you belong to HDE Gohar Shahi. He is the provider. He is the giver of provision, the provision of this world and the Spiritual provision. Do not have fear for your Lord is your protection. You will walk unharmed under the protection of HDE Gohar Shahi. Develop this belief with the power of Divine Light that is generated in your heart every minute. If you continue to serve the interests of HDE Gohar Shahi than Gohar Shahi is not far from your hearts. So continue to serve the interest of HDE Gohar Shahi and you have the surrounding of His never-ending everlasting presence. You are extremely lucky that you live in this day and age, the era of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. Your association with Mehdi Foundation International makes you even luckier for there are opportunities here, opportunities of becoming united with the Essence of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. You have the opportunity to taste Divinity and the opportunity to sail in the oceans of Goharian Ishq (Rapturous Love). So set your heart on the sail in the ocean of HDE Gohar Shahi’s love!


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