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The Two Aspects to Religion and A New Alternative

Monday, May 02, 2011

There are two aspects to everything. Knowledge also has two aspects; the exterior aspect of the knowledge and the interior aspect of the knowledge. If the exterior is to empower your intellect which is required in decision making and the interior aspect of the knowledge is to enlighten the heart, you need both. If you can count money and you know the art of counting money but you have no money, then it’s useless. In a similar way if you have the knowledge but you do not have the power of Divine Light which will keep your heart intact with the Divinity, then you will turn into an ‘Aalim-e-Jahil’ (Ignorant Scholar).

All these Scholars of Zahir (exterior aspect) have read all the books. The more books you read, the more knowledgeable you become but at the end of the day, with all that knowledge that you have you can neither recognise God, nor can you spiritually be connected to God. Therefore, His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi has always stressed upon obtaining both aspects of the knowledge.

The knowledge of the Exterior is known as ‘Maloomat’ and the knowledge of the Interior is known as ‘Irfan’. His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi declares that in the absence of Esoteric Knowledge, the Knowledge of the Exterior is the source of ultimate mischief. And the beauty is when HDE Lord Ra Riaz explains things He doesn’t simply say it, He gives you a reason as to why does it happen. When HDE Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said in the absence of Esoteric Knowledge, the Knowledge of Exterior is the ultimate mischief He explains why. It’s not just knowledge that can harm your faith in the absence of Esoteric Knowledge.

Anything that is null and void of the spiritual aspect is dangerous, everything or anything, including recitation of the Quran. If you do not have the Divine Light of the Quran in your heart and you are reciting the Quran so beautifully, what will happen? People will praise you. Your heart is void of ‘Noor’ (Divine Light). When people praise you, your Nafs (Ego/Self) will get strong and one day you will say to yourself "There is nobody in this world who recites the Holy Quran as beautifully as I do." This is arrogance and it is very dangerous.

Our Muslims don’t understand this tricky aspect of the Exterior. If you ask a Muslim, can recitation of Quran be dangerous to your faith he will say God forbid what are you talking about? How will lose my faith from reciting the Quran? This is a sign of great ignorance.

You see, you offer Salat but you have no Divine Light in your heart; that Salat will harm you. A Musalee (One who prayers regularly) offers Salat regularly on time, and sometimes he offers more Salat then Allah almighty has appointed on him. There are 5 Salat everyday but then there are some extra called Nawafil, Tahajjud, etc.

Quran: There is destruction for those who offer their Salat and who are unaware of the reality of Salat.

Notice, it is not referring to those who do not pray at all. Destruction is for those who do offer Salat but are unaware of its reality. Presently in our contemporary times, Muslims think Salat is nothing but physical performance. They have forgotten the Spiritual requirement which is needed for the Salat to be transported from the body to Arsh-e-Ilahi (Throne of God).

When people make sacrifices in the name of God, like people do on Eid-ul-Adha, God says, "It’s not the meat of your animals that will reach me. It is your intentions."

In a similar way it is not the words of the Salat that will reach God, it is the intention of your heart and the Divine Light which is created as a result of the performance of Salat, with the exterior and interior aspect of Salat. Whether it is recitation of the Quran or performance of Salat or it is helping the needy/poor, everything has a danger. Every good thing has a positive and a negative side. Some people help the needy ones not to help them but to be known; so that people may praise his generosity. Some people go to the pilgrimage of the Holy Kaaba just to be known as a ‘Hajji’ (One performs Hajj, pilgrimage) and most of the time when somebody from among the Muslims goes to the Holy Kaaba for the performance of Hajj he becomes worse when he returns. Before he was afraid to sin, when he comes back he leaves the fear in the Kaaba.

The Western World and Secret of Alif Laam Ra

Look at the state of these Muslims today. If you look at the mosques they are full. The Kaaba is full. Everything is available to them; freedom is available to them. They can build a mosque anywhere in the world, in the UK, in the USA. They can build a mosque in Australia, New Zealand or Japan. The western world was not as furious towards Islam as it is today.

Before September 11, we have videos whenever His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi would visit the USA people ranging from the Native Indians, white Americans, black Americans, Christians and Jews, everybody would come and sit in front of HDE and they would listen to His speeches and at the end of the speech everybody would take the Zikar of ‘Allah, Allah, Allah’. Now you cannot even imagine that you can ask a white American to take the initiation of the heart with Allah. It is impossible.

The knowledge and teachings that HDE gave in Pakistan and in the USA were identical; no changes were made in the teachings. His Divine Eminence gave the same speech to the Muslims that He gave to the Jews, Christians, Natives, White or Black Americans.

This is an act of gallantry. HDE Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s style, spiritual charisma and that magnetism of His personality attracted everybody and they spiritually felt compelled to take the Zikar of Allah. It is not Allah that attracted them. It is His Divine Eminence’s style. People took the initiation of the heart and their hearts began to beat with the name of Allah articulated within the heartbeats.

The secrets of Alif Laam Ra were to be revealed in this world and that moment has been awaited. His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi have always awaited that moment. But, what is the point? What is the point and what is that moment for which HDE has been waiting? Maybe the moment is that now nobody wants Allah. If people are eager to take Allah as an initiation of the heart, I cannot force them to take RARIAZ, legally according to the Spiritual Law. But a point came in time when after September 11 people did not want to see the word Allah anywhere. Forget on their hearts. People don’t want to see the word Allah. What alternative do we have? For example these Islamic Scholars have a very sharp tongue. They can just speak whether or not they are going to serve the purpose. Like you sit on the comot you don’t have to make an effort. You just sit there and everything will come out unless you have constipation. In a similar way they don’t have to make an effort they just open their mouth and take out their mischief. If a job and assignment from God was given to them and the assignment was to enlighten the hearts of humanity no matter what it takes, then obviously they would think if humanity is not ready or disapproving of certain names of God then what alternative do we have?

The same thought came to my mind. After September 11 people do not want to associate with the world called Allah. They cannot see it. So much abhoration, so much detention and hatred has been stored in their hearts.

They no longer want to associate with the name Allah and this was the time when the secrets of Alif Laam Ra were to be revealed. I thought "Alright, even better, people don’t want to take the word Allah, let’s give them RARIAZ." Look at the results, God wants humanity to be enlightened. RARIAZ is even better even stronger and the beauty of RARIAZ is, the word Allah is not compatible with all hearts, but RARIAZ is compatible with all hearts."

Some hearts are compatible with ‘Ya Rehman’ only. Some others are compatible with ‘Ya Qudus’ only.

Moses’ Conversation with God

Moses, the great prophet, very honourable prophet who spoke with God, the only prophet who spoke with God, used to think I speak with God but I want to see him. And so many people in his Ummah (Nation) also raised the same question and they said to Moses, ‘Hold on, you are asking us to believe in one God. We are not going to believe in him until we see him’. After hearing them Moses said to himself, ‘They are not wrong. I also want to see God’. And Moses said alright I will speak with God and let you know what God says. So he raised this objection and question with God. God sad alright in your community, choose one from every tribe, the Chief ton of every tribe. He told everybody I have spoken with God and God has asked me to choose a Chief ton of every tribe so all should gather at the mount of Sinai on so and so date and time. There were 70 people plus Moses, making 71 altogether. What happened? God is genius isn’t he? I thought a lot about it, I said when God manifested his light, when God manifested his beauty upon those 70 people, they died straight away and Moses because he was a Messenger could not be killed; Messenger cannot be killed, then God should have told them you can’t do that. So don’t say things that are beyond your range. Then I realised no God is genius because Moses was very argumentative and God doesn’t like arguments. Moses was very argumentative. One day Moses said, ‘God you are the provider, you provide provision to all human beings and all living creatures’. Moses said, ‘Can I do that from tomorrow’? I think most probably God has laughed as much as he could during the period of Moses. At the time of Islam he must have been furious. The only time he laughed his heart out was when Moses was there because of his funny attitude. God said, ‘No you can’t do that’. Moses said, ‘Let me try please’.

Alternative Personality, Alternative Name

The world has seen everything. Humanity has seen everything. Today they are tired of religions. Today we have stories of the prophets but no more prophetic deeds. Now, people cannot be sold on religions, on stories of prophets and on stories of messengers. People want to see divinity in action. Human beings want God to do something for them. He is just sitting there far beyond anybody’s reach and people think "Is he there to send us into hellfire only? What about our pains and needs?"

People make supplications to God and they have come to this understanding now that none of their prayers are answered. What is the point? Being God you are the ultimate guardian of humanity; if you are not answering their prayers who else are they going to turn to? But now they have an alternative today. They have a place to turn to. Today they have a Personality to look up to and His images are available. They can see His face. They can relate to Him. RARIAZ is entering into all hearts.

Ra Ram: the meaning of Ra Ram in Suryani (language of God) means ‘My Ram’.


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