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The Spiritual Mechanism of Healing Effects

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Who Qualifies as a Spiritual Healer?

The early and primary concept of Spiritual Healing came from Rouh Al Quds (the Holy Spirit Jesus). It refers to Lord Jesus. The first method of rendering Spiritual Healing was that of laying on the hands. The early words that of the spiritual healers were, 'I compel upon you to leave the body on the command of the Holy Spirit Lord Jesus.' Healing is also carried out by the intercessory prayers of a Saint of God.

What is intercessory of a Saint of God? It is very important to note that not any Tom, Dick and Harry can do spiritual healing. For example, I went to a Spiritual Healing Fair and every single person from the street was posing to be a spiritual healer in that program. It is very important to understand that spiritual healing can be done by an enlightened person, one who has the presence of God in his heart, one whose soul is enlightened and whose breast is spiritually and divinely aided by God. And for a Christian or a Catholic, in order to qualify for becoming a spiritual healer, he or she has to be in spiritual connection with the Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus.

If he or she who claims to be a spiritual healer is not in contact with the Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus, their healing shall not be truthful. Why? Because the spiritual effects come from the Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus. In order to be a qualified spiritual healer, one must be qualified in his spiritual souls. One must be connected with Lord Jesus and one must be able to transfer light from the diseased ailing person.

Definition of a verified spiritual healer: One must be enlightened in all his souls, and must be spiritually connected to the Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus or Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.

The Spiritual Mechanism of Healing Effects

His Lordship RaRiaz Gohar Shahi explained that every single organ in your body has a soul. When the divine energy in any of the organs of the body is lost, that particular organ is affected in functionality. The microwave, television, etc all run on electricity/power; in a similar way, every single organ in your body has a soul. For example, your kidney has a soul, and your kidney runs on divine energy. There is a particular divine energy attributed on your kidney. Your liver has its respective soul, and it also runs on divine energy. If there is no energy in your liver, or in your kidney, or in your spleen, or in your stomach, then whatever organ does not have the energy does not work. Or in some cases, some of the organs in your body do not have enough divine energy to run and function properly; as a result that organ stops working or its functionality is badly affected.

God Almighty has provided the humanity with two options. Either you have access to a verified spiritual healer or you obtain the lost energy from the dedicated organic fruits. For example, the shape of a mango is that of a kidney. Why? Because Lord Almighty has provided the relative divine energy of the kidney in the mango. If you lose the divine energy found in your kidney, then you can obtain that divine energy from the mango. What does apple shape like? A heart. Which means if you lose the divine energy that your heart runs on, you can obtain that divine energy from an apple. This is why the doctors recommend eating an apple everyday. This is a proverb also: 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away.' If somebody has lost energy in his gentiles, he can replace the lost energy by eating a banana. Now we have kidney beans. if your kidneys are affected and the energy is lost, you can obtain the energy from a mango and kidney beans. Why two things? Because a mango is not obtainable twelve months a year.

So God Almighty has provided divine energy in fruits which can heal almost all the organs in your body. You must have heard that some of the diseases in your organs are incurable. Why? Because they haven't figured it out yet. Every single organ has a fruit or organic thing that looks exactly like the organ. Some fruits, that we use in day-to-day life came with Adam from heaven. Only those fruits have divine energy that were brought with Adam from the paradise. Now the question is, 'Does every fruit in the world have divine energy?' It is regret to say that in the United States and Europe, most fruits are not original fruits, they are hydro-generated, which means these fruits are not natural. This is why, you cannot depend upon these fruits. They have been generated scientifically, by machines. This is why they do not have divine energy. You need natural fruits.

There are so many organs in your body, and medical science has not discovered fruits that have divine energy for every single organ in your body. So these illnesses for which no herb or fruit has been discovered are known as incurable diseases. If you do not have access to these fruits, then what is the divine alternate? Then the next thing to do is to go to a spiritual healer, because a verified spiritual healer is enlightened. Every single organ in his body is thoroughly enlightened. Whatever organ in your body is affected, because he has divine light and all his body is divinely nurtured and empowered with the presence of God, therefore he can help. All his body and all his heart and his soul are enlightened. But not every Tom, Dick and Harry can become a spiritual healer because in order to become a spiritual healer all your body, all your soul must be enlightened, and must be connected with the Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus and Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.

Lo and Behold! We have appointed our spiritual agents, and we have connected their hearts with our hearts. When they go out they must simply blow upon people. Their breath carries the breathe of His Holiness RaRiaz Gohar Shahi, we have breathed in them with our holy breath. We have invested in them our spirituality, our power, our presence. And that presence has spread all over their entity: their inner entity, their outer entity. So wherever these people, with the name of His Holiness RaRiaz Gohar Shahi simply blow, the breath shall restore the connection between them and the Lord.

The term is sometimes used in reference to the belief of some Christians who hold that God heals people through the power of the Holy Spirit, often involving the 'laying on of hands.' Those who hold to this belief do not usually use the term 'faith healing' in reference to the practice. That expression is more often used descriptively by commentators outside of the faith movement in reference to the belief and practice. Faith healing also reported by Catholics as the result of intercessory prayer of a Saint of God.


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