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The Sunday Island Newspaper Interview

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We are a spiritual organisation. Our message is for all religions, and for people of all faiths. All the services of our organisation are free. We are based and operate from the United Kingdom.

Are you affiliated with any religion?

We are affiliated with Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi, who is believed to be Kalki Avatar, Imam Mehdi and Messiah; we follow his teachings. His teachings are for everybody, so we do not follow any one religion.

When you were persecuted in Pakistan for your beliefs? Is it because it’s against Islam?

We do get persecuted by the authorities for our belief. They think it’s against Islam but it’s not against Islam or against any religion at all. But this is their understanding that if anybody is talking about anything else for except Islam is offensive to them, so they think this is against their belief system, but in the true sense, according to the teachings of all the religions, divine love is core of every religion, so it is not against any religion at all, but this is their own understanding that this is against them, and it is not true.

Can you go back to Pakistan?

I can’t. We are still being persecuted there. Just yesterday, 65 members of our organisations members that fled to India were there for 5 years and then the United Nations got involved, and the Indian Government helped and they have been resettled in the USA and Canada. It’s because of persecution. Recently they legislated a law that if somebody changes their religion from Islam to anything else, they must be given sentence of death, so that was the fearsome persecution.

People still operate in Pakistan? They are active?

They are underground. Obviously given these circumstances, they cannot come out in the public and preach about this thing.

You also practise what is called divine healing. There were instances where people came out of coma; a child began to speak etc. Don’t you think that is contradiction in what you preach? This kind of divine healing which is more in line of Christianity.

I never said that these religions are false. There is God, of course we believe in God. This is what divine love stands for. Divine means deity, which comes from God. When we say divine love, we mean God’s love. If God is restricted from spirituality, there is no spirituality at all. The same God that is for Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity. We believe that there is one God.

What do you call God?

It doesn’t matter. Because there are so many religions, everybody calls God with their own languages. According to Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi all names that allude to God are worthy of respect.

They are associated with different philosophies and perspectives. So how do you compromise with this?

I would like to shed some light on this, we see differences but when these religions were established, they were established by the prophets of the same God. The way of worship could be different, the way they conduct themselves could be different but the core of every religion is the same. For example, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, all these three major religions are called the Abrahamic faiths, they came from the same route and then what happened when the modification and alteration were made, and new philosophies emerged.  When these religions were established, there were no such things as Catholics, Protestants or Evangelic, everybody believed in Lord Jesus Christ. In a similar way, at the time of Prophet Mohammad, there was no denomination like we have today, Wahhabi, Sunni, Shia; this is the emergence of this time, after the modifications have been made to the text of God, but they never existed before at the time of the establishment of these religions. If you go back to the basics of these religions, they are all the same. Adam brought the same, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, their basic principle of religiosity is the same; they talked about the same God, about divine love. But these modifications have distorted the religions, otherwise these religions are same in principality.

What is your message, and how many followers do you have here in Sri Lanka?

Our message is to every member of every religion, to love divine love. Divine love is related to the awakening and enlightenment of the souls. We tell them that people of all these religions go to mosques, temples and churches and even then their heart is empty of divine love, because the practise of rituals does not initiate the heart with divine love. They need spirituality, initiation of the heart and souls, in order to love God. We have a methodology whereby God’s name must be implanted in the beating system of the heart and it starts to make divine light, when the light is generated within the walls of the heart, it then enables us to love God. And about the number of followers we have in Sri Lanka, I don’t have a count, but they are increasing every day, maybe they are in tens of thousands.

I go everywhere; we have offices all over the world. I do travel a lot.

How was the impact, was it good here in Sri Lanka?

Yes, it was great. We noticed that people are already suffering from poverty and different things, and if people put another burden on them, they are not going to get peace and prosperity, they will just be buried under a lot of burden.  We tell people that God doesn’t sell anything, he is not a businessman.

Where do you get funded from?

We have an internal funding system. Most of us have our own businesses, so we fund this mission.

In Europe you found a more tolerant society?

We are trying to contribute towards the restoration of a more tolerable society.

What you preach, are the European society more tolerant? In regards to Islamophobia etc.

We are not affected by that, because we are not Muslims.

But because you come from Pakistan…

Hindus also come from Pakistan, Christians also come from Pakistan. If somebody doesn’t know who we are, then the chances are that they will be in a turbulent state, but as soon as they find out who we are and what we do, they will be relaxed. Those who know who we are, we are really welcome.

Let me tell you something; all this healing is coming from Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi, I represent him, I do not claim to own these powers. I have a method, I blow upon people with his name, and people get healed. There is no such thing like me accepting a challenge and proving myself. It’s just a service, it’s not in my hands, and it’s not in my authority.

There are many cases, in thousands, people are getting healed, and they are coming back.

But there may have been cases where people did not come back?

I couldn’t be aware of that, because there are so many people that come to see me.

What extent are you credible?

The credibility depends upon the number of people being healed and upon the number of people being able to translate to this divine message and in fact there are so many, in thousands now, who have been positively inclined and they really thought that this is going to change their lives. And it has changed many lives.

How do you describe your following worldwide, in numerical terms?

We don’t count. The reason why is because we do not expect anything from them in return, we have no financial incentive to go about counting. It’s a labour of love, no matter how many people turn up or go away. All of our services are free of charge.


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