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Sunday, December 05, 2010

We promulgate the teachings of His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, which are based on Divine love. The teachings and spiritual grace of His Divine Eminence are open to all humanity without any prejudice to any nation, cast, creed, religion or faith. Since spiritual grace of His Divine Eminence is not confined to any particular religion or faith, and is meant to enlighten all, hence, we practise universal mode of preaching. Our message is not influenced by any particular religion or faith.

There are two dimensions in all religions: outer and inner. Outer knowledge is already very common in all religions; therefore, we don't prioritise it in our message, whereas the inner dimension has become extinct in religious circles today. We lay emphasis on cleansing of the heart and the Self. The outer knowledge is like the potato skin, while the inner knowledge is the core.

It is the inner knowledge that connects the human heart with God when it becomes enlightened. Some Muslims say this is a bizarre concept, however, Prophet Mohammad laid the entire foundation of faith upon purification and enlightenment of the heart. Prophet Mohammad said, 'O' children of Adam, There is a lump of flesh in your body, when this is enlightened, the entire body becomes pure, and the entire body becomes corrupted if it is filled with mischief. Remember well: It's your heart.'

The teachings of His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi concern itself with initiating the hearts of aspirants with God's name. God's name is implanted in the beating system of the heart, which enables the throbs to repeat God's name, thus, God's name is mentioned along with every throb. This unique method allows the repetition of God's name to produce divine energy. Constant repetition of God's name produces divine energy, which enlightens the heart eventually. Hundreds of thousands of people have obtained this spiritual grace of His Divine Eminence, and have started to love God.

We don't convert people into one religion from another; rather we convert their hearts into divine love. Conversion of a religion is fruitless today, as almost all religions have lost their spiritual system, and it does not make a difference what religion one may follow, as all are darkened in the hearts.

According to a Prophetic Tradition: God does not look at your bodies and deeds, but looks at the enlightened and shimmering hearts. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi warns, 'You shall not find God through physical worship but through the passage of an enlightened heart.' His Divine Eminence reveals 'The human heart works like a telephone between God and man.' His Divine Eminence further adds that God himself guides the enlightened heart, therefore, one will surely find God following this unique spiritual methodology. His Divine Eminence has penned a marvellous book on Mystical Sciences by the name of The Religion of God. This sacred book is a divine gift for the seekers of God.

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi
His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is the unifier, the universal spiritual master, and a towering messianic personality. His Divine Eminence introduces Divine Love to the entire humanity. His Divine Mission is broadened to all religions, all faiths and all nations. His Divine Eminence brings about the concept of One United Nation into which all religions are meant to merge. His Divine Eminence is the awaited personality, which is mentioned in all celestial books, and known by various titles in religions. The Jews and Christians await the Messiah, the Muslims await the Imam Mehdi, and the Hindu's await the Kalki Avatar. Do you think there are three different personalities? The spiritual character and work of each of the above mentioned personality is almost the same. And God sent all these religions. If each one would try to impose his doctrine upon mankind, and bear same authority and power, wouldn't a tug of war between them start? Beware! The Awaited One is One personality known by different titles in different religions. Since all the existing religions are meant to merge in the Religion of God (Divine Love), and the entire humanity is supposed to embrace this brand new religion, therefore, one single personality will suffice the spiritual needs of all the religions and faiths.

Divine Signs 
Images of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi and Lord Jesus Christ are clearly visible and noticeable on the surface of the Moon, Mars, Holy Black Stone, and on various other places.

Some people make mockery of these divine signs. They do not even bother to examine these images on the said objects. Some Muslims believe in the miracle of Prophet Mohammad that of breaking the Moon in two halves. They have no hesitation to believe in this information as truthful, however, it cannot be proved today whether the Moon was broken. Yet every Muslim believes in this miracle, and the argument is that the Quran mentions it. We say that the same Quran predicts more divine signs to be manifested in future. The Quran says, 'In near future, We shall show them our signs in horizons and within their Selves until they are fully convinced that this is the truth.'

Is it humanly possible to create these images on the surface of the Moon?


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