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The Original Form of Ancient Spirituality

Monday, June 02, 2014

The following is the transcript of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech.

What do you think spirituality is? A lot of people in the Western world are of the opinion that spirituality is something that brings peace to your mind and it makes your life easy, better. Their concept of spirituality is not about reaching God or becoming enlightened, therefore when we speak on spirituality, a lot of people who are alien and naive to the original and fundamental principles of spirituality, they become a little confused. Also, it is very sad that concurrently, the type of spirituality that people perceive is a form of spirituality in which the destination is missing and the source of spirituality is missing. His Divine Eminence RA Gohar Shahi

When I first went to Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), and I met with a lot of clairvoyants, palm readers and some others of the same category, I was really put off. I was really feeling low and disappointed. This concept of spirituality in which there is no source, there is no God and there is no destination, this has been very unfortunately introduced by some fabricated, concocted, self-proclaimed, self-projected, fake spiritualists mainly from India - for example, Deepak Chopra. 

The West has been naive to the teachings of Christianity and their attachment to their religion is very superficial. They're Christians and they're Catholics for the heck of the name only. Their practice of spirituality is confined to festivity, rituals, celebrating Christmas every year, celebrating Easter - that's all.  

The form of spirituality that we are raising awareness of is the original form of ancient, primitive, prehistoric spirituality. We are not a miracle worker; we are not adding glamour to spirituality. Therefore, the fake seekers of spirituality are not fascinated by our message. It is very sad that there are only a handful of people who are genuinely seeking God's love and nearness. When I say, 'Genuine seekers of God's love,' I mean to say, 'Those people who want to love God, who want to be near God and at the same time they know how to do that.'

When you do not know how to love God and how to be near God, then you live in a fantasy world. You may sometimes fantasise to be a spiritual man - you in your imagination can travel from one extreme to another and appoint yourself as a holy person - however, when you wake up, your pyjamas are wet. 

Cleanliness of the Self is very important. Discovering the pure nature of your body and enlightenment of the souls is crucial. It is a long journey; it is a pretty, pretty long journey. Do not think you will meet a spiritual guide today and in a week's time you will see God. Or [that] you will meet a spiritual guide today, you come under his auspicious discipleship and within a fraction of a minute, you will become a very high calibre spiritualist. Cleanliness of the Self, purgation of the Self, mortification of the Self is a time-consuming practice. A lot of patience is required.  Ghalib said, 'I am being very impatient; I want to see God as soon as possible. I can't wait to see God. And God - God is carefree. What is the story?'   

When you want to love God, you adopt the path of purification and spirituality; you have embarked upon the spiritual path and your souls are travelling towards God. There are going to be a lot of pit stops and on each pit stop, God will tell you, 'Okay, you can take this. Forget about me.' If you are fascinated by the early offer of God, you are ditched. He might tell you, 'I'll give you so much power. Forget about me.' Some people are fascinated by this offer and they take it; and God gives it to them but God gets really disappointed. God says, 'This is what he wanted and this is what he deserves; he doesn't deserve my love.' But if you remain steadfast and you keep requesting God, 'God listen to me: the only thing I'm going to be comfortable with is you and your love. Obviously, I cannot stop you from offering me things, but I want to tell you: don't do this to me because I am simply not interested.' 

After the disappearance of the Lord (Ghaiba), you know what happened? His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi appeared to me and said to me, 'If you lift your right foot, you will see what is under there.' I lifted my foot and I saw all the treasures of the world were there. Then HDE said to me, 'This is all there, but if you want to look at my face, you can't look at it [the treasure]. What do you want to look at?' With the courtesy of my Lord, I was duly assisted in making the right decision. Abruptly I said, 'I want to keep looking at your countenance. I want to keep looking at your visage; I want to keep looking at your comely face.'  

God Tests the Seekers of Love

The moment God realises it is not the money you are after, it is not anything else for except God, then what he does is he asks Iblis (the Devil) to go and try. He wants to know whether or not there is something like greed, fear or anything else that you can fall prey to and stop travelling towards God. In short, God wants to see that there should be nothing that can stop you. He wants to know that there is nothing that can fascinate you; he wants to know that there is nothing that can dazzle your eyes. He wants to know that there is nothing that can take away the desire of obtaining God's love from you and that you are strong enough to combat against all calamities, all troubles and all odds.   

If you are strong enough to collide head-on with all the odds, all the calamities and all the trouble, then God welcomes you to the boat. He loves people who have enormous amount of courage. He doesn't like timid people; he doesn't like cowards.

He likes people who have courage, [who are] courageous. He wants to try your patience. He wants to know how strong and determined you are. There are a lot of tests when you are travelling towards God. He wants to know whether or not you deserve God's love; because if you fall to something lower than that, then you don't deserve God's love.   

If you are happy with a fiver, why should your parents give you a tenner? Some parents first give their kids a fiver and they want to see if the kids settle for it. If they find out, 'Oh no, he's not satisfied,' then they give a tenner. But before they give a tenner, they want to know what you will do with it. If you are a dumb person - for example if someone asks his father, 'Give me a tenner, I will buy a drink and some chocolate.' [His father will say], 'No, no. Come on - settle for five.' If I was in the son's shoes, I would say, 'I want to buy a notebook for [school] and it is going to cost me a tenner.' Then his father would be left with no choice.  

So you need to prove your worth to God. You need to prove it to God that you deserve God's love. [You need to prove] that you are genuinely seeking God's love, you deserve it and you cannot settle for anything lesser than God's love. [You need to prove that] this is not a fantasy for you; rather, this is a dying desire and burning bush of desire in your heart.

If you do not manage to obtain God's love, then life becomes meaningless for you. When God realises that without his love, life is death and death is life; without God's love, there are no colours in your life; without God's love there is no peace in your heart and you are madly in love with the desire of obtaining God's love. In simple words, God wants to see how do you grade God's love, how dearly you keep God's love and whether or not you value God's love more than anything else in this world. God wants to know that God's love in your heart would be above the rest and, if need be, you will sacrifice everything in order to preserve God's love. God wants to see it. He doesn't want to give you his love before he tests you. For example, if he gives you his love and tomorrow, you ignore his love and you pick something else, that will be a total disgrace to God's bounty - this, he doesn't want to see happening. God wants to see how much you value God's love. This is why he tests his people. He tests the seekers of love.

The Goharian Technique

I'm not going to speak about the teachings of spirituality; I am going to talk the technique of HDE Gohar Shahi and authority of HDE Gohar Shahi, because teachings of spirituality have always been the same.  

You know, towards the end, it is not the cricket bat that counts; it depends on who is playing with it. For example, you buy a £300 cricket bat and you give it to somebody who is a dodgy batsman. He hits a boundary and then he gets out, and he says, 'Oh, the pitch was really rough. The ball was not coming to the bat,' or, 'It kept really low.' He would find a hundred excuses. But somebody who knows the game, they would go out in the middle, stand in the crease and tell the world how to play with a bat. 

In a similar fashion, I want to tell you: spirituality is the same, [the] same spirituality which was introduced by all the messengers, all the prophets and all the spiritual dignitaries; however, what is more fascinating today is the technique being utilised by Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi - the technique of spirituality, allowances given to disciples by Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi (there was no concept of allowances in spirituality [before now]) and then authority - these three things have made spirituality so simple and so easy to obtain. Before the arrival of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi in this world, it would take one no lesser than 12 years to purify the Self; one had to temporarily leave his family, leave all the luxuries of the world, leave home and adopt hermitage in a secluded place - obviously, the jungle. One had to be patient with not being able to sleep in a bed, without a blanket and [relieving oneself] without a commode. Then no kitchen, no food; if [you get] hungry, chew leaves. These are the hurdles. One would think a thousand times before initiating on the path of spirituality, bearing in mind how many hurdles he had to cross over and how many difficulties he had to be patient with. 

However, now HDE Gohar Shahi has introduced a tremendous spiritual technique. This technique could not have been used by anybody else because in this technique, one needs ultimate authority. Without ultimate authority, the technique will not work. Before the advent of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, authority in totality was preserved with God. Any disciple being accepted, admitted into the spiritual path had to be sanctioned by God. Only those were admitted in spirituality who were sanctioned by God. Now, the authority [is] the ultimate authority - authority parallel to which is no other strength, no other power; authority parallel to which there is no other power who can pose a question of decision making. How authoritative is the authority of His Divine Grace, Lord of the Lords Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi? Once something is uttered by the divine mouth of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, it becomes unomittable, unchallengeable. It cannot be challenged. No authority and no power dare challenge decisions made by HDG Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. 

The technique is: forget about jungles. One had to become a vegetarian in order to stop consuming negative energy. However, now, one doesn't have to go to a jungle. One doesn't have to worship, one doesn't have to refrain from food - any particular food or any particular activity. Nothing. All you need is to say God's name three times in the presence of an image of the Lord. [That is] all you have to do - everything is included.

The only solitary thing that you have to do is to manifest your desire that you want to love God. The rest is Gohar-made, like tailor-made. HDE Gohar Shahi will take care of everything else. All you have to do is to manifest your desire of obtaining God's love. Say God's name three times in the presence of an image of the Lord. From that point on, your spiritual path is monitored and supervised by HDE Gohar Shahi.  

You are not even required to meet HDE Gohar Shahi in person; before the advent of HDE Gohar Shahi, one had to become a disciple, one had to make a lengthy list of commitments: 'You will do this, you will do that. You will not do this, you will not do that.' [Now there is] no commitment at all, no religion. There is nothing that you must refrain from. Do what you do. Say the name of God three times. For example, if you have an image of the Lord, fair enough - if you don't have one, don't fret. Look at the Moon and say God's name three times.

From that point on, believe you me; my Lord has said it in His book, 'From that point on, I will make sure that you reach God. I will monitor and supervise your spiritual progress until you find God in you.'  

Once you have said God's name three times in the presence of HDE Gohar Shahi's image, from that point on, the Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is taking responsibility and the Lord is saying that all your spiritual activity and progression is going to be monitored, supervised and looked after by the Lord himself to the point you reach God, you become divine and Godly and thereafter you do not need help. The Lord said, 'I will help you until you don't need it.' This is HDE Gohar Shahi's offer!  


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